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Lova Kava – Soon to Be Activated w/ the 18 Fruit Diet!

Also Here is a Site for the Place in Eugene that has an alignment to being vegan already in a Holy Way that is Kind – but so too will it be Kinder even Still to Activate the Wealth for them to Transition to the Levels of Being Around the World with only Selling Drinks and Fruit Plates that are there to Be Given to those in Need even with Wealth to Flow so much for Activating this Way that they can Continue to Thrive Here and Around the World!

Peace, we are one to this Correspondence:

This is in. Styles of Oneness for sure – meaning to channel in music is best for all of it to be one to the music and to life and to what we need to do in our hearts – we are one. Peace.

Or on bandcamp is best::



As a Game of helping this guy out do more music (he has work a lot in life right now…) please send this onward by friending him in the heart and helping to get the message out more. You can even just send a message and have it go to a lot of your friends by posting this onward a lot. Peace.


Then i Wrote Him this Innocently to Activate a few things of Ideas Later on:
Missed your last text to me but i will be by sometime with my Mom again soon. Hopefully in a few days, we are one- peace. Also I’m Fruitarian now and would love to just buy watermelon a bit and maybe the Sunset Dream now without the Coco in it because it’s excellent that way – we’ll see. I’m good in the heart a lot to be there soon. Peace.

i’ll be there soon and i’m healing a lot these days and someday would like to talk more about life goals of mine as you are someone cool to talk with. Peace, we are one.


Also i’m a channeler who can help with Business Ideas any Time you Want someone on Team. Peace.


Awesome – one idea i have is to have Fruits a lot there for people to get as individual plates – meaning Fruit purchases that could be made into decorative plates that are cut into pieces that are well made and decorative too. It is something of an Idea for the World to Know more about Eating that way too – Fruitarian Ideas of mine are good for Eating in a Healthy Way that is Natural and indeed Primal in that it is our Original Diet, like all Primates should Eat (i Know that it is said they sometimes eat insects but if they do it is not good…)


Peace, let me know what you think! Hope you are well too. (The Fruits could be less expensive for people too…)

We are one. Peace.

Cool to see the lines further on that I wrote you from the other account, peace, we are one:

Peace to You, Hopefully You got my Message as (The Name of myself You can Find Here on the Site Somewhere if You can Play a Game around it where You Activate Your Channeling a lot…)  online about making Fruit plates, i think it would be Good to Allow customers to Choose their Fruits and then Determine the Price per plate based on Knowing how to Channel, or at least have a System of it all that’s Channeled in the get go, then it could be Simple Fruits that go well together too like Peyala, Came and others or something similar all Presented Well and in the Heart to Decorate the plate nicely.  We are one.  Peace.

Also the plates could be predetermined for the most part with an option to Design the plate differently with customer ideas maybe, but only if you want to go that route.  It may be best to have some plate ideas and then go to them with the Best Ideas of presentation each time.  Moving in Oneness by being Guided in Motion can Create Beautiful Projects so try to see if you can learn to Channel and Move with Guidance to Make Art of Fruits… Peace, I hope you can see that the Art we Make is Holy when we Channel.  See my Music soon as something unique.  Peace.
(And He Replied):
– Lovely thoughts –
Thank You!  We are one.  Peace.

Here’s a Website that Talks about Fruitarian Ideas Here:

And if you go there now it is Good to See the Article on how to Channel that’s at the bottom of each page near the newsletter signup form, Peace, we are one, Peace.
(And He Replied):
– I like the idea of fruit plates –
– What would you pay for a full size fruit plate? Just curious –
Here’s an Idea for Fruit plates and Drinks a bit:  on the Website I List 18 Fruits that are Designed for Humans to Eat, and it is Good to have those as our Diet. We can all be Here to Eat that Way soon as the World will be Transitioning toward a Higher Level of Civilization soon. Peace – if you can Read the Lines there on the Site it will be Good to Go there and Learn to Channel so all the Decisions on what things should cost and how to Prepare them will be Known by being Still and Moving with Oneness to be Guided in Life. Here we go soon to a new Level of Understanding the Right Way to Be on the Planet, it is Good to Know that you are in your Heart with the Idea of Being Good with more Fruits and if you can be there to only have Fruits one day that would Change the World a lot. The Açaí bowls you had were something good but it’s best to have them as a Drink only so people don’t think of getting granola and such, when mixed with Coluata and Cambe it makes a Perfect blend. If You have Ideas on how to Make some Fruit plates too it would be Good to Channel the Thoughts Necessary by Learning how to be a Channeler, we are one, peace.
Also if you can Read the Site a lot it will be Good to be there to see the Art i Post soon and the Music that’s there is Good to Hear as Unique and Classic. Peace always, we are one. Peace.
Here is a Section of my Website you can Read now for Activating a Way of Channeling that is Good to Do a lot for Protection in Your Life – so too is it Good to Read onward on the First Page:
In the end it’s Important to Read the first Page of this Website a lot and see to it that you Stabilize to do so, this will Heal things in the World Immediately because you are so out of it in life that you have to be Stable now to Heal things a lot in the World, someday you may Ascend even but only when you are freed of evil a lot so you most likely will leave the body soon and go somewhere to heal for a long time by being someone in Hell that is kind again soon, you need to realize that God is Adamant that you Change Now Always to be Something Better in the World and it will happen that you will Speak with the Voice now thru you to explain further what will happen for you, meaning instead of talking aloud at all you’ll need to Heal it and say only what comes thru you from the Lord Guiding you now, we are one always to the Light of Knowing how to Heal things for each Soul so you Hopefully will be there a short time by being Prayerful and understanding that it is a Healing Place where you Learn to Train your Soul a lot with Oneness Guiding you always in life to be Good and Holy and you will be those things now soon.
Peace! We are one, Always in Oneness means God needs you to be a Pure Soul of Beauty and you will Ascend one day in another Lifetime. Soon. But for now you have to cure this lifetime of evil and know you were wrong a lot to doubt things so much that you convinced people to stop believing in God before and that was wrong a lot so it will be a long time in Hell for you if you are there to be dissonant toward God at all, meaning you have to heal it that you are wrong so much that it took life away from our Planet when you did things of evil so too do you need to remember that the Planet will be cleared soon for you to Ascend more easily in your next lifetimes. Peace we are one. Peace. Also if i Ascend it will be so Powerful that the Universe will be here in way more many ways of Powers so if you are Reading this now and know you are going to Hell soon to be cleared there of evil, just be certain that the Universe will be Kind to you there and it will Heal a lot in our Souls to be Good there too when you go there – if you Know that it’s good there to Heal it Helps to Understand Ahead of Time that you have to be Patient a lot to Heal from negative karma and always follow God’s Command to Learn new things of Beauty and Oneness so it is not a realm of torture nor of pain, but is something to do with Clearing the World of evil, so it is Powerful to go there now before you do more wrong even, and to Clear there in a way that is Holy and you’ll be Redeemed too soon if Possible so don’t worry about being there too long, it won’t be for eternity ever – nor for thousands of years but it will be long enough to Clear your Soul of evil. If you’d like to Ascend one day in a new Lifetime, that will be Possible to Reclaim Your Soul Integrity a lot and that will make our Lives Here so much more Powerful that you vow to learn well the skills of that while even in Hell so that you can be trained better in each lifetime, we are one. Peace.
Also that Message Above is now Online a lot to Protect the Site and was a Way of Channeling to You that You can Learn to be Channeled thru to See that it is Innocent to Do So to Be there Guided to Release Souls from their lives if they are evil here a lot. And too You can Learn now from the Front Website how to Channel to Dissolve the mö that are rampant in our societies and inhabit Bodies of Friends in a way where they are possessed way too much on this Planet – Here You Go Soon Online to the Website i’m Creating Here:
(On the Site You are on Now!)
Here too is a Good Site to Go to Soon that will Activate You into Oneness a lot!  Here below:
Thank You so much for Being Kind and Holy all the Way in Life – we are one.  Peace.
Also i’ll Write You more Soon on How to Activate the Wealth Flow from me once i get my Inheritance more so Activated from the Wealth of my Family – they are Very Wealthy Individuals Alive on Earth at the Top of my Family in – Pool – and Organization i’ll Write of Soon More online – we are one. Peace, See Soon the Histories of my Family when i Post them Here about the Stories of Ray T. Miller who You can See soon on my Site, He is Very Wealthy as my Great Grandpa and Ascended to Heaven in 1996 but Faked his death in 1966 to be there Away from the public eye so that He Could Ascend Differently because there were already attacks on Him from mö which You can Read of Here:
(From the Front Page of the Site)::
(mö are these things of evil…)
they are possessors such that they can be Called evil things like mö possessing bodies of our Friends – or worse:  mö possessing bodies that were never human but indeed are sometimes called guiwú in Pu Tong Hua the Holy Language of China – so too do you need to Know from the Context here maybe – or better yet from Your Channeling the Meaning of those Words that are Holy to denote the evil out there – so You can now go to it that You need to know how to Channel to Help the World when You encounter such entities that possess bodies that called mö and otherwise the guaiwú are such that they have never been Human but are indeed related to the Anglic Word:  ogre.  Such that it is bad karma to ever “read” unholy “texts” that should be burnt indeed to nothingness that are on false imagery of the ogres like anything by the man named tolkien or his children or anyone who was possessed like that as a “writer” – so too do you need to Know now that the real guiwú were such that they are not good at all on the Planet and “trump” was one indeed but thru Many Prayers his body was Healed a bit and his identity became Different because no longer was there a mö inhabiting the body and so too did the “brain” of his become something that stopped moving things on its own by Many Light Beings Healing that “body” so much that its ugliness and hideous qualities never could impact this Country again – so it’s Times to Write of the Light Being Type that Modes such “bodies” til they are Healed thru Dissolvement which Means soon the “body” of “trump” will be Moded will be such that the entity that was hurting the World can no longer ever be present again on the Planet – so too do You need to Know who is Human and Advanced Here that You can Ascend by Being Good and Holy and Being Able to Recite thru You Holy Phrases such as these:  
…mö – you are done now – you will no longer exist soon.  you are innocentless and have never been Human and know it.  So too do you need to go away now into Nothingness – and that will Happen Now!  Begone into Nothingsness for you will be Dissolved Now!  And it is such that it will Happen Powerfully-so until you are no longer existent anywhere in the Universe – so too do you need to know that you cannot move at all anymore – nor think at all anymore in the body you possess – you will be destroyed now into nothingness and that means indeed you were wrong on the Planet and unholy and incorrect in you configurations of “minds” which were not thinking correctly at all on the Planet so no more of that now… you are Done now and can no longer think at all in the body you possess which is a hideous thing if you are a guiwú or ogre or worse than that and you know not what you are but you are that mostly who will be reading these lines so be there to be destroyed and Dissolved into Nothingness now – such that you cannot flee the body now and nor can you stay in the body at all because you’re Dissolved into Nothingness Now!  And it will be so – so Now is the Time – and it is Done Now!  Begone – you are Nothing Now – Begone, Begone, Begone – and it is Done.  So Goodbye – you are Now going to be dissolved all the way and can no longer move at all so Goodbye forever.  
Peace to the Humans who have Read these Lines of Holiness on how to Channel to “them” that are hideous things indeed but no Human is anything but Beautiful – even if they’ve been hurt on this Planet in their Souls or in the Bodies they have to Heal those things – but if you have a hideous ego then Please destroy that as well by taking these Vows to Channel and destroy all of your ego into Nothingness as well as much as You can and allow that to Happen Now!
Peace, We Are One.  Peace.
Here is a Site that is Good to See Soon too Below that is Holy a lot in Reference to How to Heal the World a lot – Please Channel Lines when Necessary that are Similar to those above when You need to Activate Clearings of the mö – we are one. Peace.
Here is the Site to Go to Next:
In the end it will be Cleared on Earth Maximally to be Free of evil soon. Peace, we are one. Peace.

Here is a Good Universal Image that was taken away from us a little bit in that the Owners of it should be such that they are known to be from Afar somehow – if it Shows our Universe at all in a way where our Galaxy is Photographed – Meaning we cannot Photograph our own Galaxy from within it Very Well, so Internet Alive will be able to Photograph things like this indeed… Here is what the Owner of Lova Kava Wrote ago:  (Thursday August 29, 2019)

Here’s a picture of the Milky Way.
Now can somebody please tell me
who the f#€k took it?



And i Responded:

It was fucked up indeed that the Universe is such that it Wants to be Photoed only by those who are Free of bad karma – Meaning it was wrong of them in “nasa” to explore things that way a lot. We are one to it that i’ll Post this now on Your Page on the Site to Keep Going there with it a little bit… Peace. We are one. Peace.

Thank You – to be continued soon more here.  We are one to this as a Game of Sorts where we can Activate online a lot to make these Sites more Beautiful – the True Name of our Galaxy is:  Anuande Colio.  Thank You again for Everything You do that is Channeled Exactly so. We are one. Peace.