Oneness of Truth

Chance The Rapper!

Chance The Rapper Is One Dude Who Is Right On In His Verse Always – He Is Someone Who Is Making History Daily With His Lyrics And Genius…

Here Is A Letter I Sent Him Recently (10-23-2019)::

In The End It’s Good To See You A Lot As One Who Is Making Things Happen In The World – Hope You Can See This As A Cool Page For You To Visit And Read A Lot::


Also – If You Can Check Out The Writings There Please See If You Can Pass It On To Friends And Also To The World – My Music Too Is There As:: – Cipherus – The Music I Channel. Please See It As Something To Get Soon If You Can, From The bandcamp Page::

Peace – We Are One. Peace!

…And Here Are Some Videos To See Of His That Are Good A Lot!::