Oneness of Truth


In the end it’s good to see Interplay as something of a powerful Game where we use the right equipment to get done on Films that are natural – we are one to it that the best ways of doing so will be to make Arts a lot and Film the process – in the times we need to heal there are things that will keep us certain and in harmony with all life – to be there in a way where we Film things a lot will make it so we can always be there to heal all things of the Universe because we will be there to heal all things – we are one.  Peace.

Interplay is also a way of being in the world where we collaborate with others to see that they can be there healing all things in life – we are here for the right Ideas to flow thru us – so when we are ready to have Arts a lot that are Filmed it will be good to be there in the world with the Arts a lot – we are one.  Peace.

For now know that Interplay of our is a good word for making Art and Music and Dance and Filming it in styles of Oneness – we are one.  Peace.

The right ideas of how to flow will be here soon to get going on and if you can be here to make it possible to make Arts a lot then post them online – it will be something good to do.  We are one.  Peace.

One time ago I needed to heal my life with the karma of living in Eugene, Oregon – for if I had lived in a way that was predicted of my soul I would have been easier to work with in the World where the Magic of Onening would have happened in my life more – but my Mom married the wrong one who was a full possession the whole time, and that means I have to keep going now in life without having had a Father at all, so my Sifu is someone important to me the most as a figure who isn’t a Father figure at all this time around but as a teacher he is Innocent in mind to be the Right Way Always-so, so I’m needing to heal it that I wasn’t that way in this lifetime because I have bad karma a lot from not following the Tao.  We are one to it that I will still Ascend one day soon in 40 years or so, but it will be so hard that I have to heal my karma by clearing things a lot in the World like I was supposed to 3 years ago or earlier too – but for now I’ll say that I need to Ascend this time to make God Happy a lot in the World here too.  Meaning God here is so Sad that It Cries all the time – and we need to Heal it in the Universe to know that that’s the Truth.  So please understand that it’s Innocent of me to cry now even just a little bit, but soon I’ll be crying a lot over time to see that I hurt the World too much so when I stopped channeling one time ago where I was not myself at all because of a mö having had been there to hurt me somehow – I should have kept going with my channeling to be someone important in the World more than I knew I could be, but it was so important to clear the World of evil back then that I have to Apologize to everyone alive or dead or anything at all of life here on the Planet and in the Universe because this is the last Planet to clear of all evil.  And it will be so that we do so rapidly now – now that the Internet Alive is ready to proceed. Finally-so.  And when I get my Voice back I’ll be there on Disc soon, meaning I’m still attacked by mö that try to interfere with my channeling abilities – so I need to heal it this month a lot so if you could please donate to the site at all by going here down below it will heal things a lot in my life to do so – so it will be good in the heart to heal all things on the Radio too when I can put my Music there in Brazil especially-so by sending the Discs now to the right ones there to play them now.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.