Oneness of Truth

Routes of Safety Eugene

Here is a Route in Eugene that I just Posted to a new friend on facebook that will Activate soon His Life to be an Ascended Master all the Way Soon.

Here is the Route:

In the end the Route is as such:

We can honestly be there with Wealth Activated on the Earth soon for all people’s so please read my site on the new information posted soon on that here:


In the end it will be good to go there a lot and see the Beauty of the Lyrics too that I post soon on the Website when I’m ready to start writing them down there on the Music Pages here:


Also if you can read the Site to see that it’s Good to Go there a lot in the Way of finding things our here then please see it’s Good to be there with the Heart Open on things of the Nature of Being Kind then please read this:


Then too you can learn to channel well by reading the above Article and listening in on it to be a channeler which will make the Route more easy to follow thru on a lot.

So please go here and read a lot before you can become someone to follow thru on this Route to Heal things in life with the Right Flow to become someone Activated in Life here in Eugene, Oregon. Peace, we are one. Peace – here is next:


In the end it’s good to read that section the whole way thru and to follow the links to be able to read all the Pages that open with them and to follow out the links on those Pages too to reach the whole Site and to see that it Maps our Beautifully in a way that will teach to channel as well to Ascend the body Naturally to Become someone who knows how to do so – we are one. Peace.

In the end it will Heal that I am late on this. We are one. Peace – I am sorry that last night I was attacked by something again that was a mö that hurt me and made me have to sleep instead of getting done on this Project right away – so here is the next way of seeing things for Spiritual Protection – Peace.


In the end it is good to go to all of these sections of the Site then to follow thru on this Route – here:

First please visit the LCBH in Eugene by going to their website and seeing that they have a way of helping people Activate in Life to be able to reach out in the Community to be there with many things of help. They can be there to help you get SSI if you Activate correctly and follow thru on things – the one person there who can help the most is named Dr. Velez and is a good prescriber who will understand that you can be there learning to be someone who needs to get the best medication available which is this one:

Wellbutrin. Because it is the only one of all the medications out there that is Holy to take – we are one to it that you read this site on it only to see that it is Good and that it can help Heal us from depression which is the way to be called for this to be Activated in your Life and to see that it is Honest to be called that word until it Heals further that you no longer need to be called that. For me I will no longer be depressed at all soon so I will need to Activate my career around Art maximally for it to be possible to not need SSI anymore – we are one. Peace.

Here is the Site to see on Wellbutrin:


Thank you too for being a friend soon that can Heal things in Life to be here Activated on things of Reverence – we are one. Peace.

And thank you all for Being Friends soon too by being able to continue soon to Ascend and Read now this Site within the Site:


(To be continued soon…)