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Vincent Moon Is In With The Tao Of Music And Film Grace!

Vincent Moon Is One Dude Ready To Make Films A Lot Around The World – Contact Him Soon On His Website Here Below To Make Things Happen With Grace Of Filming – Or Music Too, He Is Amazing With The Tao Of Making Things In Life – Here He Is::


Also Here Is Our Correspondences Below::


Here it is::: New tones, new hyperglyphs of wisdom-codings included in the text, writings online, etc. Also – the music here is inspiring to hear as classic audio suite information from the future of jazz, highlighted in mind will be hyperglyphs that attenuate you to seeing things clearly always, or from the future of self you can download more consciously – evolve it up… We are one to it being explained that the inner-ear audio of most people will switch into onening when they listen to this, it will get evolved for them rapidly – new tones, new highlighted sounds, new onening types of chord-changes, everything microtonal, yes – but beyond it to new codings of sounds, instrumental ideas are here for you to combine to – with me, etc. I’d love to play soon! Film you up too, I guess it would be fun to switch forth on some beat-making and enterprise adjusting – see it for reals that we are the future of films, together combined, and future-walking forward alone too, but then – call me on team for some projects, see what’s done soon in Brazil with us both on team, we’ll love it there, also in the states in Memphis with the Jook scene, the Atlanta scene of Dragonhouse etc. or the Dance scene everywhere popping forward its grace of Cinema – we are the future of it – move with the wind and flow it exclusively in mode. Styles magnificent of yourself – I’ve seen a little, but need more time with friends here demonstrating your ideas and filmmakings, love to support you up, so I will pass on footage of yours, especially new ones that go for it in mode exclusively – yours truly, I be I. Onestar crew united on this, I have a gameplay that we get involved multi-nationally and stream to others the roles to play for future advice, etc. Here’s mine: To give you a disc soon & to make it happen that you see me as a good dude to connect to online, and in real world for success to burgeon everyone’s career up a bit more – meaning, I pass you on a lot online, but then, it’s easier when we all involve to the scene centrally – there’s new peeps doing it too, in mode styles are taking flight on the cams, I represent you as one of the godfathers of the tradition – you do too to me and it’s a teamwork styled thing that will unite us further in fun play of Cinema styles of the future – we will see where it goes off to next, I’m caught up here for the moment, but need to travel soon. We will see what happens when we unite together, it may be fun with the cams in ways unexpected by us both – we will see the hyperfuture evolve from us, two new ones as well will come along to team with us – catch it by the wind and allow us to see what’s possible, then we’ll see where to go next – light it up soon with me on the radio too, your voice is excellent. Peace – jazz is never dead…

(August 31st 2019)

Soon I’ll have a Friendship crew that will be here to Activate online the Website and it will be Amazing to have your Films there a lot Posted where you Film Channelers like us in a way that is Holy to make Art that is Perfect soon. Peace always, please see the site soon and know I will have Wealth soon to Heal it that you could come to Eugene and be here to make Art with us a lot so Please be there to see the Site as a Collaboration Page where you could send me Writings and Art and Music that I could post in Sections with your Holy Name there to show forth that you’d be a Good One to Support there online more, and so too is it Good to go here to Download a System for making Graphics that are Channeled in Oneness for Websites to have Integrity a lot like yours do, here:

Also if you come to Eugene we’ll be Training to one day move to Brazil as a Team of 8 of us who have been Friends in multiple lifetimes ago in various Planets that were always Gifted with the Light of Knowing how to Ascend fully to never die at all so the Site is about Ascension a lot where you can Learn to do so Ascend more & more by going there and Seeing the Site a lot. Peace, Oneness, and Axé.

We are one. Peace!

Also now online is a Page to develop further soon on You in the Heroes Section Here:

And then it’s Good to go there a lot to Write even by Sending Correspondence Here to me and i’ll Post onward to the Site. Peace, we are one. Peace.

(Today – October 25th, 2019)

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