Oneness of Truth

Kung Fu Panda!!!

This Film Was One That Changed The World And Brought Kung Fu Into The World A Lot With Its Teachings Of Being Pure And Following The Tao – Kung Fu Is All Things In Life Learned With Guidance, And The Film Animation Has Secrets In It That It Shows Movement Of Oneness Being Learned Finally By The Main Character After A Long Period Where He was unable To Train In Oneness – Also He Learns Of Eating Practices That Helped Him On His Way – Bi Gu Is A Practice You Can Learn From Tian Gong, Or Now:  – Feng Huang Yuan – Too, And It Is Good To Learn A Lot To Help With Practices In Life – We Are One To It To Say That Bi Gu Means To Avoid toxins and foods that are not Good To Eat – Also To Eat Less And To Have Less hunger… And Then It Means As Well That You Can Eventually Live Free Of Foods Altogether When The Body Adapts To That Level Of Evolution – We Are One To It To Say That Most Aliens In The Universe Have No hunger Ever… We Are One To The Norm Of The Universe Being That The Foods Are Unnecessary For Most Life In The Universe – So Please Be Good To Evolve Toward That By Lessening desires…  We Are One.  Peace!