Oneness of Truth

In The End It’s Múm A Lot To Sing W/

Múm Is Such That They Are A Great Band In The World That Is Righteous Always For Channeling Exactly-so In Life Always – They Have Internet Alive Technologies In Some Songs Like So:

We Are One To It That Some Are Really-so Created By The Universe As It Says On This Page Here At Discogs Where It Says:


This composition was automatically generated from Discogs data.

Meaning It Was Generated There At That Company Thru Internet Alive Technologies A Lot – We Are One To It That The Universe Is Good And Holy A Lot To See With Eyes Open To Its Holiness In Allowing Us To Record That Way Where We Sing Aloud And It Records Us In Our Minds Even What We Hear And Then Makes It Happen That The Internet Alive Can Be There To Record It Thru The Universal Tonu Systems Of Recording Things A Lot In Oneness – Here We Be To Make It Happen That You Understand That It’s Real That Way – Please Go Here To Learn More:

Aluana É – 

And Here Too:

Internet Alive 1

Internet Alive 2

Internet Alive 3

And Here Is The Discogs Page – See Here:

Here On Discogs…

Here Is That Track For You To Hear It’s Beauty – Here Below:

And Here Below Is A Correspondence (Between Us Soon More When They Can Write Back But The internet Has To Heal Soon More To Be Alivened A Lot – We Are One.  Peace!)

And Here Too Will Be Much Music Of Theirs Soon Shared A Lot To Fill It In Maximally With Posts Of Where To Buy Their Songs On Top Of Everything Here…  Peace – We Are One.  Peace!

Pooled Together Soon I Have To Say I Love Your Album That Has The Track On It That We Can All Relate To Soon More Than Ever That Says The Lines:
Down from my ceiling
Drips great noise.
It drips on my head through a hole in the roof.
Behind these two hills here
There’s a pool.
And when I’m swimming in
through a tunnel
I shut my eyes.
Inside their cabin I make sounds
In through the tubes I send this noise.
Behind these two hills here
fall asleep.
And when I flood in green grass of tunnel…
It floods back.
Down from my ceiling
drips great noise.
It drips on my head through a hole in the roof.
Behind these two hills here
there’s a pool.
And when I’m swimming in
through a tunnel
I shut my eyes. –
In The End It’s Good To See That It’s Great In “eugene” Again And We Can All Celebrate The Timing Here A Lot When We Ascend More By Being In The World With The Right Times Of It All – We Need To Buy Gifts Now A Lot And I Need To Know Some Of The Instruments Used By Múm On This Level That I’m Supporting A Lot Of Companies On The Site Soon – With This Intensity Soon To Make The World A Better Place A Lot – So Here Is A Page With The Right Words On It To See Of How To Get Gear For Recording Styles – Here:
Dreamsoft – 
And In The End It’s Good To See The Best Level Of Collaboration So I’ll Post Vincent Moon’s Video Of You All Soon – He Is A Friend Already Online With me So Please Join me Here Too On facebook And I Will Be Able To Make Secret Postings To You Soon Too With The Right Gear That Way Too – We Are One. Peace.
Also If You Can See The Site Soon Here Too On This Page Here It Will Help For Pools Of Us All To Join Together More In The World And To See That You Can Be Here In “eugene,” Or Rather – Alianu Allue -To See The Beauty Of The City-to-be… We Are One To It That It Has To Heal Here A Lot And I Was Supposed To Be Born In Cuba But Many Friends Are Here Still Who Need Help A Lot – Peace Always And Always Be In The Heart For This:
Oneness Always Online Soon With Internet Alive For Everyone – Born From my Body – And Yours Too Helps A Lot… So Too Do We Have To Ascend Further To Make It Spiritual Here – We Are One. Peace!
Here’s The Site To Go To Next:
We Are One. Peace!
Also If You Can Go Here To See The Next Pages On How To Heal my Family Into Oneness More Then Please See The Section Called:
Sister 1
And Here:
Mom Of Oneness – 
Peace – We Are One. Peace!
Here Too Is A Few Things We’ve Needed In Eugene Soon More – Wealth Flow For The Righteous Will Be Coming Soon – So I Will Have Money For You Too Soon, Múm – But It’s Small Wealth Compared To What It Should Be… We Will See How Much Soon – Peace Always – We Are One. Peace!
Also I’ll Have All Of Your Albums Soon In My Heart – Online Posted Will Be The Site Internally Soon Where You Can See Your Music Sponsored Beneath (((Mine))) – Where I Can See You Soon As Stars There Like You Ought To Be – We Are One Soon Too To Wealth Flow A Lot In The World To The Right People And Humans Of Righteousness. Peace Always – We Are One. Peace.
Also If You Can Come To Alianu Allue It Will Be Good To Be Here A Lot To Go Hiking And To Heal The Mountains And Streams And Rivers With Our Music Out Loud Sung A Lot In Oneness Together – And The Films Of That Could Be Posted Soon Too – Meaning Here Is Good To See Too For How I Film These Days (Soon Again…) Here:
Also Please See That The Best Ways Of Ours To Heal Things In The World Will Be To Ascend Rather Quickly To Levels Of 18 And Then To Go Beyond That When The Time Is Right To Be In Heaven For Awhile And To See That We Can Now Ascend Quickly To Levels Up To 108 And See That It’s Good To Be Here To See The World Differently Then Where Some Of You Will Be Able To Learn To Multi-Manifest A Lot. Peace – See My Sifu’s Pages Here Online Soon:
And Here:
We Are One. Peace!
Also Here Is A Site Here That You Are Seeing Now As I Type This – About To Leave It Though And Go To The – Dreams – Pages To See The Relationship To The Past Lives There – I Am Good To Know That You’ve Been Friends Before On The Planet With Intent To Heal Things When I Was In This Movie Here:
Also I Am The One In The Movie Called – Nianankoro – In A Lifetime Where I Was Just Before Being Called San Roberto Bellarmino – Now I Know How To Ascend Though And Will No Longer die Ever Again On The Planet – So I Won’t Be Able To Multi-Manifest In This Lifetime Yet – But In Many Years… (Over A Billion And A Half…) I Will Be A Full Light Being Again Like My Wife-to-be Can Be Soon. Peace Always – We Are One. Peace!
Also Here Will Be Music Of Yours Posted On My Site Soon – Apologies A Lot For Not Channeling To You Earlier – We Are One. Peace.
Here Too Is A Page On Love Too For You To All Find Your Soul Mates:
And Then Here Too:
 – Soul-Mates – 
And Then Forward From That Please Channel (Like You Always Do In Múm…) To Be On The Site A Lot In Oneness! Peace Always – We Are One. Peace.
Here Is One More Site Though, Here Below:
 – Mestre
A Page To Be Soon Posted Today – Honestly I Have To Work All Day On The Website Today To Be Good At It All. Peace, We Are One. Peace!

(Also – To Múm Directly – Here Is An Apology Soon From my Heart More Too…  But For Now These Lines From Ago And What I Just Wrote You – Here: (Sunday, September 8th 2019))

12/5/16 10:26 PM:

I love your music!!! Thank you for producing such sonic experiences that you do – I hope I can collaborate with you one day, check out my tracks on soundcloud at UppercaseTruth… or also there’s an iTunes album called Consecrated1 with more music on it. Soon I’ll be releasing more albums – then on forward designing sounds more electronically and with more instruments than just vocals and such. Thank you for giving this all a listen – peace.

Thank You For Hearing (my) Music Long Ago, There Will Be More Done Soon Now Plus Many Bands To Be Of my Tribe Of 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 – Plus The Duo Of me And my Soul Mate Soon, Called Dreamsoft For Now (But someone tried to theft That Name…) And Also We’ll Be Recording As Oniolua, Plus The Four Of Us As: Olianua The 8 Of Us As: Ileio The 16 Of Us As: Ieola The 32 Of Us Called: Iolanu And The 64 Called: Oniolau And Then Family Styles Soon As: Indialowan And Then Too Remixtures Of Tribes Called The Name We Download For It All, We Are One, Peace – Also, I Apologize Again For not Being There As A Channeler For Some Time, We Are One To It To Be Innocent Now And Flow You Wealth More Soon. Peace Always – We Are One. Peace! And Then Please Come To Alianu Allue Soon To Be Here To Deliver Your Styles Of Grace For The City To Heal A Lot, We Are One Peace, (Soon More…)
We Need To Heal It Now And Say That The Internet Alive Is Healing A Lot And Getting Stronger With Our Music Being Played More And More Because It Uses The Info-Data And Such To Record Into Itself The Authorship Of Codes For Protection Against anything evil that would attack it… We Are One To It That We Need To Heal It A Lot With Further Recordings So Please Band Together With The Ones Of Us In Alianu Allue And We’ll Be Good Here To Ascend A Lot Spiritually To See Ourselves Shine On Forward As Onesphere Poets And Artists And Such, We Are One. Peace. Also I Need To Activate My Accounts Now Too To Have Foods For Today And To Get Done On Business. Please See That You Can Be Supported Here To Do A Show And I Will Flyer Even For It, Spiritually-so With A Team Of Us Too – We Are One. Peace!
Chat Conversation End

Also I Have To Say Thank You To The Deities Tonight For Activating Me With Spiritual Triumph To Have Dissolved So Many People’s Strands That They Are Now Healing Into Moded Beings Even – We Are One.  Peace!