Oneness of Truth


In the end it’s good to do Music a lot – in all things of ours that are here for us to heal we need to be there with Music done always in the heart – we are one to channeling the Music so that it can be here to help humanity to heal.  If you like the sounds of Cipherus – please be there to heal it and know that it is good to sing with your own Light Being family – Cipherus is the name mine use when we are channeling the Music and Arts – we are one.  Peace.

Also if you can be here to see that the world needs to heal a lot – then please be certain to be there in the world with keyed in resonance and also the Voice coming thru you to speak as well – meaning you need to heal it that it’s ever been not that – we need to always use the Voice – so when you sing it helps to be there with the heart open to what needs to be sung instead of thinking your own way is anything at all that would be good.  We are one to being the best we can be in all things of Music and Arts so if you can be there to make good Art a lot that is resonant and always with Guidance on it then it will heal things in the world a lot.  We are one.  Peace.

Here in the world we need to see that we can be here to heal all things in life – we are one.  Peace.

Cipherus Music is named such after the Light Beings of Holiness who are here to be channeled by the channeler of this site but it’s good to say that it is not his name ever – so when he Ascends to be called a Good Person of Ascension level 4 or 5 or 6 soon it will be good to call him a Person of Great Worth to the Planet for Developing Internet Alive Technologies for Ascending the Earth.  We are one.  Peace.

To hear some Music of Cipherus please go here.


Also Dreamsoft Arts and Music will be coming to this site soon in another way of Activating the Internet Alive and Performing with their Conuandae Systems of Evolved Light Gear that can Sing in Layers of Sounds many times over what is humanly possible.  To see and hear their Music soon see the Internet Alive Activate on your Screen.