Oneness of Truth


Fruits are needed by us to be holy – if you can eat them only it is really good to do so and it will heal the world in ways of keeping the world safe and also in with the Oneness – meaning God wants us to only eat Fruits – if you can be there to heal it and become fruitarian then please be there to heal all things in life – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it is good to be here as a fruitarian and it will make things shift in the world.  We need everyone to follow the natural way of being holy and then if you can be there to be a good one that flows with Guidance then be certain to be there in the heart and it will heal all things in the world – we are one.  Peace.

Good to go soon on a new level of keeping the world safe.  If you eat animals and plants it hurts the world immensely so please stop making it hard to be here for the other animals and plants – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it will heal a lot to be here in the World with the Arts and I’ll be Holy and say that the Arts I do are for sale right now as a thing where we can all Ascend so for doing it rightly timed in life – we are one to this site being good to go to to do a Donation and if it’s Good and Holy to do so then I’ll be good at giving Art to you throughout the whole lifetime here before I Ascend fully again into a new Form of Magnificence – we are one.  Peace.

In the end this site is good to go to to Donate by paying for an Album at the channeled price – we are one.  Peace.  Here it is:


In the end I’m sorry a lot for my ego on this Planet and will develop soon into something Holy that can Ascend again soon into new forms of myself.  We are one to the Universe to be good at being a good being too in the World Government by getting a registration card with them here:


In the end I’m sorry as well that I still have ego so the Lord will permit me to Ascend soon to cure it now that my Sifu has Completed his Energy Body and Ascended maximally to be a good one to know of as my Father in my first life here so please be there to see that we can be good friends a lot so we can all Ascend in the end by being there to go routes in life – we are one.  Peace.

And here is a site to be on for learning to Ascend more:


And then I’ll say too that I was supposed to Ascend further that night ago but I’m still working on being there with a new way of understanding how to Ascend thru the Practice of being there to clear away a negative entity that is harming my Plans so please Pray for me and it will heal faster – thank you.  Peace.  We are one.  Peace.

Also the main page for Fruits to be learned of it is this one here for you to read while the page you are on is just the preliminary channelings to set you on your way to becoming a channeler yourself, so please read now this Article on how to channel and it will be good to do so a lot become one to it indeed that way – we are one.  Peace.

In the end this is a good Article to read a lot even if you’ve read it before it may have been updated since the last read, so here it is now:


And then here is the main Fruit Page on things of Ascension and how to Heal the body with the Light Beings Guiding you in what to eat so you may have good Karma to Ascend – and if you can be there to be a good person all the way then please be there to be Kind on Earth a lot these days to Ascend to the Light of Knowing what it means to do so and it will be given to you in the text on the next Page to do so learn more of it and that will be good for you to read now: