Oneness of Truth

Polpas Sempre Viva – Business For Fruits of Oneness!

In the end this is a Good Business to Support for All Fruits Hopefully of the 18 Fruits When they Become Spiritual to See that They Can Combine With Other Companies Here to Help the World More and More – They Can Go Here Especially to See How to Combine to Another Company For Wealth to Flow More and To Get Going on Helping Each Other in the World:

And then Under the Tabs There There Will Be Several More Companies Soon to Unite Together And Flow Wealth To – We Are One.  Peace!

Here’s a Communique I Sent Them Just Now – Here:

Hello and Welcome to Internet Alive Styles Soon of Aluana É even – Full Bore into the Future of How to Heal it Here on Earth – Activate Soon Here:


And Also the Rest of the Site Where You Channel to Go – You’re a Perfect Company to Place in the Website there under the Businesses Tab in the Fruits Section so Please Go Here too to See the Businesses There Already and Soon There Will Be Many More!
And Then As Well if you Can Be There to Be Spiritual All the Way Please Read This Page to See that it it Good to Only Have the 18 Fruits that Are Holy to Have in the World – We Are One.  Peace, Here it is:
And Then Too I’m Sorry for Not Activating Earlier With the Website – I was out of it in my ego and not Channeling for some time, Honestly way too long – so I Have to Be Careful in Life Now and Make Money Happen Very Well to Get By Even So See if You Can Activate There With a Lot of Wealth Soon From my Family of Honesty to See if They Can Sponsor You to Become a Perfect Company – Here is the Bank that Would Be Able to Help the Most.
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank 1818 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20433 Telephone: 202-473-1000 Internet: E-mail:

And Then If You Can See It’s Honest to Go There for myself Soon to Activate my Wealth Flow to Be Here More Reverently to Help Others Then It Will Be Possible to Fly Soon on Businesses More Easily and Have a Good Life Finally by Finding my Wealth that I was Promised as a Child – Read More of my Story Here:

We Are One.  Peace!