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Blade Runner

I Recently Joined The – Blade Runner – facebook Group Here:


In The End I Have To Apologize A Lot For Not Seeing These Films Ago Already because i stopped Channeling and it was not Good at all to do so… We Are One To It That I Have Vowed A Lot Now To Always Channel And Be One To It And Nothing Can take me away From That – We Are One.  Peace!

In The End, It Is Good To Show The Questions They Asked, Especially The Second One That Says What Is Shown Below:

(Moderator:) – Why Do You Want To Belong To This Group?

(me:) To Join A Spiritual Community Where I Can Be A Part Of The Blade Runner Watchers Group – We Are One To It That You See my Webpages Soon Here:

(On This Page!)

(Moderator:) – Do you think you can keep to the rules of the group?
– – –
Interlinked * 

(me:)  – Yes – I Will Be Interlinked Always In Life To The Onesphere Ways Of Being A Channeler Always – We Are One To It To Always Be That Way – Thank You – And Deep Apologies To You for not Being That Way In Life sometimes ago… Peace!
Collab Pages Too… –

(Soon I’ll Explain That The Message was short because it was not enough Length To Say This As Well:  That It’s Important They Come Here A Lot From That Page Because You Must Be Interlinked There To Remain On The Site At All So It’s All Channelers There Completely-so – So Learn To Channel Well And Join The Site A Lot To Remain Always In Oneness And Have Friends That Will Have Your Back On Things A Lot – We Are One.  Peace!)

And So Too Do I Have To Say This:

In The End It Will Be Good To Post The Full Movies Here – But Only The Links To Where You Can Watch Them With A Paid Account Somewhere Online That I’ll Find Soon.  Peace – We Are One.  Peace!

Here’s The Site Below: