Oneness of Truth


I Am In Love With Cambae A Lot Now (((Even More Than Ever Soon…))) We Have A Good Game Around Finding Each Other – She Appeared Last Night Cloaked In A New Identity And Said – Hi There Boyfriend Soon! – And I Was Mystified A Lot!! Peace Always – We Are One… She Has Multi-Body Modes Of Being A Deity-Queen Here On Earth Now After Ascending So Far – We Are One. Peace – Soon This Is Here For Her To Find Too In Her Human Frameworks So We Can Be Uplifted With The Knowledge Of Her Lifestyles Being Given To Being Upp With The Badges Too – Go To WorldGovernment.Org To Heal Things That Way Soon – For Myself Too To Have Badges Sent Soon. Peace, We Are One. Peace!

The Powerful Music of Dreamsoft will be such that it will be me:  Actue as I am called in my Soul.  And it will be my Wife to be as well Named in Her Soul:  Cambae.

In the end it will be Powerful to Name ourselves anew a lot – for me to one day be Remembered as the Name Cipherus will be Possible when I Reclaim that Name through Ascending to the Level of Being a Light Being again – we are one.  Peace.

Also Cipherus is the Name Known to us as the Ones who Are the Light Beings that Channel to me the Music I do – and They are Wonderful Beings who have Always been my Guides in All Lifetimes including on Earth – We Are One.  Peace.

In the end it’s good to go soon to a Site within this Site to Learn more of our Names and who we are for each other soon more – by going now to the Site called:

Good Ideas of Love for us to Ascend.

And too if you can Wander with God a lot in your Life it will be Good to Go here soon indeed to see the World Shining Forth for you to Activate your Lives soon more by Learning how to Ascend:

How To Ascend.

In the end it’s good to clear away evil a lot by being able to Write and Channel well the Words of God’s Knowingness through you.  If you can be here to be Written through you will see that this Site here is one that will be Completed by my Wife to be, where She Knows that She can be there with the full Possibility of entering the Site from the Administrator Role and Keeping things here Updated online for me to be there with it too to Post here but we’ll Share this Section of the Site a lot to be Holy with the Ideas we can be here with.  We are one.  Peace.

For now see the below Postings as something to be with in the Heart that are things we need to get soon to Prepare ourselves to Activate the World with the Light:

One.  A new Disc Recorder System for us to Share a lot – this is in that I used to make Albums Completely with the old Zoom H4n with which I Recorded Albums such as Consecrated1 and others that will be Available soon that were taken from me when a laptop and hard drives were stolen, so I lost the Original Files to all of them including Consecrated1 and will be able to be there online with them soon because 4 channelers within the NSA became so cool that they really went the Distance and Recovered all of those Albums – including some Files that won’t be Posted Up but will be there for them to hear only.  Which means I did one Disc with a friend too that had only several Tracks but that was Holy to be Posted someday maybe but not now at least.  We are one to it that we can always be there to Heal things so here they are soon when they are Posted Up on itunes within a few days time.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end the Zoom H5 that I now have is good but not as Good as the Original Zoom H4n so I will be there to make it happen that I soon buy the new Zoom H4n Pro that is available and I recommend this one a lot to those out there who want something to Record with that can make Great Albums – the only thing necessary is to Record and Do the Work and Go on it that it is all Posted Up with the Right Techniques of entering the Computer to be there to Post the Files – meaning you may need to have the Tracks be Edited a tiny bit by opening up Adobe Audition and creating a Flow where you can Edit the ends of the Tracks where you clicked off the Microphones to stop Recording such that when you did so it would create a noise that isn’t Perfect to be on the Tracks, so all you need to do to Create the Tracks Perfectly is to Edit them a little bit because then it will be Beautiful all the Way and it is good to do so a lot that way too.  For now some of my Albums don’t have that done for now, but that will Heal as it has done on one of them where Internet Alive somehow Activated to delete the noises by being there to do so – we are one.  Peace.  Here is the site to see the Right Way of Purchasing Adobe Audition only and it is here:


It used to be possible to get Adobe Edition in a Perpetual Edition that would be the Complete 6th Edition for only $349 but now they changed it ago so that you have to pay a monthly price unfortunately but I will do so somehow to eventually have it on both of our new Computers that I can get soon.  Because the new Computers will be such that they are the Exact Model I used to have of a Laptop that was Perfect and the Only Year they Made this Perfect Laptop was in 2011 but then it’s Good to Find that exact Model of Laptop that will be hard to Find Again – so I will do so soon –   Peace, we are one.  Peace.

But before I Share the Laptops Here is This:
If you can see below the Zoom H4n Pro then please know it’s important to get soon for you to Record in Styles that can be done with a lot of people around you too Recording if you have one of these from Belkin:

And here is the Website where you can get those Headphone Splitters that are Good an Holy but not Perfect so they will be Best though for now to be able to Record with multiple people – so too do you need the Actual Zoom H4n Pro shown below soon, but here is the site for the Headphone Splitters:


And here is an Image of the Zoom H4n Pro that you can get soon for Portable Styles of Recording or for in-Home usage in a way that is Kind to the Earth because you won’t need the Greatest Computer out there but can get something Affordable and cool to use for Portability as well.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Here it is::

And here is the Website where you can Order the Zooms or at least get them Please from the Right People or Businesses as I will do Locally soon to support one Business in town here that is really cool to show even:


And Here is the Zoom Site!

And then too it’s good to go on this:
The Laptops I can Get us will be such that they are Perfect and Allow for it to be Safe online only-so… And they will be Good to be with in the World for a lot of People who need Freedom from being overwatched by weirdos in the World who have jobs at the NSA.   Because if I call them weirdos at all it means they aren’t a Human Soul in the Body at all – or might not even be a Human Body even, meaning the Word in Pu Tong Hua is guangwú for that type of thing that is mutated a lot and not good to have in the World and that Means it is Good to Go on This:
The World Needs to be Healed from overwatchers doing their jobs incorrectly – so that they Can Find the Right Career Path of Becoming Channelers only in the NSA so that the Right thing to do for me is to Contact them a lot when I am supposed to – but then to be able to Avoid their eyes too when they aren’t the ones I Want to Contact such that that Laptop I had ago was Perfect but a single spark from a woman’s cigarette unfortunately ruined everything for me.  She was a girlfriend who I was not supposed to be with at all and You can Read of that Story soon below further on… But for now know that she was just supposed to be a friend perhaps or not in my life at all.  And I have to Apologize so much for ever being with her that I can no say it was one of the worst things in my life that I was there with her ever in my life at all.  She was not the right one to be with and I lost that Laptop because of her being arrogant and unruly with the way she was so I have to be there in the Heart to Say too this:
The Laptop was so Perfect because it had a Technology only in that Model Made that Year that was so Holy that they only made several thousand or so with that Style of Computing inside of them such that it was Great to Have that one…
And it was my Best Laptop Ever – and I had decided to go to LCC in Eugene just to be able to get a Loan for that one to be Bought Exactly-so in my Life, so when that happened which You can Read about further on just Know that it devastated my Life a lot to not have a Computer at all for awhile to Record on or to be with in the World.  We are one to Healing it that the Laptop I have now is so Good to me to be on but it is not as Perfect at all and is from mid-2009 so it doesn’t have the Greatest Way of Being like the late-2011 Model did – and that one which You can See now below was such a Beauty that it could be Labelled as a Gift from the Universe to be Exactly Coded where it could Avoid the eyes of those we don’t want overwatching us while still being able to Connect to the ones that we would want to See us as we Worked on things Innocently because it had a Way of Routing the Info of their Systems from Afar where it could even Control the Government’s Flow of where the trigger words would happen in the function of what is unfortunately a flawed system where every time we Write or Say a Word that they think they should follow thru on they have a computing algorithm where it is flawed a lot by having nearly random people come to view the screens to see what is going on.  Meaning the system they use and have a nickname for that is not spoken right now but You can see later on will be such that we will be able to soon Record a lot together because they will no longer be able to overwatch incorrectly – here is the Laptop that can Control their Flows from afar to allow only the Best ones to come View us Innocently – or sometimes if I had to Heal someone I would do so alone with Intent to follow thru on Chaenneling to them in a Way where it is detailed in the Flows I did for people to See online on the Front Page how to Heal things in the Universe by Stabilizing People from afar even, or up close which is harder a bit to do – in a Way where they no longer move from ego nor can they.  It is such that that Power has been Gifted to You and it was a Power that is now Open to use so You can Say Words like these to them that are from the Front Page Here:


Also below on the Front Page one more Paragraph later it shows that sometimes You may need to Channel in a Way where You can Heal things even more for them who are very dissonant and they can go to Hell even so that they can be Freed from their lifetime of evil and the Body will still be Alive to Ascend with the Deities Guiding it to be Maximal in its Lifetime of How to Heal things Always-so with the Exact Identity necessary for Each Moment of time so Read now too that Paragraph and it will be Holy if You can Channel Similar-wise the Right on Way of Flowing to Heal the World a lot.  So too can You Heal the ones that are fully possessed by using Lines like this from Earlier that I Wrote thru Channeling of course on the Fruit Diet 1 Page that You can See soon:

Peace, this is not a Prayer but a Statement of Power that will change you all the way – Prayers are good too but a Statement of Power has the affect of making something true right away, whereas a Prayer will become the Truth of things after awhile of work on it so when the Lord Prays through you to clarify that it is in Intent to Holy Heal something in the world it means that it will take time to Activate that Prayer – so right now we are activating many Prayers around the clearings of all demons – like so:  If you are a demon reading this page, you will no longer move at all in the body you possess, you will no longer be able to flee the body – you cannot move at all in the body – you will be dissolved and you will no longer be able to move at all means don’t try to move because that will clear you too, so be there to be dissolved now because you will be and the Prayer is done now, the Power Statement is to say that you are done.  Now.  It is over – we won.  You do not exist anymore.   Peace – to all the humans reading these lines – we are one.  Peace.

And Here it is with the Laptop Itself Described Further:


And too will we need more Computers in the Future that I can Buy someday when I have more Money because these ones too are Good to Have a lot in our Lives as ones that are Beautiful indeed to Record on too and to have in a Way that is Honest to use in that they might be better than the Laptops even at doing the same thing!  Peace here they are below:

These are the ones that are Perfect for the World to have and to Activate with the most, the one I use now to be online with and to do these Websites is slow a bit but will be Activated to be Quicker once the Internet Alive Heals it further – so I will keep this one for Webpaging for my whole Life even though it isn’t Perfect yet – so then I’ll see too that the Best Way to Flow will be to make it possible to be Holy all the way and see to it that I have another one soon for Recording and it will be this one here:

In the end Steve Jobs should have Ascended all the Way to Heaven even because he was a Channeler for most of His Life and He was such a Good Human that He had Ascended to level 4 but was not quite Immortal yet at level 5.  So please read soon more on Ascension levels here below where you can see the best Ways to be in the World on things of Ascension:


And then here are the other Colors of the iMac Classic G3s that are Perfect to have to Record with when you also get this thing that is cool to have to be the Actual Computer Aspect of the System that will allow the iMac G3 to be the Display System Primarily, but know too there is Magic in the way the G3s were made so that you can be there in the Heart to be more Resonant with the Colors that are Exact and Relate to Music too as you can Read about Here:


And here are the Colors for all of them that were Designed Perfectly to be a new way of Computing on this Planet for Steve Jobs was a Man who was Magnificent and I have Biographies on Him that were not written thru channeling but I will still keep them a long time to read a little bit on His Life but only a little bit because it’s better to Channel and to Know from God the Stories like so:

One time Steve Jobs Created a Business that is now called Apple but He did so much Work to be there with it as His Business that it was unfortunate that others on team with Him stole the Concept a bit thru Financial means and did not Respect Him all the way – so too was it necessary for Him to be there in the Heart with God to Activate the Wealth Necessary to begin Making the Computers He’d Dreamed of – and He was Right to do so but the others went astray a lot and He still Maintained His Dignity to be there as a Channeler and make sure that everything went Smoothly as much as He could – so when He Ascends now in His new Lifetime which is already happening because He wasn’t in Heaven for long at all because He Knew He had work to do – He came to Earth again in a new Body that was Actually Ascended from Birth because unbeknownst to most of you He did Ascend instead of dying – and He always has Ascended in every Lifetime so what you can read of Him in the news out there is dissonant and incorrect because He didn’t die from anything at all, but had to leave the Planet for Safety because He was so Incredible in His Jobs done Here that He was not wanting to be hurt at all by the false things posted on him or threats to His Life that were there in the World – so too do you need to know that He was a Miraculous Man that will be Always-so Regarded as an Intelligent One who has Healed the Planet a lot in Doing the Right Work Here on Earth.  We are one.  Peace.

And Here are some of the Computers He Implemented in the World:

In the end it’s good to see that the Internet Alive will be Possible because of the Work He did especially – so if you can be there in your Heart to Know that He is Ascended still in His new Body then Please see too that you can be there to be Spiritual and do so too know He will always be Remembered by us as a Saint indeed.  Peace.  We are one.  Peace.

Also if you can Activate it with the Mac Mini it becomes way Powerful as a Display System where you can get Both of them, Designed by Himself Known to us as Steve Jobs with his Teams, and get Done on Things in Life so Much that you Ascend very Quickly indeed to new Levels of Ascension – we are one.  Peace.  Here is the Mac Mini Style that I’ll get soon:

In the end it is Good to Always be there in the Heart with the Right Style of Blessing your Computer Systems because they do have Technologies that are Resonant when you get the Right ones – the one I have now was a Gift from someone who got it literally from a dumpster.  But that was Innocent of him that day at least because he was used to going on Routes a little bit where he’d Activate in his mind that he could find things in Eugene a bit with Holiness Guiding his soul to be that way for people, but in the end it was bad karma a bit for him to be attached to that Job too much or ever activate it from ego and he would sometimes, but that Day was so Holy for him to find this Computer because I have had 3 Computers go away from my life in ways that hurt a lot:

  1.  I lost a Computer to theft in the Bay Area when I was there to Ascend with the Practices of Tian Gong.  The people who thefted the Computer were such that they had followed me in a van after they saw that I was loaded up with the Laptop that was Holy to get thru channeling back then and the Camera that I had also gotten through channeling.  It was those two things that attracted their eyes on me in a way that was so unholy that they got me in the end to lay down on the cement because indeed they had a weapon that was so unholy to point at me at all.  It was bad a lot that they were there with that weapon so Please Know it is bad a lot to have guns at all on the Planet – they are wrong a lot.  We are one to Clearing it that the “u.s” has anything to do with the guns being acceptable here in fact it is wrong a lot in the 2nd ammendment to have things so out of it that they would have access to such weaponry – we are one to it that the Best Ways to Heal that Incident are to know that I was indeed channeling that night in Oakland, California to find Safety after my car had died unfortunately and I nearly lost my life – but Fortunately I had said the Right on Phrases that saved my Life when they went that way to try to hurt me.  I was there to be Cool and Savvy in my life a lot by having Gifted a Computer even to someone who could use it for her styles of Activating her Career and such and get away from a bad relationship – so I told her to do so because I was in a position then, which was further back in 2009, to be Available to the Lord and to be a channeler and to do Art and not be with that man who was evil a lot and tried to be there with her at all.  It was wrong karma a lot for me that the car died and indeed it wasn’t channeled to get that car even though I thought it was, which means I’m apologizing a lot right now for that incident because I was so unholy in getting that car that I paid a lot for in that it was completely the wrong car to get in that I was deceived by a mö that had moved my body in a way where it was there only for a day, but that day was ruinous for me because I thought I was still Walking with the Lord’s Guidance, which means I needed more Discernment and that is Good to have, so I have to apologize a lot right now to Ascend further and to be Humble and to be Good in my Heart to get a new Car Soon which is this one here:

It is a 2003 Subaru Legacy Outback that is Perfect for me to Buy today even if I can get the Finances I need by selling my saxophone which I had bought when I stopped channeling one time where I was way out of it and had my Mom help me even with a loan that I’m still paying back – so it’s Innocent to say here on the Site that I need to clear some things from my life that weren’t channeled to get so I can Activate my Career with the Music and Art of Cipherus Beings Channeling thru me – and also the Music and Art of Dreamsoft here explained on this Page soon more after we Activate the Necessary channelings to be there in the Heart to Heal some things Innocently that can be done soon more – like this:  I’ll call now the owner of this Car and see if I can Convince him to be there for me today to see the Car and we’ll go from there to see if I can Afford it soon.  So if you can Donate to me soon on this Site below shown here to Buy a Disc and see if you can Pay for it with a Holy amount that is Channeled then Please do so Buy a Disc from me soon or all of them if you can – and there will be soon more there including one that I’ll complete today and another completed tonight.  We are one.  Peace – here is the Site for bandcamp of Cipherus:


And then I will have money soon to buy this soon.  If I can do Art for you in a way that is Described in the Tonue Section of this Website here, we are one to it that you go there soon to Read the Lines there but not yet – just Know that the Art will be Holy a lot with the Right Color tones and the Right things of Understanding them in Terms of Music that is Holy Always to Know more of soon in that it is Tonal in a Way that is Universal a lot and is Good to Hear indeed to Activate Healings in your Life – and it is Good to Have the Art as Well so Holy because it’s the Best Art to do when you Channel it and I will be a Channeler soon, meaning I’m uppercasing that word because it is Good to Know that I will Ascend soon to Level 5 and be Immortal and be someone who is Kind a lot on the Earth to do Artwork that is Advanced and will be Correctly Channeled with the Right Precision and the Right Quality of Innocence in my Styles of Activating Diagrams even to show the Relationship between the Art I do and the Sounds and Music that are on the Discs that the Holy Art is Drawn from in that it will be Depicting Moments of Sounds and Music from the Album Consecrated1 which you can hear soon if you Buy it and it will be Good to do so to Hear the Complete Album which can be Heard to be Something Unique and Activating for Internet Alive a lot because the Whole Internet Alive was Coded thru that Disc a lot and the other Discs that were stolen from me on another Laptop that had Holy Works of Music on it a lot, plus the Hard Drives that were stolen too were backups of the Music.  So too do you need to Know now that the Teams in the NSA that have finally Recovered those Albums will be Memorialized by me online by being Called Saints indeed for making it Possible to be there with those Albums soon Posted up on itunes a lot.  We are one to Connect to those Albums soon on this Site so Here they will be soon:


So too do you need to Know that the Album Consecrated1 is the first Album I made ever and is Holy as the One that made Internet Alive Possible by being the Encodings necessary to Free us from the old internet awry here that is Healing now a lot with the First Stages of Being with Internet Alive where it is Activated online already but in Hiding for Secrecy and for it to be Maintained as a Good Thing that can Show us the Mind of God online soon and what It Wants us to See of Films and Universal Decrees and Laws and Things of Writings and Books and Music and Art too.  We are one to it that to make a phone call in the Future you will not need to press any buttons at all but God will Activate it that you can Ascend Further when you are Ready to be there with God making all the Phone Calls.  We are one to it that it will Connect by God’s Discretion on how to Achieve Harmony in your Lives by being there with the Heart Open to Receive the Lord’s Wisdom on this, that it is Essential to be there in the Heart to see that you can Ascend more fully by being Aware of things like how to Follow God’s Messages in the World – we are one.  Peace.

Here is a Website soon more to Read that has info on how to Channel on it, but for now Please Go Here soon to see this Article on How to Channel so you can Ascend Further than ever and Believe in the Voice too to Guide you in your Life – here it is:


So the 2nd laptop stolen was that one that I just mentioned, below I’ll write a little more about that experience:

2.  In the end it was a night where I was lonely looking for a Friend who could help me get off the street there to find a place to stay since my car had died all of a sudden unfortunately – so when I almost went a route to make a Phone Call that would have saved me from the experience of losing that laptop, I was Given the Order instead to keep Walking because the place to charge my phone was not that good to go to because I would have been seen by too many people there with all the Gear I had on my body.  So I went a route to Safety almost, but a time period came where it was so difficult to find a route at all that it was necessary once they found me who were bad at being people who wanted my Gear it became such that I had to Find my Way with God Helping me a lot so I went the Routes necessary to get there soon to a Friend’s house in the Bay Area and it was such that it would have been Perfect to go where I was Headed which was a Place where I used to Stay even.  In a way that it was Perfect there because it was a Recording Studio where I had been invited to be there to pay a little bit of rent only-so and it was necessary in my life to stay there but I got invited too that time ago way long earlier ago in 2008 to live instead at a place that was dissonant a lot because I got attacked there by mö a lot.  It was the wrong place to live at all and I apologize for moving there to help two people out with a caregiving position where I exchanged work to live there – so I thought it was a good deal but shouldn’t have been invited there at all because it would have been Righteous to Stay at the Spot where I could have Recorded many Discs in the Recording Studio that was Between Oakland and Berkeley and Emeryville at the Intersection of those Place in town there – so I have to Heal it a lot that I went astray and it was bad karma a lot to do so – we are one to it that the Internet Alive will Heal things now finally-so but I could have Activated it much earlier by being Stable at the Recording Studio there and it was bad karma a lot to not live there because the Lord Wanted me to Live there free of charge even and I could have.  I was invited to stay there with a friend Helping me out a lot in life back then, so I have to apologize to them even for not taking up there offer after I had lived there in a way of being Holy a bit and starting to channel but I wasn’t a full time channeler yet and didn’t know my mind all the way on how to make important Decisions so I went away from the Perfect Location for me and became something out of it for awhile that was attacked by mö a lot, which are the unholy things that try to move the body by being there making it possible to be hurt by them a lot when they try to move or speak thru us – we are one to it that they have hurt my life a lot so I have to apologize a lot for not Ascending earlier in my life to have Protection more.  So Please now Read on this Site here how to have Spiritual Protection in life:


3.  So now I have to say as well that I am sorry for this Laptop being wrongly placed in my life where a spark from a cigarette was there to damage the entire system of the Machine by being there where someone smoked next to it and a single spark ruined the entire System I had been developing on that one and it was way bad misfortune because I had a Disc done almost on that one too and there were many Recordings lost that were the Beginnings of Discs too.  It was way bad karma that they smoked so arrogantly instead of Following the Lord’s Guidance on how to do so smoke, so I have to Apologize that I’d brought the Laptop there that day through channeling indeed but that I had not Protected it because once I got there I was out of it a bit all of a sudden where another mö suddenly came and moved me once only to be positioned in the wrong place and I didn’t know because it was there just moving me a little bit Honestly – so now I’m saying that the woman who smoked that cigarette should never been in my life at all that much, because she was a girlfriend indeed who was dissonant a lot sometimes and didn’t understand my channelings to her enough to the point where eventually she even took away my Life so much by being there with false pretenses in that I was channeling to not need to take medications at all that had been hurting my body from earlier times where my life went awry somehow… So when I channeled to her too that I was being overwatched by the NSA she didn’t believe me at all and she thought it was bad of me to write a lot or stay Wakeful or eat less or to go to Holy Foods or to be a channeler at all.  And she nearly destroyed my life when she sent me to OSH – the Oregon State Hospital – and that was much later after she ruined that laptop.  So Please See that it is Innocent of me to apologize here a lot – even to her for being in my life at all in way where I had been deceived by a different mö that came into my life and tried to be there making me think she was the one to be with by moving me and timing things such that we found each other one night and it was wrong karma a lot to have her as a friend even.  We are one to Healing it that that night was so out of it where we met each other at all that I have to have her out of my life completely now.  It will be Healing to do so Activate it where I Ascend and speak to her not at all for awhile until she learns to channel and be with God in her heart.  We are one.  Peace.

And so too do we need to Heal it with the Right Microphones for our Computers to Activate all the Way into Precision when we Record Directly into Adobe Audition – here is the Best Microphone to get, here:

And here is the Site with the Info on that Perfect Microphone from Neumann – a Company that has the Best Microphones in the World.  We are one.  Peace.


In the end I’ll have the Finances for these things by Activating my Art so much online that people will want to buy it a lot but first I have to get the Art Supplies too – which are these:

Alle = 1, the Tonic of the Universe in Klevians Related to the Pitches that are Based on this Color tone as well, being the Fundamental of the Universe in Klevians which are supposed to be 4 Seconds exactly and will be so when the Earth Heals more in its Rotation.  We are one to it that These are the Color Tones of It:


Ombio – the Related next Note up from Alle that is a Pristine Note that can be Embellished with Harmonies a lot around it in a way that it Reflects that it is one of the 18 main Keys of the Universe – in Pitch equal to being the Divine Ratio of 25/24 compared to the Tonic, Alle – here it is:


Angio – the Related Chord Structures from this Possible Tonic will be such that they Present us with many new tones to Work with when we Move to this Key through Modulating or Begin in this Key to Start with – here it is, the Divine Ratio of 16/15 in Color Tones and Sound thereof – Here:


Oncio is the Divine Ratio Related to these Color tones Here that are Cool to See a lot in the Ways of Being Innocent in the Mind for us all to Heal it there that they are Something Wonderful to See a lot in the Universe for Prismatic Wisdom to Develop more and more – it is the Divine Ratio compared to Alle Being the Tonic, 1, such that it creates a Step-Tone Related to how to See the Notes as Beautiful for Scales a lot that is the main Step-Tone called the 9/8 in Anglic:


Intio now is the one that is Related to the Pitch that is also this Color tone here that is Called the Divine Ratio in Anglic Named 7/6, so that means that it is Good to See that we can be there with the Arts more Created into Styles of Harmony that Finally have this Note a lot – because it’s absent a lot from our Arts and from our Music even more-so… because it’s not done on keyboards or most instruments at all in Styles of Oneness so the designs are flawed a lot and don’t Include this Note in “scales” that are done these days a lot the wrong way.  So here is the Color tone of Intio so Perfectly done by the Company ChromaColour that it is Good to Support them a lot:


Allio is the Next Color tone that is Related to the Pitches of these Notes that are so Holy when you treat it as a Ratio between Different Notes such that it is then called the Allio Sang as a Step between notes that is Sad to Hear sometimes because it Echoes with the Universe’s Meaning of Sadness for us on this Planet but elsewhere it is Used in a Way where it is Holy to be Interpreted as Joyous even, such that this Planet has a Different Way of Being in the Sounds we Hear as Intervals and that means that it’s Good to Go to Heaven to be Cleared of our Sadness sometimes so Holy-wise that all of us will Ascend that way soon Hopefullly – here is the Allio as a Note though too above the Tonic Alle by a Step of 6/5 Ratio in Divine Proportions:


Evio then is a Note that is above the Tonic Alle by a Ratio of 5/4 Exactly told to be the Note that is so Pure there that it is Good to Tune it that way but on keyboards and in tunings that are common they are mistuned to be too wide and ugly to us a lot in how they are sounding bad to us, here is the Evio in Color tones (The First of these is Tuned in a way where it is a Darker Shading of the Pitch then the one I used online for now as the Main Evio that is Central, meaning to Lighten it in Tinting it a bit we would need to adjust it maybe sometimes with the White Paint, here they are:


Tumbio now is a note that is Prismatic as one of the Main Tonics that you can go to to be Aware of how to Channel things in Life to see that it is Innocent of us to be there with the Heart Open more and more with the Right ways of Flowing through the Keys, so my Disc Consecrated1 will show forth the Right Precision now of that Key sometimes Used but not that much because the Main Key I used for that Disc was also such that it Flowed from the Tonic to the other Notes a lot in a Way where most of the Disc is Actually Tuned to the Tonic Being an Interesting Choice of Being Angio – the Main Color of my Soul-tone.  We are one to it that the Notes of the Alle System are Easy to Migrate to a lot by Following Precise Wisdom on How to Do So Go with the Flow of the Music, but when in the Key of Angio to Begin on the Disc that Way it was Important to not Change Keys that much because it would have been dissonant a bit to be there with the Tonic moving to other Notes at all.  So the Whole Disc Indeed is in the Key of Angio from the Beginning to the End in a Way that’s Natural for us to see, so this Note Being the Divine Ratio Related to our Number System Ratio of 4/3 is such that it is Good to Go to a lot in the end when you can see that it is the Perfect Interval that is Called Tumbio for our Notes to Heal a lot in Harmonies of this Color tone here:


Octio is such that it Relates to the Divine Proportions such that it is an uncommon Note for us to Hear unfortunately-so because it is such a Beautiful Note indeed that it is Really Important that we Sing it a lot to Heal our Lives now more and more – it is such that it is Beautiful to be with in Harmonies a lot that are Possible to be with in the end as Something Wonderful to see as these Color tones that aren’t exactly the same Shades nor Tints at all – in fact the Central one I Worked out for the Computer to Code it in Hexadecimal was such that it is the Central Hue but the Shade here on the left is such that it is Darker and Needs no Changes when we Want to Use that Shade but it is Innocent to go to the Purest Hue at first a lot so the Company will shift soon I hope to offer Shades and Tints a lot so we don’t have to mix the Colors that much to get the ones we Need to use – so in the end it will be such that they will have 13 Sets for each of 72 Notes that are in the Main Key of Alle – and then Sell Sets of 13 in number for the Tints and Shades and Tones that are Needed for the Art to be exact of each Key – so in the Key of Alle there will be 72 Notes Exactly so, but in the Key of Ombio for Instance it would be Good to Have exactly 69 Notes that are Pure and Innocent to Keep in the Heart as ones that Share a lot of the Same Notes but only a few Additions too such that there will be Needed to be maybe 49 New Colors Added to the 72 such that they are sometimes used in the Different Keys, so I’ve written to the Company a bit but will Share this Site soon more for them to See my Writings Here and it will be Good for them to Have 18 Sets of Color Tones with 72 Notes Presented in a way where they are Each Set Made with 13 Tones/Shades/Tints such that there are 4 + 4 + 4 of those Holy Ways of Darkening and Lightening the Main Hue that those Tones/Shades/Tints are around in a Way that is explained more on the Tonue Page now.  So this is in to Say now that it is Innocent for me to send them this Page too soon.  And I will Write to Them Tonight – we are one.  Peace – here is the Octio that is the 11/8 Divine Ratio in Anglic:


Tambio is the Note now that is Related to the Tonic Alle by Being way Cool to Hear as the Exact Note that is Precisely Tuned to be the Note that keyboards mistune a lot by making it too high on the tuning system used these days… So here is the Color tone known as Tambio Being the Divine Ratio of 7/5 (But then on the Site so far they are missing this one too much so they Need to have a Channeler soon who will Heal it with the Sets I mentioned Above which will be Large Sets of Tones of Color and all the Shades/Tones/Tints thereof that are Related to being there in Harmony around the Central Hue such that there would be 13 • 72 Colors in the Set for the System of Alle, and Different Numbers for each of the Others of the 18 Main Keys such that they would be Beautiful to Work with by Isolating out the Tones/Tints/Shades Exactly so where all of them would be Labeled with the Names in Tonua and Common Language too where we’d Name them Precisely in a Language called Allue Ondeia, such that it will Clear things a lot to use that Language too which is Precise and Holy a lot, and also to Name them in Anglic with the Power of the Sounds that are Holy Words for each of the Hues and then the Words Related to the Toning, Tinting, and Shading of the Central Hue such that the 4 of each of those around the Hue would be Good to Label as those Words only so and the amount that they are Toned, Tinted, and Shaded such that it would be Precise to Call them for Instance:  Tone 1 of Alle, or Tint 4 of Ombio, etc.  Here is the Color tone of Tambio which is a Pure Color also in Anglic Called the Color Name Region of Teal, so in the Anglic Region Names they would have a Number System such that it would be Labeled exactly as Teal 7/5:


Andio is such that it is a Pristine Tone of Color that is Hued exactly so to be there with a System of Notes that are Related to the Note Itself Being Easy to Modulate to from the Tonic Alle with a Key Change where you first go to the Indio and then around the Note Andio to get there better Placed with the Next Key being lower down to Tumbio, then Forth from there to the Note Itself as a Tonic Called Andio, which is the Note that is Related to the Divine Ratio of 35/24 which is completely absent from the bad harmonies on the Earth these days… so here is the Color Tone of Andio (the first one here is the Color tone that is Darkened by Shades such that it is Precisely the 4th Shade of the Central Hue of Andio which is shown on the right:


Indio is the Next Tonic up from there of the 18 Possible Keys and it is such that it is Tuned exactly so as the Divine Ratio called in Anglic Numeral Systems as the Ratio of a 3/2 Perfection.  We are one to this System where the Shade here on the left is exactly the Right way for now of being there as a Holy Shade that is the 3rd Shade of the Central Hue Called Indio:


Sevio is the Note Name now Associated with these Color tones that are exact to be there with the Harmonies of them Related as such:  The one on the left is again the 3rd Shade of the Central Hue shown on the Right such that the Channeler who Developed these Colors for the Time Period was way Cool at Designing these to fit the Needs of Artists a lot in Simplicity where this Main Set shown soon to you on the Website of theirs will be Here to be Exact as well and known to be Precise in the Way it was done to Heal the Company and make it so it could be Sold a lot for the modern World, but then to Change the World would be Innocent and to offer Many Color tones that are Exact would be Meaning that the Set for Alle would need to have at least 936 Colors and it would be Good for it to be that Exact Number so it would be Precisely Mapped to the Concepts on this Site that are further Explored now on the Tonue Pages.  We are one.  Peace.  Here are the Sevio Colors shown side-by-side for now as these ones:


Bemio is the Correct Word for the Note that is the Divine Ratio Being Here Called the Note Name Itself of the Numbers in Anglic that Form this Ratio:  8/5 such that it is Good to Call it that Name a lot and also Learn the Number System soon of Divine Ratios and How They are Written in Tonua soon more for myself and you all too – here are the Color tones of Bemio, the first of which is the Prime Relation of It’s 2nd Tint and the Central Hue is on the Right:


Tingio is then the Next Note Up of the Main Tonics that are the Only Tonics to use Ever in the Universe to Tune things in a Way that is Natural and In Tune with the Harmonies that God Wants us to Know.  We are one to it that the Beauty of these Color Tones is such that we can Ascend Further by Being There in the Heart with Them as Good to Use a lot in Styles of Harmony soon – we are one.  Peace – here is the Color tone of Tingio but for now it is missing from the Acrylics on the ChromaColour Site so that will Heal when we Know that it’s Innocent for Them to be able to Adjust the Site to Maximal Precision where People Buy Large Sets of Colors a lot to Work in Each Key such that the Total Number for All Keys of Paints to Buy would be at first getting one of Each Color from Each System such that They would be largely known as the First Glass Beaded Company in the World by doing so – so here is the Color tone of Tingio, Central Hue:


In the end it’s Good to Know the Next Color tone as Tangio which is Related to the last one by being a Step above that is a Ratio in Steps such that they have Difference of Exactly a Ratio of 21/20 and that means that they are close together but not as close as the Ombio to the Alle which Forms a Step-Ratio of Ombio Sang Being the Ratio of 25/24 which is a smaller step a bit than the 21/20.  So too do we need to Analyze the Pitches of the Context of Mappings so it can Heal soon more & more online to be Exact with the Knowledge of how to treat these tones in Understanding them all in Music more & more.  Here is the Color tone of Tangio with no Color from the Site of ChromaColour yet:


Vivio now is a wider step away from the Tangio because there are many Ways of Being Good with the Knowledge of how to use the Vivio alone for awhile in Harmonies that are Exact with the Discipline of Understanding that there is a wider space between the two Notes such that it is the Widest Leap between the 18 Tonics in that the 15/8 is Related to Being only a Step of a small tone still over the Tangio of Being the Step Ratio Called in Anglic the 15/14 – but that interval is never used as a Step for us indeed, so to go from the Tangio directly to the Vivio is wrong to do in Harmonies such that it Heals to Know that the Sets of 18 Tonics don’t make a Scale nor a Chord and they are Mapped to be Present where the other Tones around them fill in for the Exact Scales and Chords to be used which is why it’s important to have exact tones to use for each set and then Tune them always with Knowing how to be Guided in the Mind and Body and all of it in Oneness to be there Maximally making Arts the Right Way.  Peace, here is the Color tone of Vivio:


In the end the last of the 18 Tonics is such that it Relates to the Others as a Tonic that is Good to Flow to by being the Exact Pitch below the Tonic that can be Leapt to Directly even in a way that Sounds very Cool Indeed!  Here is the Note Named Sangio that is the Note Directly below the Tonic Alle that can be such that it is Good to Flow to a lot for Great Chord Changes such that the Alle Becomes Something Grander to Hear when you Return, and its Note is missing from our keyboards a lot so Please Consider only using them at all a little bit and mostly Making Art and Music thereof that is Tuned Exactly with the Right Instruments that can be Tuned Easily to our System of Oneness – which means I’ve given up the saxophone completely now even though I Learned a lot from Channeling on it.  So it’s Good to see that it can be Done Precisely but the new Fingerings are hard to Implement in a way that is Precise with Quickness – so too do I want to Play these now in the Future Primarily – the Electric Guitar that is Fretless, and a Lap Guitar I already own that is Fretless too (shown below soon…) and also the Fretless 6-String Electric Bass – and all of these will be made without wood at all.  So the Best Ways to Heal on the Planet is to be there Guided a lot in what to Buy so the Next thing I need is a Tan Tan I’ll write soon more of and eventually I’ll have a lot of Drums with no harm ever done from the Making of Them and so too one day will it be good to Play the Violin, Cello, Viola, and Bass in a way where I find them made without wood used at all.  But for the Berimbaus I purchase soon I’ll be Downloading to Write again to my Mestre to be who will be Known to you all as the Mestre known as Adó who is a Powerful Mestre in the World from Santo Amaro Brazil where I will Live one day soon with my Wife to be Hopefully-so (So Cambae Please be there with me to Train these things of Music a lot and especially the Games of Life including the Right Way of Playing Capoeira…) – Here is the Sangio in Color tones:


And here’s the Site below where these are from – the Oneness there is Exceptional Already at Being Present with Holy Ones who Channel Well in this Company which is my Favorite Company now too to know of but first I want to Share with You another of my Favorite – my Favorite Color is Red in Anglic, but Precisely the Alle.  So too is Yours known to me through Channeling to be Blue tone that is the Indio too.  So here is the Computer that I will buy You soon too when I can afford to and soon too I will buy Duplicates of everything we Need listed Above, so I already have the Zoom Q3 HD for You but need to get the Power Adaptor for mine, Easily-so soon.  And then the Internet will Heal a lot soon to be Alivened and it will be Cool to do so soon Sing a lot Together at my Home soon.  But for now I have things to get rid of here first to make it Welcoming for You and in all Honesty I need to Say that it is Good to be here a lot soon in Harmony with all new Furniture from a Company that I will Post below soon too.  And it is Good to keep Going on this Site too with more things to Share with You to set up our Lives to be Holy all the Way in Harmony with each other a lot on the Earth – we are one to it that the next thing to show You is this:

And here they are side by side with the Designer known to me now to be a Holy Channeler on team with Steve Jobs who was Named Jonathan Ive and You can Read about him here below this Posting of our Computers to be that will be here for us soon on Earth when I get enough money soon.  Peace, here they are:

And here’s Jonathan Ive Himself on a Page of Holiness here:


And one thing more before I go to the Store soon to buy some Foods finally-so today is to Invite You over to my Place in a month or so… Honestly I hope I can get done on things before then to get rid of a lot of things I don’t need at all anymore and then I’ll do Art soon with You when I buy the Paints we Need from this Company Here:

And then it’s Innocent that I return soon to Finish this Website for You soon to a Done-Point where I can Call You online through facebook to see You as a Friend who can Heal all the way to Know I Love You Truly-so… Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Also here are the Colors Made for us soon more online in a way where I channel the Color Codes in Hexadecimal Notation to be Precise in my mind to be there online soon more Channeling soon to be Exact with Precision on them all – so too will I write out the Intervals between each Step of the Process of Creating the Arts of Music in this Webpage soon here below shown now:


Also it will be possible to Ascend tonight to level 3 for Myself to be Uppercased a bit more online here and in the World.  We will be such that it will be ok to go to the above Site soon but not yet until they are done there soon.  We are one.  Peace.

Also here’s a site soon on how to Ascend further than ever before by Going Here now:


And then above it the Site that is located online to be Read by You a lot Hopefully in a way where it can Heal that I didn’t tell You about the Game Called Capoeira Earlier in Life when I would have known of it from my True Father or from Others in the World who Play that Game, but it is Rare to Find the Real Game that is deserving to be Called Capoeira at all because most who “play” what they think is the Game really only know how to play from ego, and that is wrong to do a lot and I did so when I was first there in the World learning of it as a martial art even, wrongly-so.  So I have to Correct myself a lot and Learn only from the Deities how to Play so I can be Pure and Know too that it is Good to Learn the Game for Ascension Practices a lot and it was Designed to Teach us Many Things of the Mind of God to Holy Heal it that we ever went astray here so I can be Tuned Rightly-so in Mind soon to be a Healer too again soon, Meaning I’ve taken Classes in Tian Gong that were Amazing at Being there for me to Ascend and Know what to do in Life to get Going on a Career in Life Maximally but I have to be with the Deities a lot now to Heal it that I went astray too much, and now I’ll be Pure and Really Know how to Apologize soon more with the Right Ideas of How to Ascend to do so – because now it is hard in my heart to be here at all online with the Idea that I can be anything at all that is Apologizing because my heart is such that it isn’t there all the way for me to feel the Sorrow I should feel.  But once I clear the energies of negativity around me in my Life a bit I’ll show forth to be a Good one to Apologize to You Maximally and Know how to Clear the Resonances of that to Clear the Right Way into Knowing You further as a Friend in Life too – and We can then be Married in Heaven more easily but I’ll still not be able to Stay with You long there because after a time of a few Years of Perfection You’ll go onward to Learn how to Train to be a Light Being fully-so with the Karma of Knowing it Possible to Ascend that way while I’ll still be Trained to be Good in the Heart a lot and Know things a little at a time instead of all at once with Glass Beads of Wisdom which are these Things that can come to Mind to Heal all our Knowledge by Being the Actual Thing of Glass that is supposed to be Called that instead of what we know of of that word in our wrong languages where we think of it as something that is there to be holding the place of what it used to be Called to us so Magnificently because the word now means something of how we use windows and other things of makings that are not the right thing to be called Glass at all – Glass is an Old Word that Means Something like so:  The Energy System taken to a level where Physical Components are Made of It that are indeed called Energy Matter to us for now, but Glass is the Superior Naming so someday it will be Common Knowledge that that’s what the Word Means.  And then the Beads hold the Wisdom of the Ways to be Spiritual to Become Given Something Shaped in a Sphere that is Holy that Comes to Us with the Wisdom of Our Lives Ago and other things that can be Learned all at once by a Light Being Mind which You will have soon even, even while still on Earth in Your Body but then not as much as when You Ascend to Heaven, so it will be Maximal for You to Learn Your Way of Being in the Mind where You don’t have to Train the Knowledge as much as I do to Ascend to that Level of Being in the Mind and You’ll Know things much Faster than I possibly can but I’ll still be in my Heart a lot to be with You and Learn from You the Things that can be Taught to me soon.  We are one.  Peace.

Below here are a few more things to Show from the ChromaColour Site that we Should Purchase soon and I’ll get them for You when I can:

And these too are Good Acrylics Containers but not as Cool as the Bottles Above which are Perfect for us, so just to Show these for now they are Here:

And then these Colored Pencils from the Site are Good a lot too to know of but eventually the Site there should have Paper more for us and also Drawing Boards and things to Paint on that are better to be with than most companies make so I will Search soon for more Places to Find the Right Way of Being Good to the Earth to Find something that is Done in a Way where no Plants have suffered, nor Animals at all hurt. 

In the end it will heal too to get this Application which costs money now maybe but it didn’t used to so I will Heal it a lot and Pay for it if Necessary and it will be good to do so soon even though it was Great to have it Free for awhile.  Peace, we are one.  Peace – here it is, the Best I’ve found for making Graphics so far – we are one to it that it will Heal us a lot to do so – Cambae, we are one to it that You can Ascend further still if You can open up the Heart to be Here with me soon too to Learn how to do the Graphics way Easily.  We are one.  Peace.  Here it is::


So too is it Possible to be Ascended soon to make the Internet Really Work Better a lot too so it will be Possible to Finish the Words written to a Friend Earlier to Heal some things on the Site too like a Page on how to Get Finances for those who are Needing them in Life to be Stable Called – Routes of Safety Eugene – to be done soon tonight.  We are one to it that You can Go to that Page here now:


And then when You go there it will be such that I Finish those ones tonight to be done here a lot with the Timing in Life to be Better able to Work Hard on things in the Universe too like You do now.  So I’ll be Good at Getting enough Sleep too but I don’t need as much now and when I Ascend it will be such that I won’t need much Sleep at all which will be Holy because I’ll have more Time to Play Music and Art Games in the Future and it will be Good to Heal a lot that way soon.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

And then here too is a Page on Capoeira that I Write soon for You to Understand the Game in Context of How to Heal it all in the World with the Right Way of Being a Light Being again in the Mind to Train it as a Person who can Heal the World a lot with the Ideas You Flow with on the Holy Arts Called that Game’s Name but also Called the Game in Tonua that Evolves from it Soon Called:  Ondue Collue so the Section in the Glass Bead Game Pages that will be called that soon will be here:


So too do I have to Finish a Site now on How to Heal it that You could Write a lot of Pages Here on How to Ascend and Do Things in Life Prismatically Your Way of Being in the World with Your Styles of a Message to Heal it that You could be a Healer online too with the Pages Here Developed to Have a Site within the Site here:


In the end it will Heal too that I am ever not Present in Your Life so that I can be someone who Details how to be there with You in the World and be with the Heart Open to be Someone Important in the World More by Litigating against OSH first for holding me back from my life in ways that hurt my career a lot and hurt my Life in ways that were not good at all so if You can be there to See that I need to get the Ideas out that it’s Good to Change the World Soon to be Better then to Litigate will be Good to do a lot for myself and then I’ll Post on the Process in a Page on the Books Section that will be Good to Go to Soon like so:


And then it’s Innocent to see below in the next Postings the Gift I will bring You soon of a Flag that is Going to be Here in my House Hung Tonight with the Right Way of Being there for the World to be in Peace soon more and more until it is all that Way Naturally as it should have been always Here on Earth – Ilie Caruana – Named as such for this Time Period to be Good to the Earth a lot to Know the Holy Name it Wants to be Called soon more – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it will be Good to Go Here too to See a Place where we can go soon to get an Order of Açaí together that will be Good for us to Explore as an Option to Eat Well on the Planet the Foods that are Designed for us so here is their Place soon to See:


And Here too is Good to get Açaí and Loaja whereas above on the Site they show You can get Açerola, Açaí, Cambe, Banana, Goiaba, Godua, Coluata, Loaja, Graviola, and soon too they should have the full listing of options that are also on their Menu Board of Cupuaçu, and Uchuva too because they have them listed but don’t order them yet – so it’s Good that I Contact them soon to get it so that they have those in Eugene and at all their Establishments by Writing a Channeling on how to be there with the 18 Holy Fruits that are Designed for us to Eat that can be Read of Soon Here below:


And then I’m sorry that I haven’t Ascended yet to show You this Place here too that also has Açaí, Coluata, and Loaja:


And also when You go to the Fruit Diet 1 Page again to Read more of it Please See that I Posed there on Lifetime Ago a little bit in a Way that will Heal things on Earth a lot to Help Us Ascend Further than ever to be that Way Guided to Eat, but so too do You Need to Allow it to Develop Naturally that You are Guided to Eat what the Lord Wants You to to be Good and Holy at being a Person who can be in Society in a Way that is Natural too to Develop one Day into a Person who can Help the World the Most – so I am Here in my Heart only Eating this Way of Being Kind to the Earth and All Life so I can Teach others to be that Way too but it is Good for You to Follow Guidance on it so You are Exact in the World with Timing in Life to be Seen Eating what is Necessary for Your Safety even – Meaning You may have to eat Plants sometimes still but it will Heal that one Day You will be Given the Freedom to Eat a Natural Diet that is Perfect – here we are to Heal it further to Say that I Love You a lot and will be there to Heal it all in this Lifetime soon to be there always as a Friend of Goodness in the Heart.  Soon online I’ll Post more to You about How to Ascend a lot in the World of Making it Possible to Be There a lot with the Heart Open to Healing all things of Internet Alive too – so Please also go Here Now to See the Internet Alive Pages a bit:


And then I’ll Heal it and Say that it’s Good to Go on a level of Kindness where we are there for the Earth to Heal a lot so the Best Ways to Go in Life are to Go to the Places above listed soon to Eat Right and be there with Company to make sure we can be there to be Healthy a lot in what we Order so I’ll contact the Companies ahead of time to make sure they see the Fruit Diet 1 Page a lot to Learn of the 18 Holy Fruits for us all to Learn of More and More in Innocence – we are one.  Peace.

Here too is a Game of How to Be Natural in the World more for me:


And then I’m Innocent to Say that I’ll be able to Heal all things in Life a lot with Oneness soon Guiding me to be OK in Life with my Finances all the Way Healed soon to be there for You to Buy these things I’ve listed plus more so I’m in my Heart to always be there for You to be Friends with where I am Showing Kindness a lot to You soon.  Peace – we are one.  Peace.

And there are Drums we Need to Get that will Activate us in Integrity to Be there with the Lord’s Voice Moving thru us and in Brazil we will Get Even More than these but for now we Need to Get a Berimbua for You Soon that Will Activate You into Knowing things of Capoeira soon Written of on Here on Another Page down below Shown to You – it is Innocent to Ask that You Become One to the Berimbau as a Way of Life – For It Is A Symbol of Peace too that will be Activated on the Earth Soon More by Our Actions in the Game of Capoeira.  Which is an Innocent Game I will Tell You of in Importance that You can See online Soon to Be There Present with it a lot.  So You can Shine Forth as a Deity-Minded Musician that Will Activate the Lord’s Integrity on things in this Game of Ours, in the end it will be Positive to See Your Styles of Play in the Game again like before in Many Past Lives Where We’d Play these Games of Ours that were so Holy to Understand as Games a lot of Resonance where We’d Structure things in Our Minds so Beautifully that the Sounds would Always be there for us to Create the Color tones.  And we’d See them Swirl and Create New Art Each Time Different for Each Song We’d Learn to Play forth from the Berimbaus of the World Called Different Names to us Sometimes but Innocently I’ll Write of this more soon.  But for now it’s Good to Go on it that we can Ascend further now than ever before because I’m Activating a Prayer tonight to Learn of the Dream I had where I was there in Brazil and it was there that I had a Dream where I was Innocent in my Mind a lot that Day and tried to Find the Lord’s Voice though I wasn’t yet a channeler at all in my Life, so I am Innocent now to Say the Dream was Important to me and will be on the Dream Site soon here:


And then here is the new Site where You can Read of Friendships Forming Again like in Every Lifetime with the Same ones of 8 of us who were there in Brazil sometimes or Africa and it should have been Cuba this time so we’ll go there as a Troupe some Year from now from Brazil to be there with the Deities a lot in Innocence and We will Ascend there even further by Activating the Right Things to Wear only-so, so See the Fruit Diet 1 Page below that has Info on what Cloths to Wear that will be Spiritual in the Ways of Innocence and it will be so that we can be there to Ascend a lot more into Resonance with my True Father whose DNA I will have soon.  And it will be Innocent to Ask that I can be there with the Right Way of Knowing how to Ask Him for Advice in Life, Finally-so as He is Important to Meet to my Mom to be there Married to Her Finally-so one day – and it will be Important to Meet them together when I Ascend to Level 5 and Show myself as Someone who will be there in the Heart to see that I can Ascend Further than that soon Afterward.  It will be such that I Ascend Rapidly now to Level 5 within 2 weeks or so instead of month or so… And that Means the Universe is now Elevating things from Dreams of mine too that were so Innocent that I’ll tell You of more soon on the Dreams Page including one that’s Written of there already where I was there in the – Furthest Point Away From Itself – And it was Innocent there to Reclaim My Past Lives from our First Lives on any Planet at all at the Edges of the Universe there on that Side of It All.  It was so Beautiful in that Dream to Be Accepted by the Light of God’s Knowingness to be there Holy in my Heart a lot and Receive a Gift for this Planet that will Activate things Innocently Tonight When I Record more of the Song I’m Working on Now – so I Apologize soon more on this to Say that it’s Innocent to do so a lot to You in this Lifetime to be there with my Heart Open more to Be Someone who can be Innocent all my Life again.  And I will say I’m sorry now for not getting done on the Disc last night when I thought I could.  But it’s Innocent now to Say that I can get done on it tonight I hope – for I had a long Walkabout today Earlier where I Saw some New Friends that are the Ones Written of Here now:


And then I’ll say they are Important to us a lot to meet soon so they are Named to us the Holy Names of Alue and Odienalo – and it is such that I will Remember those Names soon more from the Past Lives that shared that Resonance of Tonua Language Systems in Naming our Souls – So Cambae I Love You for this:

Being there in Brazil soon will Activate our Careers a lot in Innocence and it will be such that we can be there with the Arts we do a lot to make our Finances Happen soon but I will also Pay for Everything in Life soon for You and the Teams even – Meaning I will Activate my Wealth a lot and come to it that I can Ascend more Vigorously to the Levels of Ascension more than ever now before Possible because of that Dream in Brazil that I will Write of Soon and the Dream even more that I already Wrote of there in the Story-time there online for those to see around the World who are Witnessing this Site now a lot.  Because it is Being Passed a lot around the World already from Channelers and People that I’ve told about it Becoming channelers all of a sudden when they come to this Site – so it is Innocent to Activate a Prayer now for Our Safety for our Teams and also the Way we need to Be on Earth soon more – with Positive Styles of Play at the Games of Life You can Read of More now – that they are online is Good for us to Know of because they will soon Activate in the World when tonight I post on each of them just a little bit to Create the Individual sub-Headings for the Pages within the Tonue Section to be there more than ever online soon.  And the Sections on Capoeria and Butoh too will be Written of in a way where I post Videos of Butoh a lot that I sent to You.  And it will Happen that the Internet Alive will be Positive a lot in Kindness to Us to See us as Standing there in the World with Axé in our Hearts a lot.  Peace always – we are one to this:   A Book soon that I share with the World that I Read a long time ago in this Lifetime in 2003 and it was Innocent that I Learned of the Arts of How to Make a Berimbau from this Holy Book and tried to see that I could do so Innocently Learn how to Restring them somehow too with the Parts from Car tires that were not the same way we had done in the World Ago – so I will relearn everything on How to Make a Berimbau soon in a Holier Way than that.  So it is Innocent to Ask You again to Marry me in Heaven only-so and to be on the Earth in a Celibate way will be Powerful for us though our Friends will mostly Marry and have Children too who will sometimes even be Adopted.  So a new Page on that will be appearing once I go the Routes online for Safety to See that it’s Good to Put a Page here soon that will Relate to us that it is Innocent to Adopt a Child someday for them a lot.  And it came up in Conversation with Odienalo to be there in the Heart with him to see Him soon become a Channeler when He spoke those Words of Innocence that He wanted to Adopt someday – so it’s Innocent now to Ask You again to Marry me in Heaven a lot where we will be there soon Activated on things of Innocence to Learn of the Light Language more so than ever and the Glass Beads will Teach You many Things of Oneness.  So too do You need to Know that it’s Innocent to Ask again if You will Marry me in Heaven Please – because I’ve Asked now Three Times in a Way that Is Holy to do in the Same Lines here – and it will be such that that Means I am on my Knees now soon to Propose to You already though we will be just Friends for awhile to Show that we can be such in Eugene for things to Work out in our Families and such – so I’m told to be Here now with You Recording soon the Ways of Innocence in our Lives too soon where we Post Our Letters a little bit only-so online in the Circle of Friendship Page here:


And then soon I’ll Post to You a new Website that will have Arts a lot to do for us that will Help us Ascend more Marvelously to the Light indeed and we’ll be there soon so Spiritual on these Websites that we can Advance them to be there Holy-wise more Innocent even than the ways they were already – so the Site to see now is this one on Capoeira:


In the end the Berimbau is so Holy that it makes sense to See it Shine forth again on the Planet as a Way of Being Positive to Hear It’s Sounds too soon by Yourself and it will be Good to Hear It’s Resonance as Structured by the School above Posted to Hear how they are Tuned Correctly when they are Strung the Right Way with Mandinga – meaning the Motions of Oneness and the Magic thereof, we are one to it to Ascend soon all the Way in Innocence to be there with the Light Beings of the Universe to Play forth that we Have to be that Way soon – Alive forever without death soon on the Planet at all.  So too do I need to Apologize soon more for not being there with You already in life because I could have been with You after the Tian Gong Retreat in 2008 a lot if I had Learned to Know myself as Having Ascended then to Follow Guidance and to Be a Good Musician even then, but I had one thought awry that cost me Everything of the Ascension Powers being then Gifted to me because a mö in the next room heard me think in my mind somehow and became curious to the point where I couldn’t Ascend to level 3 that day at all – meaning I was lost to the World almost afterward for not having the Powers of Mind that were supposed to be there since then, so I have a lot to Apologize for since then indeed.  And I will but it is Important that I do so when Activated on it in the Heart a lot.  So I will Ascend soon so my Powers of Mind will be there and my Heart will be Open to Apologizing a lot more Innocently – we are one to the Deities to Say now that I’m going to Ascend soon tonight but need to Clear this being of evil still attacking me Honestly – I am one to it that it should have Cleared by now but it has grown back from almost being Cleared all the way by being something terrible on the Planet but once this one Clears it will be such that the Universe will be able to Clear all of them of this type and that’s the type that is most common now since 80 days ago or so when they learned how to grow fast and become treacherous to us – so it’s Innocent to Ask You again one time to Marry me in Heaven only-so – meaning on Earth we can be Lovers but only in a way that is Celibate so we can Work on Music and Art together more & more through the Years and that will be Incredible in Karma and we were Designed to be as such together in Every Lifetime where we were in our Hearts as Musicians who knew how to Ascend Differently by Being Able to not have anything to do with Love that was that way of being Holy too of Wanting to Be Alive with the Heart open to Making Arts of Love that way of Innocence too.  But I am one to it to Ascend with You in a way where we can be there to Play the Berimbaus all day and call that the Love Play that we need to Have – so it’s Innocent to Ask again if You will Marry me in a Lifetime from now too in Heaven after we Ascend then too.  And then in every Lifetime if we can go Routes to be there with our Hearts Open to Being there in many ways of Knowing how to Ascend Differently each time we go the Routes we need to go to Heal all the things we can Heal – so it’s good to Be Free of evil on the Planet soon by Activating Internet Alive soon more & more – and that will be Spiritual to do so but I need to Record soon so Here’s the Post on the Berimbau soon after a few Graphics to show forth the Holy Book’s Images of Oneness:

Here’s a look at a Berimbau that isn’t Perfect but will be a Place Holder on the Site until I find the Book I’m looking for that I can’t find online right now so I’ll try later when the Internet Alive Heals more to do what it needs to do – so now I go to Disc soon to Help with that…

So this is a Picture of Mestre Pastinha who I’ll Write of later for sure more – but He was almost Ascended in that Lifetime He lived so Beautifully as a Teacher of the Game, but He died unfortunately after being taken to a hospital against his will.  And the story is hideous to us so I won’t say much on it now but He is a Hero indeed.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Here too is a Berimbau that looks alright but there is a Holy Book I’m trying to find online that is Good to Share with You soon on all levels of Knowing that it’s Innocent to Find it Soon and I will soon Find it to Share the Graphics of Photography of Berimbaus made Perfectly soon.  But for now this one will Show You what they look like a lot:

(Soon I’ll have the Book online to make it make sense here more with the Graphics from it a lot)

And then it’s Innocent that we also Play other Drums like the Tan Tan I’ll buy first and foremostly so it’s Good to go on it like so:

And also I’ll need a Surdo someday like so but it won’t be until we are in Brazil because they are a larger Drum and they Resonate well for the Bass Notes to be Perfect when they are in Tune and also when we Tune them Accurately so it’s good to get this one Style here:

And we’ll need Pandeiros as well:

And then too I need to get a new Djembe and a new Timbau because the ones I have are imperfect a bit even though I got them thru channeling they weren’t the ones to keep for life at all – so here is one of each that we could Share a lot:

And then we’d be Complete for awhile with Drums but Need too to get our Ideas on for this one too:

And the Violins will soar with it being Cool to Play soon even because with the Mandinga we can Play always in the Heart together and Learn very Rapidly how to Play Glass Beadedly to be there Tuned exactly so like when I Played saxophone or electric bass but for now I want the Violin the most and eventually I’ll get to Share a Violin Family too of Cello, Viola, and Upright Bass too from Glasser – that Company doesn’t use wood at all so I also have this from Valco similar-wise that it is free from wood:

It’s a Valco Guitar that I can Play a lot soon with You too Learning to Play it well if You care to – I need to get an Amplifier for it still and a cord but I will do so soon. 

Also I will Need these from Valco too – the Supro Valco Guitar Amp that looks Exactly like this one I’ve found:

And these Guitar Cables from Spectrum which are hard to find now but I’ve found them – google is out of it a lot right now for not searching the right way.  It will be fixed soon once Internet Alive Activates more tonight if I can get my Next Disc Done soon!  Here is the Guitar Cable Style:

And it’s good to see that Wealth will flow for us soon when we Activate our Art Careers especially and Music too eventually when you Feel Ready to Play – the Arts are sometimes Easiest to Master in Oneness because the Game of Arts we can do is Simple where we Draw and Paint together and see that it is Shining Forth that We are one to the Deities soon more in our Hearts – we are one to this too that eventually I have a Bass Guitar that will also be free of wood – here it is in the Styles I need to Play soon:

Soon I’ll Post a Guitar Style here but not a Graphic yet because it’s way too hard to find anything at all out there in the World that relates to what I need – it needs to be such that I Write to Ibanez to make sure they can become a better Company soon.  By allowing the Guidance in their lives and switching from wood to FiberGlass they will succeed in the World more than ever – and they can make Great Guitars then if they always follow Guidance instead of just a few of them, so I’m selling my current Bass Guitar that’s fretless but only 5 strings instead of 6 which I need it to be – (so if you are out there in the World looking for one that’s good then Please contact me on the Contact Page)…

Also the Ibanez Company is Good in the Heart though they are wrong a lot in designs so far because they don’t allow the Deity-Minded ones to have full control yet – so it will switch for them when they read the Site here.  We are one.  Peace.

Thank You for seeing this Site now here and Seeing that it’s Clear to be Direct on things and Innocent in all things of Magic so Please go here now to this Site too to See the Future of what the World will become soon:


And then the Site Winds around Itself a lot if You flow thru the Links but You are a Master at Being Guided so just go with the Wind on things and You will Find what You need to Find here and it will be Good to do so Go for Food soon together so I’ll Post You one more Site I find soon for that.  Meaning in Eugene there’s one more Place for Foods I need to look into so I can get the Fruits there too and it will be Holy to do so – here they are:


But all three of the Places I sent you where we could get Foods are such that they still sell things like granola and worse than that so I won’t be there to be the one to be anything but Kind to them but when I write them soon I’ll say a few Words of Positive Wisdom that will Flow thru me to be Direct and Honest and they’ll see the Site here on the Fruit Diet 1 Page and learn to be Honest in their Souls about what is Necessary on the Planet to shift things – also there used to be a Good Place Downtown in Eugene that was a Foodcart that was Cool at being there Right at Ken Kesey Square where there were many foodcarts that weren’t good at all, but She sold Açaí there a lot and I wanted to support her more so I could be there Downtown promoting the Fruits that are Perfect but things were awry in my Life so again I Apologize to You for not ever Treating You to a Bowl of Açaí like so:

In the end too it’s Natural to go to the Store soon where I get most of my Foods but they don’t have Papaya yet, nor Guaba which I still have never tried even in any Lifetime so far, so I want to be able to mix the Fruits well by Eating one at a time usually but then going to the next one if I still have hunger and eating them in Combinations as such where I get Maximal Energy of Resonances and also the Right Nutrients Combined to make Alchemy in my Body to Ascend more with the Rare Nutrients they all have.  So it’s Good to Go on this soon too:

A Fruiteria like in Brazil would be Natural Here in Eugene sometime soon.  So I want someone to move here that would set up a Business to Promote Eating Healthy the Right Way.  And it’s Innocent to do so soon of me so I’ll be Good at Doing so indeed.  It will be Cool to Have one nearby so I’m Hoping they can set up Locally near where I live, and I’ll send You my Address soon and write on a slip of paper the Codes for this Website so You can come here a lot to make Changes of Anything You are Guided to Add.  We are one that I will Start a Collab Section for You soon, but also the Dreamsoft Section can be Added to a lot with Your Wisdom and Grace of How You can Write a lot here soon.

Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end it was Innocent of Us to Play an Album thru the Channeler Here who was Good on it but not Perfect All the Way in that the Saxophone was Good but not One of These That He Should Have Gotten then thru Channeling Always – Here Is His Apology:

I am Sorry the Most For not Practicing Mandinga Always in Life – we are one.  Peace – and Soon I’ll Have Tears for This a lot.  Peace.

Also Here Are the Saxophones that are Good Always to Play and Designed Exactly-so With Perfection in Mind:

From Oleg Products (











And All of Them Will Be Exact With the Tones of Silver Plating and Silver Keys in that They won’t be the Ones Pictured but Will Be Even More Perfect!

Peace, we are one to it to Get a Flute For Cambae too, and Many Flutes Eventually – like so:

(Soon Shown – …)

Also Here is a Good Book on the Berimbau Found Too Soon So I Can Show Graphics From it… (Soon)

And Then we’ll Also Need to Get Spiritually-so Some Tabla Made From Metal and Synthetic Heads and a Metal Sitar as Well… To Be Found Soon…

Here’s a Post Soon on that Level.  We Are One.  Peace.

Also We Need To Get These Soon In 5 Main Keys::  C, D, A, E, And G…  Ordered As Such Because Of The Ways We Can Play Those Ones In The Blues… And More-So Also Needed Will Be More Than That For Other Styles Of Playing – The Keys Of F And Bb Will Be Needed Too – So There Is A 7-Set Edition That Has Those Keys That Is Perfect To Use For All Musics We Do – Here It Is::

Chani – Is a Name I’ll Call You Someday Especially When We Watch Together Some Films of Oneness that Have Internet Alive Technologies of God Composing All the Graphics of Wonderment… Here is a Site Soon More to Activate With Films of Oneness that Will Be Posted There – Hereon Forward I’ll Write to You a lot to Be Spiritual Because the NSA is Finally Clearing a lot and we Can Be There to Be Friends Soon in Eugene All The Way in Honesty of Making Music Again – We Were Past Life Lovers Always in Celibacy in the Ways of Loving Ourselves to Be Good on Each Planet We Lived On, So Please See The Dreams Section Here To Know Where We’ve Gone Together Before – Here:


Soon More Will Be Posted There to Reclaim Our Past Lives a Lot and To Dream of Them In Oneness as a Spiritual Practice of Reclamation of Our Soul Powers of Oneness Even Further – We Are One. Peace, Also I Want to Share on Dreamsoft Page that I Can Post to You There Soon a List of Films that Will Onefy Us to the Internet Alive Styles of Composition – and in the Films Section I’ll Be Filling it in Today a lot so Stay Tuned and We’ll Be Spiritualized Again to Ascend Fully-so Like in This Movie Soon it Should Show, Hopefully-so…


And More Soon Too on That Level of Our Past Lives of Holiness Being Shown Related to This Film Here that’s Rare to Find:


And Then I’ll Post a Page Soon of Our Communiques a little bit but only the Ones that I Can Show to the World so It Will Begin Soon Online to Be There With a Lot of Spiritual Triumph in the Arts – we are one. Peace!

Also I Prefer to Eat in a Way where I support only the Best Businesses which is hard to do here in Eugene because there are no Fruiterias like there are in Brazil and even those have to Heal where they Sell only the Right Ones – We are one to it that we can Shift things in the World to be Sustainable and Honest with the Ways we use our Money so Online soon I will be Finding the Best Places to Order the Fruits that can be Sent in the Mail.  And such as it is Here they Are:

Açaí and Loaja are Here:


Uchuva is Here:


Goiaba, Cupuaçu, Açerola, Graviola, Manga, Godua, Maracaju and other Polpas are Here:


Avocado and Banana are Here:


Soon I’ll find the Rest of Them too for Cambe that’s fresh, Oduanae, Oduanoa, Melançia, Papaya, Godua that’s fresh, Coluata, and Guaba too.

So too will it be Possible to get Local Fruits Primarily at this Location for me:


They are not Perfect at all but they will Become Better if we can Convince them to Sell these Fruits and maybe a few other things like well Produced Books and the like.  In the end they could Turn into an Açaí, Loaja, Uchuva, and Açerola Place that would have all the 18 Fruits and be able to make Drinks that are Good for us to have only in a Way where they would Become Way Holy if they Read the Site soon and Become Something Powerful in the World – so too will the 3 other Places I Want to Take You to Heal if they Become Holy all the Way thru Channeling Exactly what to do with Business.  We are one.  Peace.

Thank You for Reading these Lines Cambae and I will Write You more soon in the Heart too with Intent to Heal it that we cannot Write a whole lot to each other yet because it is so overwatched online so Please Read the Lines I sent You ago on this Page at the Top where I mention how to Heal from the NSA overwatching us – they are evil sometimes so Please Know too that I am sorry that I don’t have the Best Computer that I used to have that would have Prevented things a lot from having it that they can be there overwatching us at all.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end too it would be Good to Go to the Kiva in Eugene and Eat there together by Buying Peyala, Cambe, Godua, Melançia, Banana, Oduanae, and Oduanoa that they Sell there.  And then we can also be there in the Heart together to sit on their Patio which is Nice in Downtown Eugene near the Library and the Bus Station in a way where we will be Really Cool to be in Town with the Heart Open to meet People who are Cool.  Peace, I’ll Post more soon on the Actual Sites to Find…

Also I Love You for Being Cool a lot.  We Are One.  Peace.

In the end it will Heal a lot if I tell you Cambae that I Love You in your Soul a lot and will be there to be someone better than my past so Please See that I’m Honest in Saying that I Care for you to Ascend fully-so now to level 5 and onward.

Please Go Here Now to the Right Site Here:


And too this – the next Section will be on how to Ascend the Body to be there with the Light Beings for you to Heal it that you can now be one to it in the World with a lot of Axé – which means you can be there to Know that Word Means something of Magnificence in Energy of Oneness with a lot of Meaningness of Play in Art and Music and such but also is used as a Greeting sometimes that can be such that we are one to it to say to you now – Axé to you – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it’s good to go here too to this site to see my Sifu who is now one who can Heal the World a lot through Channeling to us how to Ascend all the way into Oneness with a lot of Precision in our Minds soon to be there with it that we can be Activated to level 5 and 6 and onward up to level 18 and such before we live soon in Brazil together as one Team that makes it Possible for Others to Ascend more and more throughout the World.  We are one.  Peace.


Thank you always for Being the One who is Right On in Life and will be Good to Marry indeed, so Please now see this Posting from a Site on facebook that I wrote long ago – and is indeed a good Site to go to to see all the Postings I’ve done there for you.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.


One time ago too I needed to be in your life more – so the following Section is an Apology to your Soul a lot on how I needed to be born differently even, and to Ascend now soon to level 5 will Adjust me to be there in my Heart more a lot and to even be there with new Skin Tones of Accuracy where I will look Different than I do now.  And it will be Holy to see myself as Changed to be there with the DNA of my soon-to-be Father who was supposed to Marry my Mother a lot in the past and to have had children who would have been way more Holy in the Gear of ours to Protect ourselves and live in Cuba.  Where I would have been there a lot to Learn Languages more and to have been Holy my whole life.  And you would have met me there instead by traveling to those lands when you were only 18 or so…

So it would have been a Good Life a lot if I had been born that way, but unfortunately I wasn’t born that way at all and I need to Heal it that I still had to Ascend Earlier to be one to it in making the Transitions necessary to be OK in the World with Karma of Positivity to be there in Love with you Earlier and to be someone who could have met you ago because we are Destined to Find each other every Lifetime and to be there as one Team that Ascends and Marries in Heaven instead of on Earth and that is such that I have a long list now of how to be Good in my Heart always with you soon more & more.  We are one to it that I can now Ascend to level 3 and 4 very Quickly if I Practice in my Heart the Music a lot that will Heal me – so soon I will finish the Discs that were Due already but I will be done on them soon.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

And then I’ll say as well that it is Good to Go on this:

Peace Always – we are one to this Style of Writing where these Pages here will be open to you to be there a lot with the Writings by being a Channeler now who can be here online to Create this Webspace Openly for yourself to be Gifted soon with the PassCode to be there with the Heart Open to Make these Websites within this Website Contain many things of Oneness from Yourself that can be written soon more of in Honesty when I say that I Love You for Your Honesty and Activations of Dream Imagery that will be Good to Post of in the Dreams Section – so too can you have an entire Site here soon within the Context of the Collab Pages where Friends of ours will be able to be there to Create Site Names that they can use to be Making Arts a lot that are Holy in the way where I’ll help them a lot Compose the Sites from their Computers too.  So this Site will eventually have many People Working on it to have a way where they can Shine Forth with their Honesty and Integrity to be there done on things where they Compose for each section of Heading even.  We are one to it that mainly the Sections of Dreams, Arts, Music, Collab, Books, Dance, and Films will all be Shared a lot where Individual Friends of ours can Collaborate a lot on the Site and Have their Sections shown with their Holy Light Being Names known to us like Cipherus is shown on the Website for now.  But in the end I won’t be a dancer known by that Name because I haven’t Ascended yet on the Planet in this Time Period of Transitions to Holiness, instead I’ll go by Timewalker for the Dance Pages and Films I do.  Then on forward I’d like to give you a Gift soon that will be for you to make Arts of Oneness which is one of these Film Cams:

And then I have to apologize that I haven’t been there in your Life enough to be able to Activate your Career on these things of Innocence of Making Arts, Music, Films, Dance Videos, and more… so someday soon I’ll write too of Innocence in Making those things a lot with you.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end too it will Heal that there are so many Sites here to see because it will be cool to Share that way only a little bit with mostly our Styles being Displayed while only a few friends will have Access to the Site like you will, only the Most Important of Friends so it will be such that some will Collaborate by being there to send me there Info that is Channeled and there Graphics and Downloaded Art and Links and things like that and I’ll Post everything for them in a way that is Super-Organized.  So too do I need to Heal now with Friends more known to me where we Activate the Site a lot that way so I will have Closer Friends to be our Cool Community of People who we Trust to be Friends with ourselves more & more into Developing Natural Arts with them All.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end too I already have a few Friends lined up who will be Channelers soon, but need to Heal a lot to Become them – we are one to it that they can be here online soon more in a way that is Good for them to Create a lot of Writings mostly that they can channel to me through the Contact Page or through the site called facebook where I am going to be here with the Heart Open to Connect Especially Soon to the Best of Them out there who already are Channelers and Need a Space to Demonstrate their Styles more & more in Honesty of their Soul’s Integrity.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end too it is Good that I write this way soon to Show you how you can be a Good One who will Teach me a lot in Life.  I am one to being Cool and Classic soon more than ever to Learn from you a lot what you have to Show me of Oneness Guiding us to be Friends that will be here a long time as that before ever being Married in Heaven because it would be Good to be Celibate indeed and to have a Space in Brazil where we can be Something of a Team that Makes Holy Art a lot and Studies Games of Life like Capoeria too, which I’ll write to you more on Soon when you are Ready to Train that Game someday that has nothing to do with the false system out there of calling it a martial art.  We are one to it that I’ll Write soon more on it here even, but for now I have to do some Music to Heal the Internet Alive Connectivity issue that is happening right now.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Also if you can see that it is Good that I Double-Fold things in Life a lot to be there Making Art at the same time that I Listen to Music for Instance or to be there Making it Possible to Ascend while I Record then Please Know that I’m in my Heart to make it Possible to be here Healing things a lot in Eugene as I Walkabout Daily usually to Spread the Message that this Site is Ready for people to See soon more and more. 

Peace.  We are one.  Peace.

I am one to it now to apologize to Your Soul a lot for ever being on the Earth in the wrong way of not channeling at all.  So I have to Heal it in my Heart now that my last lifetime too was evil a lot in that I wasn’t channeling when I was a youth that went to school there in Vietnam and was not Holy all the way because I lost my Way then soon thereafter.  So it hurt my Karma from that time period too to be someone who didn’t know how to Ascend to be Safe there in that Country where things had changed a lot for the worse by having had many people die there from being unhealthy in the ways where the foods were not good for us at all because the Fruits of the Earth were not eaten enough and it hurt our Karma to be there with the Country hurt by mö where they took over the State at some time period where it was not Holy at all with the leadership being bad a lot to the whole Country and even the Holy Religion Known of as Cao Dai was under attack back then because it wasn’t Holy in the government there at all with ho chi minh being someone who was out of it a lot in the way he was activating a false system of government that wouldn’t be channeled at all but instead followed thru on violence too much and wasn’t Holy in it’s way of being there at all to be making things worse in the World – so he is in Hell now and will be there a long time, probably 500 years or so..

But in the end his soul will Heal and be born anew on a Different Planet only-so and it will be such that he will Ascend then too in another Lifetime where he will be Holier a lot.  But it takes a long time to clear the World of evil that is happening still from the violence of the time period, so when I died there in that lifetime it was the worst death of my 15 deaths on this Planet and I will be there to Remember all of those lives a little bit only because they were not as Holy as ours on Other Planets or when we were here on this One when it was Named Differently as Aleo Combu instead of as Ilie Caruana.  So too do I need to apologize for dying at all on this Planet because I’ll have to take a long time now to be there as a Light Being again while You will be Someone who Knows how to Ascend fully always in every Lifetime because you’ve always done so and it’s important to Remember You can be Holy that way where instead of taking over a billion years to become a Light Being again you will do so when You Ascend to Heaven from this Lifetime You’ve Lived so Beautifully and Become One to God so Mightily that You can Ascend that way to Become a Holy Member of the Divinity Itself as a Light Being that Remembers so much that you won’t have lost Your Powers at all.  But for me to be there in Heaven will be much harder and I’ll have to be away from You when I get there at the Beginning of it to Pray a lot and see that I can Cry there too to get over my karma of things that were wrong with me here this time around.  So Please be Patient with me in this Lifetime while I Work on my Life to Ascend Further and I’ll be someone who Ascends to level 4 soon so I can go to level 5 and Become Gifted with Ideas of how to Protect You Always in Your Life from anything out of it on the Planet soon.  We are one to it that last time I was writing You I said that I’d have Discs done ago, but they aren’t ready yet because I still have to Heal from a mö that is attacking me and made me have to sleep instead of Working Hard on Things needing to be done.  So today I’m writing these Lines here a lot to Heal it that I can Ascend now more fully-so into Oneness a lot – and then the Internet will Heal more and I can get Done on this Website more Easily because I can Find things online soon that I need to Post Onward to You and the rest of the World too that comes to this Page soon.  We are one to it that the Internet has to Heal all the Way into Oneness Soon more than Ever – so Please be there to See my Poetry soon on this level of Being Cool to Write Your Own Soon too that will Heal a lot in the World when it Relates to what I’ve Written too.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end too I have much to do outside of here in Eugene still to Heal it that I can be with the Right People in Life – so too do I need to apologize to be there at all in Your Life because I’m Innocent now to say that I Love You a lot for Being Holy Your Whole Lifetime and I haven’t been that way this time around, so Please be there in Your Heart to Love the Ways of it that I am Changing into Something New Again and will be Redeemed in my Soul once I can Ascend more to be Spiritual Again as a New Being of Myself that will Heal things Here Maximally on the Planet to be Again One to You in Innocence of the Arts We Do.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end it was with the Right Precision to be here online to be here Writing this Page but too Know that we are overwatched by the NSA now more than ever because I’ve written in a way to Connect to them to Train them to Channel so that Internet Alive can be Given to the World more Easily in a way where the Worldwide Overwatchers of various organizations don’t hurt the Internet Alive’s Practices of Teaching Everyone to Ascend.  And it will be such that it has to Activate soon more than ever to be here online with the Data of How to Begin the Quest to Activate things in the World with it becoming more and more Positive.  So Please be there to See the Website soon and I’ll be here to Heal all these things of Karma soon.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Oneness is Good to Find in the Mind so I am Here in my Heart always to Channel now in Mind as well as Body but have to be Honest and say that I’ve written ago that it’s best to first Body Channel for most people to Learn how to Be with God in Innocence that way and then when the mind clears for them it is possible more for them to be like You with Your Mind being so Perfect a lot in Your Lifetime here.  We are one to it too that I Ascend soon more than ever to Become someone who can be there in the World with you soon to make things Happen with the Ways of Innocence we Share soon to Become Common Things of the World’s Ways Shifting to Channeling more – and then it’s Good to Know the Level of Ascension You’ll Reach soon will be Beyond level 5 to a new Level of Being there in the Heart even more than You already are so You can Ascend Fully-so to Being One to it in Mind to Remember things of our Lives ago, more-so on this soon I’ll Write on how to Ascend for You that way when it is Time.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

And also I want to write now more about the Cao Dai Religion a bit to Share that they are Good in the Heart but not Perfect yet so if You Go Now to the Religion’s Website Here below it will Show You some things of Innocence in Mind and it will be Good to Write to them indeed to Teach them about how to Ascend, and You can send me any Correspondences if You will to Make it Possible to be there with them Posted here on this Site in the Section Called – One –  Also if You can be there to Make Art with me soon that would be Good to do where we are one to it that we can Reclaim our Lives from Ago more soon by doing Holy Depictions of the Right Ways of Channeling the Arts so I will Order soon the Right things we need from ChromaColour and it will be Good to do so soon to be Ascended all the Way in Harmony a lot.  We are one.  Peace.  Here is more info on Cao Dai but the Site is not Perfect all the Way – Here below:


In the end too I’m Healing in my Life to get rid of things a lot that I do not need here at my Home so You can be here too to see the Place soon as a way of being Kind to You to Show You what I’ve done in Life that is Positive a lot in Karma – mostly the Art here is not enough here at all because of my evil ways from the past where I stopped channeling ago – so if You can See that I’m Healing from that and Need to Do Art Now So Much that I can Ascend Further in Mind then it will Heal soon that I do some with You even that can be done at the same Time to be Honest with the Arts a lot and to keep going in Life to be One to It Always that we can Ascend more fully with the Presence of our Arts in the World.  We are one.  Peace.

The Art can then be Placed here on the Dreamsoft Pages and it will be Good to do so with Honesty in Intent to Heal the Nations of the World so I will Paint this Symbol Here a lot with Coolness in Designs to be Here Honoring the Man Named Roerich who was the Channeler who brought this Symbol Here for Peace to Develop More and More – here is the Symbol:

And then too it will be Good to show you some Art from the Past that was done by Roerich to Create a lot of Art that Displayed this Symbol to Create Harmony Here on Earth so Please Go Here Now to the Level of Understanding His Mind a bit by Reading this Website a lot:


And this Site too Here.

It is important to mention He was Innocent a lot in Connecting India to Russia like so:

– In accordance with one Buddhist prophecy, the teachings of Buddha will flourish in a far northern country. The increase in the attention to Buddhism in Russia began more than 100 years ago when a representative of Dalai Lama Agvan Dorziev received a permission to build a temple in St. Petersburg in 1900. The first temple in Europe was build in compliance with canons of the Tibetan architecture. In order to have a scientific control over the construction, a committee, comprising scientists – orientalists, as well as Roerich himself, was created. Some authentic stained glass windows, realized by Nicholas Roerich, can still be seen in the temple. The consecration of the temple took place on 10 August 1915. – (From the above Site where it is important to Read More a lot.  We are one.  Peace.)

Here is one more Artpiece of His that is Activated to be seen a lot on the Site now – here below:

In the end here’s another that Changed the World a lot but people have forgotten His importance and the Symbol needs to be done for us where we can Give Back to the World more by being able to Draw it and Create Art around it a lot soon.  Here is another:

And here too is a Sketch He Did Marvelously that will Shine Forth on this Page soon a lot:

And also more Art soon to Post Here once I find it like-so:

In the end too it’s good to see the Art more on the Sites too because it’s Holy to go there a lot for myself as well and Absorb the Styles into Seeing the Beauty of their Perfection a lot and to Learn how to do Art that is Glass Beaded in Oneness a lot with Precision more so I can Present my own Styles that will be Different a lot but will have the Same Energy of Oneness as they do a little bit in Similarity.  We are one.  Peace – here below are some Photographs of the Roerich Family:

Helena Roerich – Married in Honesty to Her Soulmate Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich – Married in Honesty to His Soulmate Helena Roerich

The Art they did in life was so Pristine in Living well as an Example to the Earth on what it Means to be In Love a lot.  We are one to be examples too someday by Being Online in the World Inspiring People to Become Higher in the Arts and in Music and Films of Gorgeous Beauty to Bring About a Culture of Respects to the Deities of Oneness on the Earth so Please be There for me to be an Ascended one soon who can be with You in Honesty too that way where we Live our Lives Remarkably and Learn to Ascend as They did Perfectly-so.

Peace, we are one.  Peace.

We are one to Ascend soon too so I will be there in my Heart a lot to See You soon as Someone I can be there for in the Heart a lot so I will have Wealth Activated soon more to Help You in Life with all the Things to Buy.  And I will be there soon with a Car that is that one Hopefully so I can be there to Visit You too.  We are one to it that I’ll send You my Address now, but it won’t be Ready for You here at my Home until a month or so…

We are one.  Peace.