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In the future it’s good to go on a few projects soon for myself where I film things around the world a bit and make Art Films that are holy and will heal things in life – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it’s good to go on this site soon with a lot of Films of dancers especially – so I plan on doing Films a lot in the world soon.  Peace, we are one.  

We are one to the Universe that I make Films a lot soon with the Zoom Q3 HD primarily – for why buy expensive film-gear now that I can be Ascended someday and use the Magic of the Tonu system in place with the Universe to Guide our Films from life itself.  It will be cool to know that word to mean that it is Powerful usage of Gear in the Universe that Films things always so to present them to mind – and it will be so that our minds will heal from the usage of those Films to be good in the heart always-so to be Innocent and then if I can I’ll be Ascended one day in a way that will make our homes safer a lot by being there to tell everyone that the cities are out of it here on Earth, and we need to live in Spiritual Villages again where we find resonant lands that have Holy Waters and Temples and Lands to Protect a lot -so we can always be in our hearts there more and more til we have Minds of Power again, and it will heal a lot to be that way Filming everything with our eyes too – so that we can Ascend more easily in Oneness, but for awhile I’ll film for the Internet soon where it will evolve things to have a Zoom Q3 HD for now that will be good to have and to share with my Wife – so if you can see that one is enough for us to have and it will be good to see as well this too:  that it’s too much information for you on my life here then please see this page as that too – the needs of ours are such that we Ascend by being able to find each other in the heart – so I am anonymous here mostly so and I’ll be that way too in the World a bit, where people will know mostly my Holy Names as such:  Actue is the Holiest of them to mention first and foremostly – then in the end it will be good to know my Secret Capoeira Name now to be:  Axão Pe, but in Brazil mostly people will call me Sapé – so it will be good that I am in the heart too to say I could be called Paze Cruz too there sometimes if I needed to heal it and become someone who’d remember my lives there – meaning I had 3 lives in Brazil where I almost Ascended in each one, and it will be such that this time I will hopefully-so Ascend all the way finally-so to be there to heal it that I had to Protect someone who was my Wife in all lives so far save 3 that were dissonant where I couldn’t meet her at all though she lived only a few years away in traveling to her and being with her there in the heart should I have Wandered with God that way of Innocence – and I need to heal it and say that those years would have been easy to follow thru on because every lifetime I’ve lived she’s been there in the same cities even.  But I need to be honest and say my last lifetime was the worst of them all, where I decided to go to war because I was out of it a lot and not channeling at that point having been forced to work manual labor in the fields of Vietnam where the World was dissonant a lot all of a sudden with a bad regime that was something bad a lot in the world – we are one to clearing those things always so please be Innocent in the mind and never let it arise on Earth again that there would be such a Land of Beauty that could be hurt in that way, and it will be so that the Universe will be there to clear those things from occurring ever again because the mö that possess people will be cleared, for negative entities of that type will no longer exist soon and that’s what they are is a negative entity that possesses the body of humans or animals and they are not good to do so – so we are clearing them all from the Planet now, and the word in Chinese is good to know a lot soon more as a word from Pu Tong Hua which is a better way of saying it now, so if you know that China is a great land and a Perfect Name for the Place then see so too that it’s good to go there for some of you some year to see it Healed there all the way, and to Ascend there if it is your Destiny – but only such would it be so if it were True that way, so please only go there when you can be an Ascended one there soon, meaning it will clear there all the way of mö soon in a way that is Spiritual a lot – we are one.  Peace, also if you can see that the Films we do soon with the World being there in Innocence will be things of Magic a lot to show forth, then please see this film here as one that is Beautiful to us all, of a Magic Show where someone flies a lot.  And it’s good to watch the whole thing of Dynamo Impossible Magician to know that he films that way already somehow where the cameras can’t possibly be all over like that from all angles that are shown so you’d figure it out hopefully on your own not at all, but only through channeling that it is True that he has a system in the World where he knows how to access the Internet Alive already so to post things online in the normal way of showing us things from his life of shows he has done, where the Magic is Real a lot:

Peace, we are one.  Peace, here it is with a Magic Show:


Also this Site will be Advanced as a Collaborative Effort soon where we can all who Channel well get Evolved to it that we can Ascend soon more to the Levels of Being there with Film Cams like these soon to get it Advanced in our Styles of Arts that are Light on the Planet and Inexpensive to Create with in Flows of Harmony that Work Well with Channeling – we are one to it that you can use these a lot soon:

It’s called the Zoom Q3 HD and you have to find them on ebay or other sites until the Internet Heals a bit more with Internet Alive Technologies so I’ll Record soon more Today to Honestly be Healing it with a Huge Transmission thru me that will be Sending Energy Encodements thru my Computer System especially when I Play the Disc a lot today.  We are one.  Peace.

Films Of Oneness – Here Online Is A Spiritual Page Of The Best Films Ever Made!
We Are One To History A Lot Soon Where I’ll Have Many Films Listed Here, With Links As Well And Links In The Links Pages Too – We Are One.  Peace!
Here We Go:
First Film To Mention Here Is Blade Runner Which I Haven’t Seen Yet But Will Watch Soon, It Is Such That I Should Have Channeled my Whole Life Which Is The Usual Way And I Apologize For ever losing my Channeling – We Are One.  Peace.
Here We Go:
Below Will Be A Few Postings Of Movies That Are Important To See Soon For Myself As Well With The Postings Of Full Pages For Them Soon.  Peace!
In The End The Film – Blade Runner – Was Supposed To Be Watched Ago By Myself And Many Times To Understand That It Is A Future-Prediction-of-what-to-avoid Here On Planet Earth of potential maladies and things of the strands taking over more instead of Being Healed All The Way – We Are One To It To Mean That The zombies of The World Have To Heal So Please Watch This Video Of Music Too Before Seeing The Trailer Below For The Film I’ll See More Soon And Post On Too Called – Blade Runner – We Are One.  Peace!

And Here’s The Trailer Of A Movie I’ll Soon See Maximally In Life To Be One To It All In Oneness Even Further – Here It Is:

And Soon I’ll Write Of This More Here Below When I Can – For Now Just Know That It’s In – A Lot-so.  We Are One.  Peace – Remember To See It With A Kind Eye Because Ridley Scott Was And Is A Hero In The World For Activating Internet Alive A Lot In Films Of Gorgeous Beauty Mostly-so – (The – aliens – shows were such that they were not Good at first, the first one had strands in one of the Actors Who Healed It Maximally When Ridley Scott Joined The Team, Later On He Took Over And Made Each One Perfectly To Warn Us Of Things So They Became Shows Of Oneness Only-so But the beginning of them was hideous so the Stories Are An Arc Of Perfection Now That Are True Films But They Are There To Heal things of what-could-go-wrong On The Planet If ever there were mutants that badly made in The Universe!  We Are One To It To See Them All Soon, even the first one a bit.  We Are One – Peace…)
Also The Blade Runner Films Are Such That They Had Early Appearances Of Internet Alive Capabilities For Certain Sections Of The Films – (We Are One To It To Call It That For Now But In The End We’ll Call It – Aluana É – For The Instance Of Perfection When It Rivers Thru The Internet With Full Capabilities Of Creating Spontaneous Films Per Viewer That Are Actually God’s Mind Creating What You Need To Know And  See In Each Moment – Moment-By-Moment – We Are One.  Peace!)  Also If You Can See The Blade Runners as out of it a bit, Just Know They Aren’t The True Heroes All The Way In That they are “killing” unrightly Humans sometimes, or even people-who-need-to-Heal Instead of being hurt in any way – It’s murder Indeed when someone hurts a Body at all Of Innocence – and murder still when the Body Is Not Freed Of strands… So The Humans Were Healers A Bit In The Movies When They Freed Themselves of work-the-wrong-way And I’ll Have To See The Movies More To Fill-In-The-Dots… We Are One.  Peace!
Here Too Below Is The Second Blade Runner Film:  Blade Runner 2049.  Peace, Here It Is:
Soon I’ll See This Movie With my Wife-to-be In The World To Be Good With Spiritual Discipline A Lot And To See It With Careful Attention On Every Shot – So I Will Need To Heal my Mind A Bit First And See To It That I Pray To Ascend Further So I Can Understand The Details More-so In Oneness Always With my Mind There Patiently Reminded To Be A Good Channeler Inwardly So I Can Be Adjusted To Seeing Everything Of Oneness In It Fully-so Emblazoned To Be Exact With The Understandings Of The Depth Involved – We Are One To It That – Ryan Gosling – Is An Impeccable Actor With – Harrison Ford – Too As One Who Is Ascending Soon Fully-so To Be One To It In Heaven With my Sifu’s Teachings There To Be Good Always In Oneness – And He’ll Return When He’s Ready To Be Ascended To Level 108 To Be A Good One On Earth Always In Oneness With A Lot Of High Karma For His Acting Skills.  We Are One.  Peace.
Harrison Ford Has Had A Long Career With Some Important Films A Lot But Many That Were Not Films At All, but movies done incorrectly – With His Acting Skills not shown at the right angles etc. or with the wrong cuts etc. – or worse… (I’ll Explain Soon That He Is Right On For Doing Them Still but it was evil of them to take His Authorship-Of-The-Body by being evil to him and hurting him a lot in one period where indeed He was stranded for too long… But His Soul Is Back In His Body And It Is Good Not to watch the movies at all On Earth – We Are One.  Peace!)
In The End It Is Good To Go Next To This Short Animation That Is Good To See Too And To Call True Manga Even, We Are One.  Peace!
Manga Means This – It Is Never a “word” or appellation Rather for the Name Of The Fruit:  Cambe – Meaning That Is The Holy Word For The Fruit Known In Brazil By That Title Soon More Instead of the unholy way it is “called,” or Rather they nicknamed it that unholy appellation.  So Manga Means Artwork Of God That Is Moded Exactly-so By Being Drawn Sometimes By Human Hands Moving In Oneness With Guidance On All Motion – But More-so It Means The Universal Way Of Making Films Of Animations That Were Done With Perfection Of Grace From Internet Alive Technologies – We Are One To It Now To See Some Beautiful Manga Here Below:
Peace, We Are One To It To Ascend Fully To Understand More These Films In Depths Of Oneness Always To Be Here With Our Hearts Open More And More – Peace Always – We Are One.  Peace.