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Eugene Businesses 1

Thank You to these Three Places in Eugene that Will Activate Hopefully Around this that They Will Become Totally Fruitarian with The 18 Fruit Diet. It is Such that it is Holy to Do so Eat that way so Please Go Here now to See those Fruits!


And i Will Post All Three of These Soon, Plus Hopefully Another One too Soon Called Yumberry Bowl Eugene that can Activate that way too soon, Hopefully. We are one to these Places Becoming Very Holy too soon, Plus Reactivating the Place Downtown that Used to Sell Açaí in Downtown Eugene where it was Holy a lot at Ken Kesey Square and they Sold Great Açaí from the Right Company, (Here is their Graphic below in the Comments)

– so too do i Need to Update Online the Business Section Soon with all 5 of these Places for Eugene to Become Holy a lot with the Reactivation of these Places – here they are:

LovaKava Kava Bar & Restaurant

Big Kahuna Bowls

And also this one:

Sundial Cafe

Which is also Here: 



And then if You can Read the Sections on the Site it will be Good to See that they are Innocent and Charismatic – we are one – Peace!

Here is the Graphic for the – Slurp – Foodcart in Eugene that was there at Ken Kesey Square that was Holy a lot:


And Here’s a Website that Shows them a bit: