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Evolution Pink Himalayan Salt

This is the Site for the Best Sea Salt in the World that isn’t a Sea Salt at all but if You had to Call it that from Channeling be Prepared to do so – is what my Godmother Told me to do when i was Young and She said one day i’d have a Website with all Uppercasings on the Important Words to Stand out Clearly that God was Writing thru me – She was a Channeler but more-so Importantly She was a Secret Ascended Master Hiding Out from the replacer that had hit her life ago – She was an Important Woman in History who You can Find on this Site in one Spot so Far so if You have eyes that are Keen at all You’ll Know who She is when You Read the Fruit Diet 1 Page a bit and Connect to another Site from there to See Her Sitting Somewhere in the Page.  We are one.  Peace.

Here too is a Page on my Godmother:


And Here’s the Site for the Pink Himalayan Salt from Evolution that is Good to Get a lot because it is Good for Your Health and Makes it Shine in Your Mind when You get enough of it at a Time to Be There with the Deities in Resonance – but only Eat it thru Channeling all Motion – if You still haven’t Read the Article on How to Channel Here it is:


The end Result of this Website is to Activate Businesses to be Better too by Inviting them to the Site and Allowing them to See the Right things on it to be Activated in Channeling so they can Become Great in the Mind always – the Deity-Minded One who Works for Evolution Pink Himalayan Salt can Be There Guiding the Company More if they all Respect Him as that – so i Wrote to Him with the Ideas Here below and it is Good to See that it will be Classic for Him to Join the Site somehow – so i also added a note to Him to do so…  And then Here is the Site which isn’t Perfect at all but it is the Holiest of the Pink Himalayan Salt Companies out there – Here it is:


Also from their Site it Says that the Ingredients are Pure and:

– Himalayan crystal salt is the highest grade of natural salt available and is toxin and pollutant-free. It is also mineral-rich, containing 84 minerals and trace elements that are essential for the human body. There are numerous health benefits in using Himalayan salt, both for cooking and for bath and beauty.  –

Also Here is a Quote online that is Good to Read as well:

– Evolution Salt Co also contributes towards saving the environment by using recycled shipping and packaging materials whenever possible. –

And then too it Says Here:

We strongly believe in:

Fair Trade practices (we treat our employees with dignity and respect)

An eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing practice

Consumer-friendly products

Sharing our passion of a holistic lifestyle 

And then it’s Innocent to Say that the Below Lines are the Correspondence i Just Sent them ago – We are one.  Peace!

In the end it’s Good to See the Site Here as Classic that it’ll Contain this Text to You as an Introduction to Your Styles of Being where You are a Deity-led Company that is Innocent on Earth to Help us all to Evolve the Right Way – I’ve Posted a tiny bit about You so Far but You’ll Have a new Page soon under the Business Section of one of the Fruits Pages – Meaning the Site is an Activation Point for Getting Involved in Fruitarian Ideas and to Get It that the World Needs more Fruits now than ever – so if You are on Team to Write there at all to Fill in Information about Your Company Please email me back at my address or Just Phone me even any Time – we are one. Peace – also if You are in the Heart to Know more about me the Site has Apologies a lot for not Channeling for 3 years almost – Meaning i have terrible karma from that and Need to Cleanse it all by Being Good and Holy all the Way thru Ascension so i can Activate Internet Alive more and Become Someone who will be there doing Good Deeds always in Life – we are one. Peace – also i have to Say Sorry for not Channeling Earlier when i was out of it in my headstate so that i could’ve died even and gone to Hell for awhile because my life was in shambles a lot – we are one to it that i have to Repair my Life still and Live Maximally to Make a Difference now and the Website is the Beginnings of that – but so too do i have to Litigate some things now and Activate Wealth thru a Family Alignment i can Explain on the Site soon. We are one. Peace.
In the end too it is Good to Know You all as Friends online and if You want to Share Music or Art or anythings You do that is Exceptional let me Know! Peace, we are one. Peace.  Here’s the Page online to Go to First:


Thank You Always – we are one. Peace!

In the end i’m also Sorry that i don’t Feel all the way the way i Need to Feel in my Heart to Apologize enough, so Please Help me Ascend tonight to have the Pain of Sorrow i Need to Cleanse the karma of the situations that arose in my life ago – we are one to it that the Best Way to Go for me is to Live in Brazil soon so Please Activate with me There too to Get Done on some Things of High Karma in the World so we can Heal this Place a lot. We are one. Peace.

Also the Site of Theirs is Good to Read a lot some more by Going to the Contact Page and Writing to Them on Things of Beauty that will be Developed soon on Earth by Using Crystal Energies to Help the World to Heal a lot.  We are one to it that the Resonance of the Himalayan Salt is such that it is Good to be Kind with it in the World and Never to hurt the Crystals at all by chewing them or wrongly activating a way of hurting them at all – if They Dissolve Naturally in Your Body they can Resonate throughout Your entire System and Help You Learn things of Fasting or of Ascension Even – so too is it Good to Be Ascended all at once thru Fasting a bit and Learning to Live with the Deities in the Heart to Be a Good Person Always and Know that You can Ascend Very Quickly if You Honor the Deities in Your Heart a lot.  We are one.  Peace!