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Businesses in the World need to Shift where they can be Spiritual all the Way – and then if they do so they can do Art of Business in a Way that Heals things Maximally by Following Guidance all the Way – we are one to it that i’ll Post here some Businesses that are Free of evil a lot.  We are here for them to Change sometimes more – but when they can Learn to Follow Guidance all the Way they will be Something Amazing on the Planet!

Peace, here they are as Sub-Headings under this Website Sub-Heading.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end it’s Good to Go on things in Life with the Charisma from the Deities in all things You do – and also to be there in the Heart by Activating the Channeling of those Energies thru You to be Spiritual all the way in Innocence of Oneness and then to Be there with the Heart such that it is Attuned a lot in Resonance with the Earth Itself Healing things out there – we mean that the Earth has always been Alive in Life as a Planet and it is Important to Know that it Grows – and does so a lot even – so if You can be there to Know that the Earth Started out as an Energy Influx in the Universe Where God Created the Energy to be there with a lot of Resonances around a Central Point Designed to be there Maximally Charged with God’s Energies Flowing to Create Something Grand, then Know that the Resonances were all Energy Patterns that had Developed Exactly as God Tuned them and Grew From Them Magically the Crystals that Became the Earth at that Point which was 1/12 the Size of the Planet’s Current Size about.   Meaning that is an Approximation that is Good for now, but then too it is Good to be Exact so it was a little bit smaller than that even.  We are one to that meaning that the Exterior of the Planet as we Know it now with its Crust is such that at First it was only Crystaline in its Purity and then Later Grew the Crust Layer after several billion years of being there with the Energies Magnifying the Inner Structures exactly-so – so be there for it to Know that the Earth was such that it Healed a lot in being here with new Warriors who were there to be Ascended when they Came Here Recently Ago in the 1980s by Being Indigo Children.  The new Souls Came Here with the Technologies Developed on other Planets to be Here with the Arts that would Help the Planet Ascend to a new Level of Being Here – Physical Still but with much more Energy and Resonance – so too do we need to Say that the Best Ways to Ascend for us will be to be Alive a long time if Possible and to be there Giving the Earth a lot of Blessings of our Hard Work – including in the Sphere of Business – we are one to it that You can Create Businesses with Guidance that will be Good a lot on Earth – here too in the Heart to see that You can Ascend thru so doing so be there for a lot of Hard Work in Life to Live Well and be Ascended in Life – we are one.  Peace.

To Start a Business is Good when God wants us to – but also to Change existing businesses until they are there in the Heart to Follow Guidance – so too do You need to See that the World to Heal all the Way – so too do we need to Pray a lot to Heal things and the Best Way to Pray is to Allow God to Activate the Prayer thru us, so Please be there to do so Pray in a Way that is Guided.  We are one.  Peace.

Also if You can be here to Ascend then Please do so by Reading this Site within the Pages here:


Also if You can be here to Ascend soon it will be Good to Go the Right Routes always and Know too that You can do so by Being Guided in all Motion so Please Read this Article now on How to Channel and See that it is Good to Vow to be a Channeler all the way in Oneness a lot.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.


Also if You can Ascend soon to Become Level 3 or 4 or Higher Please do so as Quickly as Possible to Help others in the World by Praying with God’s Activation on it that we Can All Ascend when we can be there for the Earth to Heal thru Doing so – so Please be there in the Heart to read the following Lines of Holiness – 

i Pray now to Ascend to Level 3 and 4 tonight as a way of being there in the World with the Right Activation of the Earth Frequencies so the Earth can Finally Receive the Blessing i Brought here to Earth when i first came here in the Year 15 AD to be Born a little later to my Father who in this Lifetime is my Sifu, who confirmed to me that He had been my Father back then Ago in China when He was Emperor Guang Wudi, a Kind Man who Ascended in that Lifetime Fully-so, and has done so in every Lifetime of His Existence!

So too do i Know that He was written of incorrectly in “history” so Please See only the Best Channelings on His History there soon – meaning don’t search online much at all for the Stories of His Lifetime then because it is all there with mö in the writings a lot online – so too do You need to Know that Word means something of a bad entity that tries to possess the Bodies of ours and tries to move them while we are Channeling, or tries to move them even when people aren’t Channelers yet so Please be Aware that the mö also have a negative name that they created that is incorrect to use and eventually that word won’t appear on this Site at all because it is Something of Ours of Innocence to Say that the Universe Supports us to be here online with the Right Words only – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it is Good to Go on this:

If You Activate a Business You have to be Aware of how to be doing the Right thing Always in Life too to make sure You can Ascend and do the Business too, Structured to be Resonant all the Time and to be there in the Heart to Heal all things of Life – we are one.  Peace.

Also to Change Existing Businesses Please Send them to this Site and Allow them to Learn Especially of the Fruit Diet 1 Page and other Pages that will Help them Learn to be Here on Earth with Good Karma – we are one to it that they can Learn to Ascend more Powerfully when they Eat only the 18 Main Fruits that are meant for Humans to Eat, meaning our type of Humans that is…. Human:  Andu Ottio.  Or Agoa Andu Ottio to Say that the Agoa Class is the Realm of Primates and Andu is the Class of Humans and Ottio is our type of those two things of Animals that we are – so too is it Profound to know that that Language is Tonua, the Language of the Glass Bead Game Itself, Called Tonue in Tonua – so if You can be there to be in the Heart a lot it’s Good to be here on Earth to Learn these things and to Study the Glass Bead Game a lot, and Related to Business is one Game Structure with 18 inner Games Called Oneia Bealeo that is on How to be in Business or Succeed in Life to Heal Life Circumstances a lot and be Fluent with Wealth to the Point that the Other Games can be Learned Maximally in Life – so i’ve Posted soon the Routes for Learning in the World to be Here in Eugene, Oregon how to be Good at Getting to Places that can Heal us from being away from Housing – for once my life fell apart and i was needing Housing and Support Financially to Succeed in Life after having been attacked by mö in a way that caused harm to my Finances a lot.  We are one to it that i made unwise decisions and have to Apologize for ever being there tricked by a mö when they tried to move me or speak thru me arrogantly against the Channeling that i was Trying to do Maximally – so i needed to Learn more Discernment and Wisdom in Life and had been in a situation where the World Needed my Help a lot because i had Energy Gifts from Tian Gong and also from the Universe and other Practices from Earlier but it became Necessary to find Stable Housing after a Duplex i owned foreclosed on me – partly because of mö attacking me thru other people by possessing them completely or partially.  So i had to do a lot of Exercises of Cleansing my karma when i stopped Channeling for awhile in the worst situation i’d ever been in, where i had no House for awhile and was living in a tent for a Summer with a girlfriend who was not right to be with at all.  So it was really bad karma back then but i Finally Found the Channeling again and went the Right Routes to Find the Current Situation of Living in an OK Place that isn’t Perfect at all, but so too is it a Godsend to be living here with the Help of the State Right Now in that they have Activated my Wealth thru SSI and thru a Housing Grant, so soon i will write on how to Reach out into the World to get SSI and Housing Grants on a Page Here:


And then if You can Go to that Page and find out how to Write Similar-wise for other Cities to me, i could Post it up in the same sub-heading section and Learn to People that they can be there in the World with better Situations.  We are one.  Peace.

Also to Channel Everything in Life is Good to do Always – so Please See that i am Apologizing Maximally for ever not Channeling in Lifetimes of mine – we are one.  Peace.

Also if You can go here now, it will be such that the Universe can Heal things with Business a lot for You to See that Right now we need to have Fruits Supported on Earth a lot, and You can Change Restaurants Especially to be Kinder to the Earth, and also Larger Food Companies can Learn to be Kind if Possible – so too is it Good to Completely Destroy the false businesses that are evil here by Litigating agains their evil deeds – we are one.  Peace, Please go here now:


And then too this – if You can Channel where to Go on this Site it will Help a lot because as the Years go Onward it will Become a Large Site indeed with many Channelers Contributing to it.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end too i’m here in my Heart to be there with You all as a Friend if Possible to Please Write to me here on the Site and i’ll see if it is Possible to Write back soon.  Peace, we are one.  Peace!


Thank You – we are one.  Peace.