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In the end it Will Be Good to See this Band as One that is Good Always in the Heart to Be Here online Soon More to Post There Writings and Such to Be Activated in the Ways of Channeling that They Do to Be Spiritual Here on this Site as Promoted to Be Here With the Channelings of Oneness in Styles that are Good Always to Hear.  We are one to it that They are Perfect Ones of Soul Mates and Will Be Good to Be Friends With a lot – and They Shared Lives Ago With my Tribe of Stars Who Are Now In The Way of Making Albums Together Soon in Many Formations of Our Styles So We Can Be in Bands Named As Such:

All of us 8 Together as a Team of my Friendship Crew Will Be Named:

Ileio – and it Will Be Good to Be a Band of 8 a lot and To Make a lot of Music that Way of Oneness with All of us in the Group Channeling Exactly-so…

So I Still Need to Find the others but I have Found 2 so Far of the Bros and 1 who Will Be My Partner in Dreamsoft – a Band for us 2 – the Others Will Be Able to Pair Up too that Way and See to it that They Can Ascend By So-Doing More Easily than Ever!

We Are One to it that the Best Way to Heal in Life is to Help the Earth Heal So the Music of Intuitive Compass is Such that it is Channeled a lot by Jason Dea West and His Partner and Soul Mate Aurelia Anne Cohen who Will Be on the Site Here a lot Hopefully to Make Art a lot and to Sing and Play and Drum and Be Given the Right Philosophy of Arts to Make in Life – we are one to it that we Can Ascend More Easily By Being in Love the Right Way so Please Go Here Now to See the Pages on Soul Mates and How to Find Your 1 that is Right For You to Marry and who Has Been Your Husband or Wife in All Lifetimes – we are one.  Peace, Here it is:


It’s Possible to Use Wood Appropriately by Not harming the Trees at all, but Allowing the Wood to be Gotten in a Way that is Spiritual – and it is Good to Know that it is Possible to Use Wood this Way When It Is Given Forth By Branches that Fall Naturally Like for the Berimbaus Made From Biriba Branches that Naturally Give Forth Themselves By Falling to the Ground – Or When a Tree Is Free of Being Alive from Allowing Itself to Ascend to a Higher Level it Leaves Behind a Piece of Itself that is Small and Free of Life in a Way that it is Called the Boluana in Tonua or the Oluma in Language for the Earth Called Allue Andue and the Boluana is Such that it is Free of evil to Cultivate it From the Ascension Process of the Tree (or Plant…) so That it Has a Lot of Resonance of Oneness When Turned into Musical Instruments But that Said There Are none out there in the World that do that These Days So It is Best To Find Companies to Shift Them to Do So or to Make Art with The Instruments that we Have for this Time Period as Long as It’s Channeled to Do So – So the Guitar Was Good to Hear Tonight that I Heard When Jason Dea West Played Alone on Stage Primarily (but Also a Friend Joined Him to Play by His Side Perfectly… and it Was Perfect Music of a Violin from Glasser Bows) And He Played Righteously the Whole Time on His Perfect Guitar for the Time Period that Had Wood a Little but Made Spiritually a lot in the Way Described Above and I Could Tell – Which Means it Was Shining Forth With a lot of Radiance and is So Rare to Have a Guitar Like That That He Must Have Channeled Exactly Where to Find It – and I Will To Know that It Is Possible to Get One Like That One Day!

Here is the Website for His Styles of Music Solo:




And Here is the Music of His Partnership With Aurelia Anne Cohen:


Intuitive Compass


And Here are Some Spiritual Writings to Each of Them to See Here:

Awesome to See Your Soul Mate at His Styles of Oneness – in the Band Soon Too I Hope I’ll See Him With You Perform Someday Soon. We are one to it that the Venues Have to Heal All the Way into Oneness so that Will Be Happening Now that the strands out there are Dissolving a lot. Also If You Can See the Site Here Now it is Good to Go there on a Team With Him and Be There to Promote Your Styles By Writing With the Wind of Guidance on All Levels of Channeling to Be Spiritual There on This Site Where You Can Activate Your Careers a lot. Peace, we are one. Peace – Here it is:


Meaning This Section Has an Invitation to Join the Site to Make a Site Internally – and To Post on Every Tab of the Headings Under Your Names of Holiness – we are one. Peace!

Also If You Can Be There to Do Music a lot and Record then Please See the Music Section for a Way of Being Where You Can Sell Discs There a lot. And It Will Be Activated a lot online Soon – So Please See the Music Section as a Place Where You Can Be Promoted As One of the First I Post There – we are one to it that the Other Headings Are Good to Post Under too Where You Two Can Have a Page For Each of the Bands You Are In… Meaning One for Solo Projects and One For Intuitive Compass Too and Other Bands You Work With in the end. We are one to it that You Could Collaborate With me and my Wife-to-be any Time that it Works out Well to do so – we are a Team Soon Called Dreamsoft and Will Be There online a lot With that Name – so If You Can Be There for That then Please See that I Can Activate Wealth Flow For You Two Too as a Way to Be Spiritual And Flow Wealth to the Right Humans that Need Assistance – we are one. Peace!

Soon I’ll Write to Jason Dea West and Let Him Know too to Come Here to Activate His Scene of Musicians Such that it Will Be Good For Them Both to Find their Team of 8 Musicians and Best Friends to Join Them in Life to Live Spiritually With the Best Friends From All of Their Lifetimes in that it is Common to Have that Number of Friends for Your Inner Circle of Oneness – we are one.  Peace.

Also Here’s a Page I Just Did a little bit ago mostly that is Honest to Be Here Mixed With the Other Sites Like so:
(Here on this Page…)
It Will Be Good to Write Back to me (when it is Cleared all the Way of overwatchers…) and to Be Spiritual a lot in So Doing to Make Art of Words a lot Between us as Friends With the Site in Mind to Be a Spiritual Place to Post Up our Conversations of Oneness and to Be There to Maximize our Friendships Always – so Post to me Any and All Recollections or Dreams You Want in the Dreams Tab too – or Any Tab You Want to Post to Let me Know and I’ll Call You a Spiritual Name of:
Tongia – Meaning that’s a Rare Name that Is Your Soul Name Like mine is Actue and my Wife-to-be is Cambae.
So See the Site as Such and it Will Be Good to Go there Soon – Peace, we are one. Peace!