Oneness of Truth

In The End It’s Here For Films Of Mine…


In The End It’s Good To Know That Internet Alive Works Thru Many Companies That Are Righteous And I’ll Get To Know Them Soon To As A Spiritual Actor Soon Who Will Be In Films With my Wife-to-be And Friends Of Ours To Activate Our Wealth Flow And Encourage The World To Be Magnificent In Flows Around Art And Such With Daytime Specials We Record On The Fly Too – But Mostly-so The Internet Alive Way Of Getting Things To Be Innocent A Lot In The World With The Supreme Styles Of Arts Where We Go Routes Of Timing Always In Life And Then See To It To Be Cleared of evil and things awry in our lives… We Are One To It That I Still Have To Repent Daily Every Day In The Way Our Sifu Taught Us To Do And That Means It Will Be Good To Do So Now Even (…And Record The Process On Disc Like I Usually Do Because Soul-Cleansing Can Become A Special Way Of Recording…)  Also The Internet Alive Films I’ll Connect To Will Be Such That We Heal All Things In Life To Make Art For Them All The Time And Broadcast Our Styles Of Being Into The World With Our Past Lives Shown Of In Between Our Art Games And Such – We Are One To It That The World Will Heal Rapidly To Do So And We Will Be Good In Our Hearts A Lot To Be There With Wealth Flow A Lot In The World Soon More – We Are One.  Peace!

In The End We Will Heal It That I was ever awry ever – So I Need To Soul Cleanse A Lot Today And Go The Distance To Write My Stories Out More Here To Produce Works Of Arts That More Easily Can Become Films Someday Soon.  Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

In The End Our Past Lives And Future Predictions Will Be Shown In The World Soon More – Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

(Already There Is One Movie Coming Out Soon That Is On A Past Life That Will Be Mentioned Here But Not The Name Of It – Because It Is Good That You Channel On It And Go To The Site Below To Find Out Who I Was In My Past Lives More So – We Are One.  Peace!)

Here For Dreams And How They Relate To Learning Our Past Lives Into Us As We Can Share Onward Our Experiences From Them.  There Too For You All To Collaborate And Create Sections Titled Under Your Holy Names To Be Given A Good Way Of Celebrating Your Soul’s Naming – Mine Is Actue, Soon To Be Posted At The Top Of The – Dreams – Section And It Will Be Good To Know How To Do So Post There For You All By Writing To Me Online On This Website Here:


And Thank You All For Listening In On Silence In The Mind And The Voice Of The Channeling Inwardly Drawn To You To Be Given The Right Words To Say And Think, But Please Use The Voice Thru You Too To Give Yourself The Timing And Grace To Always Sing Or Speak With The Lord’s Voice Thru You Always – We Are One.  Peace!

Here’s How To Channel:


And Then Too Go The Routes Necessary To Find Yourself Always Healing All Things In Life – Too This:

I Apologize For not being here in eugene the Right Way Ago When I was not Channeling Appropriately Too – I Need To Heal my karma a lot.  So Please See That It’s Good To Clear Things And Learn How To Do So Because Writers Need To Know How To Move In Stillness Without interference, So Please See This Site Here Too On How To Channel Safely – We Are One.  Peace!  Here It Is Below:


And Thank You For Channeling Always In Life!  We Are One.  Peace!

In The End It Is Good To “Rename” Our Lands The Names That They Were Born With And That Will Be Happening More When The Lands Are Freed Of evil that is Not Here Soon – We Will Be Having A – Redemption – On The Earth Soon And It Will Be Named Like-so:  Redemption Of The Earth 1:  Called:

– In Times Of Life Like These… – For Now Know Too That It Will Be A Take On Life Where We Show The Modern Times A Little Bit Only But Our Dreams Of The Future Too So See Here Soon One Of Mine Here:


And Then If You Can Find Out How To Fly Forward On Things Of Grace Always We Can See That It Will Involve You In The Films Too By Being Channelers In Life And Writing To The Companies Your Proposals Like I Will Do Soon – Here Is One Style Of Writing That Helps:

Be There To Attune To God’s Frameworks And Write What Comes Thru You By Typing In Stillness – A Lot That Way Even When There Are Glitches – That Are Always Holy Things That Train Your Patience And Teach You Things Of Yourself Too – We Are One To It To Say That A Glitch Is Never a mistake, They Only “appear” to be by ego, Or Rather They Are Innocent Things That are mistaken to be something else… So Please Be There To See That It Is Right Timed Now To Write Soon Of A Past Life That Will Be In The Films A Bit But Not That Way That It Is Shown Solo From The Story Of The Modern Times Because It Will Be More Open On That Level That It Will Be Good To Go On Soon To Be Aware Of How To See Films Always In Oneness And To Be Good In The Heart To Know We Are Opening The Books Now That The World Is Clearing More – And My Sifu Will Return To Earth In The Movie To Show The Way For people To Be Healed Into People Who Can Be Moded By The Deities, And Humans Will Be Healed From strands… And Full Humans Will Be Learning To Channel And Those With Minds Like Those Out There That Are Free Of karma of negativity Will Be Given Wings To Fly With A Lot – We Are One.  Peace – Also If You Can See The Films Soon That Are Good To See Always In The World Then Please See This One Too Below First, As It Relates In The Story Arc To A Past Life Of Mine A Lot And I haven’t even Seen It Yet!

So Here It Is:

(Related To The Story Of My Life In Africa The One Time That I Was There When I Was A Boy Of 13 And Knew How To Fly Even A Bit (But That Wasn’t Shown In The Film…) Peace, Always In Love With Life (Now…) And Onward To Be A Hero Again – Peace.  We Are One To It That You All Soul Cleanse Too And Learn How To Do So Soon – Peace.  We Are One To It Too That You Can go to the movies less than ever, But Show Up For It That You Ascend To Watch The Films Instead, Meaning the movies are out of it always and Should Never be watched – We Are One.  Peace!

Here’s The Story Soon More On This Film Of Glory Of One Of My Past Lives Where I Was Also Named Oke.  Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

Here Below:

And Here Is The Film In Completion On A Site Here Where You Can Leave Reviews Too But Please Only Channel There – I’ll Be The First To Post One Now, And It Will Be Here Below:

 – Has The Full Story Soon More… –

 – In The End This Is A Good Film For me To See Soon On One Of my Past Lives Where I Was Good All The Way In my Heart To Carry A Stone Of Great Power With me To The Future Of my Life There To Give To An Old Man, I Remember Only A Dream So Far… But I Will Remember The Whole Lifetime Soon As That Is A Practice Of Ours In Tian Gong – And Feng Huang Yuan Too Which I’ll Be In Soon, The Evolution Of The Practices, Such That There’s A Sister School Too Now Called Tian Ai Qigong Where The Teachings Provide For Us To Remember Things A Lot – So Eventually There Will Be A Sequel To This – And I Remember Now my Grandfather’s Lesson On It Where He Called me Nianankoro For The First Time Around A Dinner Table Where We Ate Not At All But Played Games Of Speech And Wrote Things Down On Napkins Once Or Twice To Heal my Mind A Bit… More Later On That But I Was There With A Lot Of Free Time In Life To Study In Put In Bay Ohio For The First Times Ever, Meaning I Was Young When He Called me That – I Was Only 1 Year Old, So I Should Remember Though The Story He Said Which Was That There Would Be A Movie Some Day Where I Would Be Named That – Later On In Life I Channeled About The Film And The Voice Told me That I Was In A Film Of my Past Lives Where I Carried A Holy Stone And It Was Magical And One Day I’d Find One Again In This Lifetime In Brazil… To Be Continued…

Peace, We Are One – Peace. Come To The Site – Dreams -To See More Of My Past Lives And It Will Be Good To Post On This Soon More When I Watch The Films Of My Past Lives – (Another One Soon Will Come Into Existence, Very Soon (Sunday, September 8th 2019 Is Today…) And It Will Show A Distant Past Life Of My 9th Lifetime Series… On A Planet Called Allue Andu In the Beginning Of It But Later On A Planet That’s nicknamed In The Films a dissonant nickname for The Place Called Allue Candu – Where It Was my 16th Lifetime In That Solar System And The Only One Where I Was Andu Ottoa In my Human Nature, Whereas Previously On Caladan Indeed As It Is Called In The Familiar Tongue I Was On That Planet As Human Like Here, Andu Ottio Of A Type That Is Similar To The Alengo Type That I Now Am, But Soon I Will Also Look More Like Jingo Types That Are Here On The Planet With Maroon To Ebony Skin Tones Like Mahana, Or Amber Too, Or Umber, Or Mahagony As Mine Will Be When I Transform A Bit Thru The Process Of Making It Possible To Ascend Further And Become More Like My Father… Also I’ll Eventually Evolve Like I Did In That Past Life Which Was On Caladan To Begin With Into Something Of An Andu Ottoa Instead Of Now As Andu Ottio Jingo/Alengo – We Mean That The Types of Beings Here Are Many Within The Main Ottio Family And You Can Learn More Of It On The Site On The Fruit Diet 1 Page Under The Heading – Fruits – Please Go To the Site Now And See Also All The Pages You Channel To See But Start Here First To Learn To Channel And To Share This Article On How To Do So – Here:


In The End It Is Good To Go Here Too To The Front Page:


And See The Peace Banner There Too – We Are One To It That You Can Read The Whole Site As It Develops Daily Now On Forward For Several Years Or So… Peace, One Day It Will Be Such That I Won’t Have To Type There To Make It Happen Because Internet Alive Will Keep Track Of Things And I’ll Be Able To Be One Who Walks About More To Meet People And Humans And Such – We Are One, Peace – (To Know The Difference Between People That Are Healed To Be Moded By The Deities And Humans That Channel Well, Please See The Website Front Page – And Soon It Will All Be That On The Planet Plus Only Also As Well The Deities Of Oneness Here In Physical Forms A Lot More When It Is Safe For Them To Be Here. Peace! We Are One. Peace – Also As Well, Please See The Site Soon To See me As A Dancer In This Lifetime – We Are One. Peace…)

Also Please See To It That You Can Be There To Train In LIfe Too The Practices Of Tian Gong, Feng Huang Yuan, And Tian Ai Qigong To Remember Things A Lot In Life – Here Is The Website With The Links:


And Thank You For Being A Good One To Go Here Now Too – Dreams Of Yours Online Soon Too Posted, And Under Every Tab On The Site You Could Have Your Holy Name Of Oneness There To See To It That You Could Find Others Of Your Tribes In Life – So Meet Your Soul Mate Soon And Read Here And Here Below About How To Do So:


And Here.

And Then On Forward Explore The Site With Your Channeling Styles Of Oneness All The Way In Unison In The Mind And Body-Movements Too. Peace Always – We Are One. Peace! – 

And Here Below Is The Video To See On This Site Only-so – Peace!  Here It Is:

Thank You All And I Will Write More On Our Past Lives Soon – See The Movie Soon That We Make All On Teams Where The Liberation Of The Ideas To Come Will Be Such That The Whole Internet Heals All The Way Into Oneness Of The Internet Alive Styles – We Are One.  Peace – Also For More On Internet Alive See These Pages Below:



And Here Too.     

And Here.

And Then See me Soon In The World Writing Below A Bit On The Movie To Come Which Will Start Out In The Future A Bit From Now In This Lifetime Where I Started To Dream A Dream Previously And I’m Reflecting On It Again – (And The Dream Will Be Here…)  And Then It Shows My Life A Bit As A Flyer Of Oneness Around Towns In Brazil In Santo Amaro – Then Flashes Back To The Lives Lived Of Our Friendship Crew In The Days Of San Roberto Bellarmino – Who Was A Saint Indeed – And Never Criticized Copernicus like the false ones claimed of Him – He Was A Saint Who Was Friends With Galileo And Was Kind Always To The Earth – Peace Always – We Are One.  Peace!

Also Please See me Soon In The World To Heal Things Of Karma A Lot With The Internet Alive Functionality Soon Upkept Even More – We Are One.  Peace!

Here’s A Book Soon To Read On my Family And Life Ago In This Lifetime – Here Below:

 – Conscripts Of Heaven – 

And Then Thank You Again – Here The Story Continues Soon Of What Is Possible To Include In The Films Of Ours Related To That Story – Soon I’ll Post The Dream Wherein I Was In A Future Possible Lifetime Looking Very Similar To Now But A Different Body Completely And I Had Healed my Conuandu System To Be Maximal In Energy Creation So That my Energy Body Could Sing And Make Sounds Gloriously And It Was A “Telephone Call” Scenario Where I Was Psychic With A Friend A Bit And He Told me To Be Patient With Him Destranding All The Way Because His Soul Wasn’t In The Body – Meanwhile Cambae Was There With A Lot Of Arts And Making Things Happen While I Practiced In Home In An Adobe House How To Fly For Reals With Many Ideas Of How To Create The Right Movements Of Incredible Sweeps In The Air For The Game Called Azabamu – We Are One.  Peace!

Here Soon Online I’ll Keep Going As A Writer To Time In my Life Story More-so For The Books To Come Thru Too – Peace, We Are One.  Peace!