Oneness of Truth

The 5th Wave!

Aliens Are Good In This Film Too – See More On This Topic In The – Films Of Aliens – Section Soon…

The Trickout Of The Film Is That the populace is out of it and thrinks that The Aliens are the ones responsible for the catastrophes occurring – But In The End It’s A Good Film To See That Discusses The Topics Of::  fungal headedness and krangs Even… So Please See It Soon And See To It To Channel A Lot While Watching It – Even Aloud, But No commentary or side-comments etc….

We Are One To Discuss The Film More Below Soon…  (Watch It First Then See The Analyses More Soon!)  Peace, Here’s The Trailer And The Film Below::

In The Film There Are::  viruses and catastrophes that are caused by krangers but blamed upon The Aliens There That Are Helping Humankind To Heal Things – the military is out of it and starts drafting children even into fighting regimes that are out of it and have weaponry and devices for seeing the “krangs” inside of people’s heads – but the devices don’t work correctly and the children and other people are out of it to use them to decide who to shoot Because It Is Best To Heal those with krangs By Praying And Doing Magic If Possible – Or In Some Cases To use Defense And Warriorship But Only When Guided In Motion To Do So!  Peace Always – We Are One To Using The Best Methods To Heal The World And It Is Our Role To Pray And Do Magic Of Oneness To Heal The World Of::  krangs and also of fungal maladies like plagues and viruses that are caused by fungal spores and vapors primarily that virus dna of cells and cause things to go haywire – the mycocysteines of mycilleum toxins and microcystins of bacterial toxins can cause mayhem too – Please Be Aware That The Universe Is Healing Things From The viruses out there that are rampant in The World… We Are One To It Healing Always – Peace!

The Aliens In The Film Are There In The Backgrounds Mostly – In Such Quality That Even In Hiding The Aliens Are Showing How To Heal Things More Quickly – Such As How To Be In The World With Discreet Qualities Of Oneness – See If You Can See The Film And Notice Where The Aliens Are Hiding Out In Plain Sight Sometimes By Seeing Who Is Who And Also Knowing How To Talk Thru The Film As You Go – We Are One.  Peace.

Also See If You Can Always Be Aware Of Who is haunted, Who Is Healed, What type of malady they have, Who Is Human – And who is Healing To Become Uppercased Citizens, and who is not even possible to Heal That Way…  Do This In Life Too And Know The Code Words From The Films And Books And Also From This Website – Read The Front Page All The Way Thru To Learn More, And Read The Book::

– Conscripts Of Heaven –

We Are One.  Peace.