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Glasser Bows

Glasser Bows is a Cool Maker of the Best Violins and Violas in the World – they make them out of Carbon Composite and they are not harming Plants in the Process – so they Deserve to be here in the Businesses Section under Fruits tab Because they are Essentially Doing Good Deeds a lot – and they Make Colorful Instruments in a way that is Holy to do – we are one.  Peace, here is their Website:


And here is a Correspondence I sent them – Here:

Peace, my name is (on the Site Somewhere to Find as a Game) and i am here with a Site for You to See that has Your Violas and Violins Posted in two Different Colors that are Holy to See a lot!

Here is the Site:
Where i am there with a lot of Ideas of what is Needed in Life for me and a Spiritual Friend who will one day be my Wife in Heaven when We Ascend that far – meaning at first when You Ascend You will be Given Levels of Physical Ascension and be Here on Earth a lot still but after Level 18 the Energies Transform the Body into Energy-Matter that is Structured and Resonant in Ways where it can Still be able to Touch things and Lift things and such but it is also way more Powerful.  For Safety though the Energy-Matter Levels Usually Ascend to Heaven in these days to be there to be Contained in Wisdom and to be able to Come Back if they can then Learn how to Manifest Here in New Manifestation Bodies – this is a Practice that my Sifu is Working on Now that He has Ascended to Level 109.  We are one.  Peace.
Thank You for Reading the Site soon and Seeing it there that You could be Supported under the Fruits Tab in a Section Labeled Businesses in which i Post this Letter to that Page as a way of Introducing You to the World – so Please Go Now to the Dreamsoft Page and See our Ideas there on what is Needed for us – Meaning i would one day like to have all four of these in two Colors – Red & Blue – like shown on the Site:
Viola, Violin, Bass, and Cello – so if You can Make all four of those then i would be extremely overjoyed especially if You always make them the way You do with the Materials being Holy to use – such that it’s wrong to use wood from Trees a lot – unless it is the fallen branches of the Biriba Tree for Instance made into a Berimbau – which is Shown more on the Site soon once i can Find the Holy Text that has the Photographs i need – in the end too You can Ascend a lot by Going to the Site and Reading Here:
And then if You can Go there Soon it will be Good to Read a lot on things in the Future on the Site and i’ll Post Graphics now of Your Artistry on the Site Directly when i Post up these Lines – Thank You – Peace, we are one.  Peace.
Here are some Graphics from there Site and also Online – here below:

And many more Styles are there to See on their Site as they keep Adding to It there – we are one.  Peace!