Oneness of Truth


We are one to it that the best ways to film are with the styles of movement of Oneness that Guides us to be in our hearts and to be there with the right integrity – we are one to it that the best way to go is to be free of evil and to make Art a lot that is good.  We are one.  Peace.

Also it’s good to go now to a new page here soon as this section is not complete at all – we need to heal it soon so I’ll be filming a lot and making Art that is good to have online soon more – we are one.  Peace.

For now here are films of someone who moves with the Wind a lot to capture Art Films of Holiness a little bit but honestly the world needs to heal where everyone in the Films is moving with the Wind so for now there is one I’ll share that is good to see:  Here below….

This is the Practice of Mandinga - an old word that means to move with the Wind and be Holy and follow the Arts out into Magic of Oneness. We are one. Peace.

The Zoom Q3 HD is my favorite light film cam from this time period, it is such that it is good to use a lot with channeling::

They would be good to have for channeling as they are perfect for this time period to use with channeling to make Art of Films, especially for Dance videos because they are ergonomic and good to use with the aesthetic you can create thru channeling all motion and not needing to edit at all because you can capture the motion in the cams and it will serve to make the eyes heal from ever having had too much splicing or edits, so know that as you’re filming the process becomes making the movement become something that can be seen in the eyes as a way to heal them in motions that are Holy to see that move away from the main focus and back really quickly, or to the subject with the right focus on them in a distinct line, or to the other side of their face all a’sudden to make a snap shot occur where they are suddenly there in a new fame, or spinning the cam around to see that they are no longer in the shot at all until it snaps back to them, or countless other methods of adding energy to the Films by making the motion serve to replace editing techniques that you could still use too, perhaps but in the end it is good not to, for single shot Films are good works of Art and God can edit them better later thru the Internet Alive soon. Peace, we are one, peace.