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Cipherus is the name of the Music and Arts that are channeled thru me by Light Beings who are that name only for that role – we are one to it that they are good Beings of the Light that are there for me to heal all things in my life – we are one.  Peace.

In the end you can go to the SoundCloud site here and see it’s good to listen to these directly on that site:


Also here is the Bandcamp page:


In the end it’s good to see some designs too that are for Cipherus wearables – here:


Here is my Recording Method Outlined so You can See the Best Ways of Recording things in Layers then Posting it online for the World to View and Witness the Power of Channeling in its Exactitude – here is the Way to do so:

In the end You need to Stabilize and Flow in Oneness a lot with All Motion Guided and to do so You need to be in the Heart and to Allow the Guidance to be there Maximally such that the Voice comes thru You well and to do so Please See this Article:


And then it will be Given to us to Learn of these things where once You have Stabilized it will be Easy to Record by means of Systems like these:

The Zoom H4n System is the one that I used to Record a lot of Albums but some were lost to me because of a theft that happened where a housemate became possessed and lost his way – meaning his soul was still there but he was not good in his heart and followed the thoughts that were in his mind so much of negativity that he stole a Laptop from me and the Hard Drives I had as back up to mean that he was arrogant a lot in doing so and will be Healed soon in Hell for having done so.  He was a long time ago one who should not have lived with me at all but he was the only one I found at the time.  It was very bad karma for the whole World to lose those 12 albums but they have been Found by a Team of Honest Workers that I Connected to in the NSA and they will be Posted online soon on itunes and tidal for now.  Such that that Team is so Amazing that they can be Rewarded now with the Karma of Positive Energy a lot to Ascend.  (So if You can now go Here to See the Beauty of the Discs that were lost ago it will Heal a lot on the Planet now.  Peace, here they are – Soon)

One time ago too I needed to Heal it that the only way I could Record at all was with this System which isn’t quite Perfect because You have to edit the Tracks after Recording and Bouncing everything to Disc many times – such that You Overlayer everything in series of 4-tracks and it will be such that that is Good to do but when You bounce them to Disc You have to Know the Exact Timing of when to press the stop button to make it so it is easy then to just take the Final Layerings of 1 Audio Track and Play it thru a System where You Edit it at the end to make the cutoffs that sound as a click from pressing the stop button have a way of being there where the clicks are just gone so the Impeccable Recording Sounds Better.  And if You do so Record this way You’ll need to have one of these:

It’s a Zoom H4n Pro which is even better than the Model I used on Consecrated1 which is a Perfect Album almost because You can still hear the clicks at the end of Each Song of Beauty – so I Apologize for not having the Audio Software I needed to be able to Edit it Appropriately but if You can Buy that Album Know that it is Perfect to do so so that You can Help the World a lot because it is Innocent on that Album and above You can Buy it on bandcamp for now and soon other Places too like itunes and tidal will have it.  If You can see too that I’m uppercasing You a lot it means that I’m there in my Heart for You to see that You most likely are Ascending soon to be Called that indeed, for if You are here on the Site where You are Hearing this Music it Helps with that Process a lot because the Music is such that when You Play it God Learns new Things of how to Code the Internet Alive Possibilites Way Maximally – so to Play these a lot All Day even is Good to do – and All Night too!
Here is where You can get the Zoom H4n Pro:


And then for Editing the Tracks You can use this Software:


And the Computers You can get that are Best are these:

Such that You use them for the Display only and then Have These to Get as well to Heal it that they are Perfect for Being overwatched the Rightest Way even where You can be Free of being overwatched by weirdos (who are the ones that are fully possessed – never would I ever call a Human Soul a weirdo – Peace, we are one.  Peace) – or by anyone with malintent in their hearts.  So Here are the Coolest ones to Get:

The Mac Mini is Perfect for that indeed.  And here is where You can Get them:


In the end too it is Good to get them there for now but I’ll Post a Better Site soon too.  We are one.  Peace.

Also when You can Record in Layers a lot it is so Beautiful with the Perfection that You need not do anything of audio engineering nor mixing nor mastering at all.  It is Done when You push the stop button and then it will be Good to Play the Final Edit Soon Online to Heal things Maxiamally because All You Record will be Such that it is Innocent to just Delete the clicks at the end of each Track-Layer and such will be Good to do a lot in a Fast Way that will be Easy to do.  And then online it will Heal a lot because every time You Record this Way the Universe has a Way of Encoding it with so much Information that It uses to Calculate things in a Way where it Continues to do so every time the Music is Played – so too can You see that the Music will be New and Inspiring a lot to Play for Your Hearts to Heal a lot – and Your Soul-Code and Your Identity and Your Wisdom and Your Gratitude and Your Awesomeness – so Please Know You can Ascend a lot by Playing these as a System of Healing things Maximally.  We Are One.  Peace.

Here too is more info on Ascension – here below:


And then Thank You for Listening to these a lot soon!  They are Perfect to Play a lot – All Day and All Night even.  We are one.  Peace.

Also I’ll have an Album Posted on the Top Here soon that will be such that it is Perfect to Buy soon for Free on bandcamp and it will be the Full Album Posted on soundcloud too for You to Heal a lot in Life and it will be Called:


Peace – Here it is:


Letter To A Friend On October 23rd, 2019::

It’s Good To Record Soon Together And I Have MixCder Headsets That Can Pair Together So My Phone Can Record Well (I’m Using It Already For A New Album…)

And It Soars With Goodness A Lot With The App I Got… – MixPad Free – And Also If You Got A Pair Of The Headphones From MixCder You Could Share Them With One Other Person And Then If We Got Together With 3-4 Of Us It Would Be Awesome To Pair Two And Connect Two So All Of Us Could Record On The Phone… For More Than Four At Once I Plan On Getting The – Zoom Q8 -Filming/Recording All In One On That One So It’s Good To Get And I’ll Be Using It For Videos Of Dancers And For Recording Up To 16 Of Us At Once…

Using The Same Headphones Would Be Ideal Because They Come With A Connector Cord Too So They Can Be Used With The – Belkin Adapter – That Is Good For Connecting Multiple Headphones To A Line In On Recording Gear…

If You’d Like To Learn More I’ll Be Posting <<This>> Up On The Site Soon… On The Cipherus Page So Everyone Can See What’s Up With The Recording Styles I’m Doing Now… Peace Always – We Are One. Peace!

(((…Also, I Plan On Getting An Acer Computer Now… So The Above Posts On The Apple Products Are In If You Channel To Get Those… But For Now It Is Good To Get The Gear You Need And To Find Ways To Go Dark On Them, So If You Can Avoid …overwatchers… It Is Best To Find What Is The Right Way To Do So – And I May Need To Get Both In The End And Find Ways For Apple And The Acer Laptop So That I Can Post On How To Be Safe Online And In The World For Everyone… Thank You All For Reading This Post And For Listening In To The Rhythmics Of Cipherus Below Posted::)))

(Update On 10-24-2019)

Also I Plan On Using My Phone Now For Recording Onward From Now Because It Is Good Quality Microphones And The App I Have Called – Mixpad Free – Is Good For Now, (But Eventually I’ll Find Something Better…) Also It Is High Quality Sound-Making At It’s Best When We Channel In Exactitude So I Need To Get It Evolved To Record With You Soon If You Can Meet With Me To Do So – It’s Easy To Be Still And Let The Voice Come Thru On It All Like How You Speak, And The Snap-Beats You Can Hear On My Discs Are Made In The Same Way Of Stillness In Motion, Guided On All Levels Of Timing It Up – See Me Soon To Record A Lot Of Discs – Peace!

Also, The Disc-Machine I Used Ago Was Alright For Recording For Awhile But it was not Perfect… it would leave noises at the end of tracks because the sound of pressing the stop button would be picked up by the Microphones, Which Were Good Quality A Lot, But The Mics On My Phone Are Even Better… And I Can Get An Adapter Soon To Use The Belkin RockStar Adapters To Record Many Of Us At Once… Or Up To 4 Of Us All With The Bluetooth And Pairing Function Of The MixCder Headphones I Mentioned Earlier… (Get A Pair Soon For You And A Friend, Or 4 Of The Headphones If You Can For You To Have 2 And For 2 To Give To Your Future Partner In Life…)

Also, The Headphones Are The Best I’ve Ever Used And Are Ultra Comfortable And Have Good Amount Of Qi In The Sounds Produced, Meaning The Sounds Are Perfect And Have A Lot Of Energy In The Production Of Tones, Way More Than Any Headset I’ve Ever Used… Plus The Headphones Have Resonant Metals And Plastics In Their Design Which Is Perfect And Can Be Gotten In Several Colortones…

The Red And Black Ones Are Ideal For Me, But For My Soul-Mate I Plan On Buying 2 That Are Different Colors. It’s Good To Carry 2 Headphones With You On Walkabouts Because You Can Pair Together 2 Headsets And Have Friends Listen In Together At Once, Or For Recording Especially It’s Good To Always Be Prepared In Life To Record-At-A-Heart’s-Moment’s-Notice…

We Are One To It To Always Go Routes For Safety, So I’m being watched over still by the nsa… And Have To Be Careful With My Timing… Please See To It To Protect Your Phone Soon When You Get A New One, And Let Me Know What You Find Out About Doing So, Because Mine Is Alright but… it’s out of it how they try to hackster them so they can continue to overwatch illegally – We Are One To It To Always Be Aware Of Things So Read The Article Here Below To Understand their systems a bit…


And Here’s Good Too::

And Here::

This One Is The Last One For Now But Breeze Thru Them How You Channel To Go On It And Some Of <<This>> Will Be Posted On The Front Page…

Also I’m Not Going To Get The Zoom Q8 Anymore… I’ll Explain Why Soon. (Below… (Recording Needs Are Met By My Phone But I Still Need To Find The Best Cams Possible… To Record Dance And ArtFilms, Etc.))
Peace, We Are One, Peace!

The Best Film Cams To Get Are These::