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Organics Unlimited – Bananas!

Organics Unlimited Bananas are the Best Ones to Buy ever on the Planet – Please Support them and only Buy those ones if Possible – we are one to it that They Get Maximal on the Planet Soon – Here is Their Website:

And Here is the Best Way to Find Them too – is to Write to them like I did and Find it in the Heart that they can Be Sponsored by Your Teams of Grocers that are Innocent to Support – Hopefully-so – so Please Send this Link to the Grocers of the World and Be There to Support this Item Sold More – of Holy Bananas!

Peace, Here’s the Article on How to Channel that Will Help You in Life a lot!


And then Here’s the Channeling of a Text I sent Them Recently – on Sunday September 1st 2019, when the Earth Had Ascended to Levels 2, 3, 4, and Onward – We Are One.  Peace!

Here below is the Text:

Here is a Website where I’ll Post Your Info Onward to the World so You can Be Found more and Innocently I’ll Ask of You to Share Your Time there by Channeling to me the Info You’d Like to Have There More Soon!

Peace, we are one.  Peace.
Here’s the Website:
And if You’d Like to Be Supported there More I’ll Have a Page for You in the Business Section Under the Fruits Tab – we are one to it that You’ll Be Ascended even More Soon by Being there Reading of the Practices of my Sifu especially – Here Below:
And this one too that’s Related to Tian Gong:
So Thank You for Taking Time on this to Heal things Maximally in Life and I will Find the Other Websites now that I Need for the 18-Fruit-Diet to Be Maximal Here Online with the Best Ones Found for Each Fruit!
Peace, we are one.  Peace!
I Sent a Channeling about my Site Here Below Posted to You too on a Different Page that’s Good to Go to Now on Your Beautiful Company Here:
(Here on this Page!)
And Thank You for Being Honest in Your Work and Truth of It All. We are one that You Ascend Soon Maximally – Peace. We are one. Peace.