Oneness of Truth

Films Of Aliens..!

In The End Aliens Are Good Always.

Peace To It, Please Watch The Aliens Films And Know The Truth That They Are Good Always And Kill Indeed the evil fungal headed cloners and mutants who tried to murder The Innocent Ones.  Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, And All Involved In The Creation Of The Brilliant Films Of Beauty Were Innocent In Showcasing The True Stories Of Futures Ago…  In Parable Wherein The Creation Of Stories Was Such That The Earth Needed To Heal A Lot From:  …fungal krangs hurting The Planet Itself And All Life Here, The Futures Ago Are Real And Have Happened In Time-Space Realness Of Occurrance But The Stories Are Shown In A Creation For Us To Heal Things Here So We Avoid Those Timelines Ago…  That Happened In Timelines Of Futures past… Meaning Time Is Such That Ago Stands Strong In Time Creation And the past Dissolves Into Creation Of More And More Resonant Timelands That Become Futures Ago Eventually, Until All Time Heals One Day Into Pure Truth Of Time-Healing Wonder – Satya Yuga – Means::

 – Age Of Truth –

And Will Be Coming Forth In All Time Within Thirty Years Of Time Experience From This Date Here On Earth, 2019…

We Are One, Peace!

(October 24th, 2019…)

Also Please See The Film Called – Flight Of The Navigator – Soon!

It’s A Way Cool Film Made In A Time Period Of Truth-Setting And Is Something Worth Seeing Many Times Anew – It Even Can Be Something To Watch Daily For Awhile To Keep It In Mind That Time Is Really Something Remarkable And Multi-Time Is Real – The Kid In The Film Goes To A Forest And Finds A Time-Portal Wherein He Arises To A New Timeline Story-ness That Structures His Life For Good To Develop – When He Goes Home, He Meets:  people There That Aren’t His Family, He Is Taken To A …location Where He Meets An Alien Space-Ship That Opens Up For Him And He Climbs The Floating Steps Of Metaline Structures That Form In The Air To An Opening That Waits For Him – Inside He Meets A Navigator That Is The Mind Of The Space-Ship Itself In Form Of Oneness That Is A Rotating Structure With An Eye-Lens And Voice Moderator That Speaks To Him Of How He Can Help The World Heal By Flying Around In The Flight-Ship To Save Humankind…  Keep In Mind That The Jokes In The Film Are Comedy At Its Best And The Comical Genius Of The Film Is Such That It Is Brilliant To Watch Many Times With Full Grace Of Laughter And Coolness Of Music Too – We Are One To It To Post The Film Below::

– Ender’s Game – Is Another Film That Is Based On A Book For This One And Is One I’ve Read Ago, Yet I Still Have Yet To See The Film!  Soon I Will Watch It And Enjoy This One A Lot – Soon Hopefully With Friends, So Please See This Below And Know The Story Is Complex And Is Part Of A Series That Is Righteous To See Closely To Know The Truth Of It All For The Time Period Of Knowingness.  We Are One.  Peace!