Oneness of Truth

Equal Exchange – Bananas & Avocados of Holiness!

This Company Is Holy A Lot!!!

Peace to Them Who Are Deity Guided and Know How to Sell the Best Fruits Ever!

We Are One to Them Coming to the Site Now With a Communique Soon – All In On the Levels of Discipline Needed to Get it Maximized in Profits For All Teams to Be Formed Soon of SuperCompanies that Unite Together in Oneness a Lot to See the Best Results of All Actions on the Internet and in the World – Peace, we are one!

Here is the Site For Them:

And Here is the Activation For Them Below of a Correspondence Soon:

Peace, Here We Are to Heal It – the Deities Need to Know the Best Routes Now So All Please Channel Soon By Going Here:


And Then Here is the Correspondence:

My Name at Birth Was Supposed to Be Oke my Mom Told me When we Smoked Together for the First Time – and Later too a Year later but it was Such that it was Then That She Was Healed of Strands and I have to Say that I’m Sorry to You All For not Being There With the Wealth Flow from my Family – I Need to Soul Cleanse a lot that I wasn’t Here in my Heart to Heal All the Things Necessary so Please Be There to See the Site and See that You Can Activate With the Other Companies There and Become Wealthy a lot in the World.  We Are One.  Peace.

Here’s a Bank that Will Soon Activate With me to Be Honest in the World With Wealth Flow to the Right Organizations and All Will Heal.  We Are One.  Peace.
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank 1818 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20433 Telephone: 202-473-1000 Internet: E-mail:
Thank You – Peace.  We Are One.  Peace!
Also the Site Needs a lot of Work on it So I Will Be Maximalizing it Throughout the Day Today – we are one.  Peace!