Oneness of Truth

Favorite Music Videos of All Time!

This One Is In.  The Most Even When I Was a kid I Loved it – not Understanding it Completely but Knew it was a Warning of weirdos out there in the World that didn’t Make Sense to me as a Good One in the World Who’d lost my mind a bit thru not Remembering my Mother and Her Warnings to not eat the dissonant “foods” out there that were hurting me a lot with penny bun the fungus of the devil that stranded thru my Brain and hurt my Memory a lot.  It was hard to Understand how that happened but it did.  And I was taken away from my Life of Innocence too much because of it… we are one to Clearing it all and Keeping Positive thru Dark Times as This Video Shows:

This Page Will Have a Lot of Videos on It Some Year in the Future Such that I’ll Have to Organize Them a lot as I Go to Make it Make Sense Here Always – With Oneness Guiding It All – So Flow With Oneness to Make Sure You See the Right Video at the Right Time – Peace, we are one.  Peace.

This One Is Posted on Other Pages Here But It Is One of my Favorite Videos of All Time – and Is Innocent to Post Here on stranded Ones Who Have To Heal All The Way In Innocence and Make It Possible to Ascend Rightly-so In Oneness All The Way – We Are One.  Peace, Here It Is On The Word zombie – Which Means a Word that Denotes something evil that happens when the strands of fungus create a krang in the Brain-Stem of an Individual and then it goes haywire and hurts the Body a lot and takes control from the Body and Mind of the Individual such that Their Soul has to leave the Body to be Developed in Heaven Usually to Be Free of Life Here on Earth for awhile and to See That the Body Heals All the Way In Innocence With the Deities Guiding It As Much As Possible – But Only When That’s Possible…

Such That The Body Has to Heal All the Way In Innocence a lot when it Heals to Be Free of Strands and then it is Good to Be Innocent All the Way in Life to Pray For Those Who are stranded in such a way and not Themselves at all.   We Need to Get Their Souls Back to the Body When That Is Possible – and Then It Heals All the Way To Get Going On It That the Body Can Heal All the Way In Innocence – We Are One.  Peace – For You newbies to the Site It Is Now Healing a lot in The World So Please Be Patient and See that You Are One to It Soon In Oneness All the Way too.  Peace, Here It Is With a Video I Loved Long Ago and Still Will Always Love Even Though It Shows the dissonance out there caused by the zombies We Need To Heal Into Oneness Always – We Are One.  Peace, Here It Is:

And This Video Shows a Man With Red Hair Brightly Crisped That Is Moving a Lot In Oneness With Impossible Movements Even.  He Looks to Have Been spliced In the Video But that is not the Truth – He Was Actually Moving In Impossible Ways When It Was Filmed Because He Could Be Doing That and It Is Innocent to Do So As A Hyper-Dimensional Master of Movement Games – Such As He Was!

Peace – Here It Is: