Oneness of Truth

Dark City – Must See Film!

– Dark City – Is A Classic Film Of Oneness That Makes You Wonder About Time A Lot And How It Can Remix A City’s Landscape Over Night Even – Like In Stories By H.P. Lovecraft, The World In Dark City Changes At Night While Everyone Sleeps Or Some Even Witness The Changes As The World Shifts – The Onenesses Of The Film Are Such That All Who Are That Way Are Even In Guises That Are Protective – See If You Can Channel Who Is Who And Who Is Good And Why The Film Shows The World Shifting As Such – Peace To You, Know What Is Up In Real Life Too And How Many Timelines Of Earth Can Coalesce Into Oneness, Dissolving the impurities of past events Even – Making It Possible To Shift The Architectures Of The Cities We Live In As We Go Forth Thru Our Days And Nights – We Are One To It To See And Remember What We Are Supposed To Know And Keep Stored – Sometimes You Can Evolve To Remember In Multi-Time, Making It Possible To Ascend Further And To Have Knowledge Of Future Time Possibilities And Also Of Multiple Lifetimes More Easily – The Fifth Eye Of The Buddha Is Such That You Can Remember In This Way, Opening Further Eyes Can Help You See What Is To Come In Futures Possible That Have Happened Ago Or Are About To Occur For You – There Are Many Ways Of Opening The Third, Fourth, Fifth, And Sixth Eyes Of Awakening And The Path To Do So Is An Undertaking That Is Necessary To Ascend To Higher Dimensional Shifts Of Oneness – We Are One To It To Make It A Good Lesson Here Soon On Shifting Further – We Are One.  Peace!