Oneness of Truth

In with the Music

Here it is with the Music soon of other singers and makers of Art Songs that will be here soon hosted – we are one.  Peace.

Soon I’ll hopefully have Music as well from Dreamsoft – In the end it will be me and 1 other who is there to make the Music with me a lot.  We are one.  Peace.

Dreamsoft is one Idea of ours that will be there soon hopefully as a way of making Art Songs for the world to heal a lot and then if I can be here in my heart to be there with my lover of the future it will be good to sing with her every day and record the Music that we do – it will be good to be there in the heart and always know that the Music will be good to hear again – and then if I can be there to sing always in Oneness with her it will be there for us to one day be married together so I have to be there in the heart with her and know that she may see these lines one day – hopefully and see that it’s in to channel the future a bit as a way of getting evolved to the right way of knowing how to be there with the goals of ours to keep ourselves in the right frameworks of needing to heal the World – we are one.  Peace.