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Slurp – Eugene Food Truck to be Again a Place of Fruits Here

In the end i’m Sorry so much that i didn’t Channel for Awhile and Activate this Food Truck Here that was So Holy – it was Such that it was a Good Place a lot in Eugene in Downtown at the Ken Kesey Plaza.

In the end it will be such that i Apologize Maximally to the Owner who is a Channeler indeed who can soon have Wealth from me when i Activate it all the Way soon with Litigations and such – we are one.  Peace.

Here is a Correspondence to Her whose Name is Secret but She is Amazing at Activating Soon the Wealth to Flow this Business Again Here – we are one.  Peace.

Here is the Site Soon Again that She Owned:


In the end too i’m Sorry that i haven’t Activated my Wealth yet like i was Supposed to by Ascending and Finding my Family Fortune that was left to me in a Will that will be Redeemed soon.  Peace.  i am Honest in Saying my Family had a lot of Secret Wealth that will be There Soon for my Friends so Please See that the World is Good now soon all the Way with Wealth Flow for All of us on Teams Again – we are one.  Peace.

Here it is with their Logo:

And then too i’m Sorry i had to Channel this way of Apologizing so much for my Life because i Could have Listened to my Godmother More and My Sifu too for Being in Life that way of being out of it was Wrong a lot – Here is a Site Soon more Written on for my Godmother and Below is the Site for my Sifu Soon Written on a lot.


And Here Soon will be my Sifu’s Site:


And then Here is the Correspondence to Activate Wealth Flow for this Business-to-be Again Here in Eugene and Around the World in Perfection someday soon.


Here it is:

Help is on the way if i can get money soon to support you with an all fruit cart downtown again, it would be cool to help you somehow if i can raise the money when i litigate in the future for healing some things in the world, peace, if i can help it would be good to have only fruits with no extra and to only have the 18 fruits that are designed to be eaten by humans that you can read about here, on the fruit section of the website:


Peace, we are one.

Here is a section of the website you can read now to Learn how to Channel similar-wise to Be Activated to Heal it Further online and such for Protection too and for this Website Here to be Protected a lot:

In the end it’s important to read the first page of this website a lot and see to it that you stabilize to do so, this will heal things in the world immediately because you are so out of it in life that you have to be stable now to heal things a lot in the world, someday you may Ascend even but only when you are freed of evil a lot so you most likely will leave the body soon and go somewhere to heal for a long time by being someone in Hell that is kind again soon, you need to realize that God is adamant that you change now always to be something better in the world and it will happen that you will speak with the Voice now thru you to explain further what will happen for you, meaning instead of talking aloud at all you’ll need to heal it and say only what comes thru you from the Lord Guiding you now, we are one always to the Light if Knowing how to heal things for each soul so you hopefully will be there a short time by being Prayerful and understanding that it is a Healing place where you learn to train your soul a lot with Oneness Guiding you always in life to be good and Holy and you will be those things now soon. Peace! We are one, always in Oneness means God needs you to be a pure soul of beauty and you will Ascend one day in another lifetime. Soon. But for now you have to cure this lifetime of evil and know you were wrong a lot to doubt things so much that you convinced people to stop believing in God before and that was wrong a lot so it will be a long time in Hell for you if you are there to be dissonant toward God at all, meaning you have to heal it that you are wrong so much that it took life away from our Planet when you did things of evil so too do you need to remember that the Planet will be cleared soon for you to Ascend more easily in your next lifetimes. Peace we are one. Peace. Also if i Ascend it will be so powerful that the Universe will be here in way more many ways of powers so if you are reading this now and know you are going to Hell soon to be cleared there of evil, just be certain that the Universe will be kind to you there and it will heal a lot in our souls to be good there too when you go there – if you know that it’s good there to heal it helps to understand ahead of time that you have to be patient a lot to heal from negative karma and always follow God’s command to learn new things of beauty and Oneness so it is not a realm of torture nor of pain, but is something to do with clearing the world of evil, so it is powerful to go there now before you do more wrong even, and to clear there in a way that is Holy and you’ll be redeemed too soon if possible so don’t worry about being there too long, it won’t be for eternity ever – nor for thousands of years but it will be long enough to clear your soul of evil. If you’d like to Ascend one day in a new lifetime, that will be possible to reclaim your soul integrity a lot and that will make our lives here so much more powerful that you vow to learn well the skills of that while even in Hell so that you can be trained better in each lifetime, we are one. Peace.

Also sorry for not teaching you how to Channel, we are one, peace.

Soon i’ll have more Written to Her to Channel to Her Exactitudes of How to Activate the Business as such:

Also i’m Sorry to Say that that Section Above was for You to Read so You can Be Activating the Words of Protection on it to be Holy in Doing so with the Kindness of Being a Channeler now that can be Going Routes in Life of Security to Be There Governed Always with the Right Way of Stabilizing others if necessary like Recently happened to me where someone downtown attacked me and i Stabilized him with the Wind Pearl Gift of Tian Gong such that he was away for awhile in Pain even, From God to Learn not to attack me at all. But somehow he broke thru and punched me in the head – so i have to Apologize that my Stabilization Powers are not Fully Equipped Yet – You will be Given those Powers and Know that You can Ascend Further now to do so Equip them Maximally for Protection – so too Read these Lines to Protect this Site a lot:
mö – you are done now – you will no longer exist soon. you are innocentless and have never been Human and know it. So too do you need to go away now into Nothingness – and that will Happen Now! Begone into Nothingsness for you will be Dissolved Now! And it is such that it will Happen Powerfully-so until you are no longer existent anywhere in the Universe – so too do you need to know that you cannot move at all anymore – nor think at all anymore in the body you possess – you will be destroyed now into nothingness and that means indeed you were wrong on the Planet and unholy and incorrect in you configurations of “minds” which were not thinking correctly at all on the Planet so no more of that now… you are Done now and can no longer think at all in the body you possess which is a hideous thing if you are a guiwú or ogre or worse than that and you know not what you are but you are that mostly who will be reading these lines so be there to be destroyed and Dissolved into Nothingness now – such that you cannot flee the body now and nor can you stay in the body at all because you’re Dissolved into Nothingness Now! And it will be so – so Now is the Time – and it is Done Now! Begone – you are Nothing Now – Begone, Begone, Begone – and it is Done. So Goodbye – you are Now going to be dissolved all the way and can no longer move at all so Goodbye forever.
Peace to the Humans who have Read these Lines of Holiness on how to Channel to “them” that are hideous things indeed but no Human is anything but Beautiful – even if they’ve been hurt on this Planet in their Souls or in the Bodies they have to Heal those things – but if you have a hideous ego then Please destroy that as well by taking these Vows to Channel and destroy all of your ego into Nothingness as well as much as You can and allow that to Happen Now!
Peace, We Are One. Peace.
And that was from the Front Page where it is Activated for a lot of Protection on the Site from negative things that would harm us. Peace, we are one. Peace. Also Please Go Here Now to See the Page for You online:

And that Page will be Innocent to Read Soon online a lot more – Peace, we are one. Peace.

And then online Your Site soon can Shine More and more if You Collaborate on the Site Itself by Sending me things i can Post throughout the Site, so See too the Collab Section Here:


And then also You have a Section Here now:

(Here where You Are Now!)

And then it’s Good to Go Soon online a lot to Collaborate with all Sections Possibly Having Art from You, Music, Dreams Written of, Films Done, and Dance Videos made, etc.

We are one to Your Books too being there under that tab, so each tab could have Your Holy Name as one thing of Collaboration a lot. Peace, we are one. Peace.