Oneness of Truth

Films Of Gandaharian Collectives…!

(Letter To Friends Of Mind Online Sent On 11-9-2019 Date Time…)::
Awesome To Get Into Films Of Oneness Soon More With Gandaharian Films We Do Soon Too As One Way Of Timing Things A Lot In All Ways Of Classic Films That Will Be On The News Even, And In Media Arts We Will Soar Too – The Film Games Online Soon Will Be Uppercased As Films Of Oneness We Do In Time Of Helping The Earth Heal A Lot To Show Forth Our Styles In Oneness As Warriors Of The Universe Ascended All The Way With Multi-Body Modes And It Will Be Done In The Internet As A Way Of Alivening It All – So We Can Record With Gear That Is Universal And Has A Way Of Showing Things In Mind And On Televisions, Computers, Cell Phones, Etc. But Also On The Radios We Will Have Music Too And Online… The Music We Do Can Be Called::
Tinego – For It To Be A Good Band Name For All 64 Of Us (For My Tribe Here And Around The World… Yours Soon Too Will Have Good Styles On The Internet…) In One Tribe Soon… The Arts We Do Too By That Name Too, But Gandahar Films Will Be A Good Name For Our Showcases Of The Arts In Films Of Oneness. To Be Cont.
Peace, We Are One. Peace. (For My Tribe Mates Of Oneness… You Can Be A Part Of It Too… Gandahar Films Are For Everyone To Be In…)       – Three Hearts Of Goodness… In Life We Can All Be There For The Three Rescues And For The Three Hearts – The Three Rescues Are::
Saving The Earth, Saving All Life, And Saving Our Souls… Healing All Things To Ascend It All In Oneness. Peace, Hope You Can See The Site::
Soon And Read The Book::
– Conscripts Of Heaven –
The Three Hearts Are The Heart Of Oneness, The Heart Of Truth, And The Heart Of Great Love. Thank You – We Are One. Peace!

Here Below Is The Film::

Gandahar – Light Years…  To See That The World Is In Multi-Time A Lot And That Stories Like This Mythic One Are Good To Understand For Channeling A Lot Of Info On How To Heal Things Here With Time Magic – We Are One.  Peace!

Here Is Another Trilogy Of The Universe In Channelings Done By Isaac Asimov – The Foundation Trilogy – Here::

Here Too Is The Short Story Called::

– The Last Question –

Peace All – We Are One.  Peace – Gandahar Films Are For Us All To Belong To In Multi-Time Collabs Of Oneness – Filmed With Our Own Eyes And Tonu Systems Of Universal Filming And Then The Earth Will Heal A Lot…

Peace, We Are One.  Peace.