Oneness of Truth

Jakata Vom!

Jakata Vom Is This::

Holy Sound Created In A Way That They Destroy Strands All At Once Even, Or Dissolve Things Completely In A Way That Is So Holy That It Can Be Called:  Miraculous – See Below For Info On:  a “book” series that was unholy a lot.  We Are One To Clearing It all And Coming To Our Sense On Things In This World Where We – Learn! – Maximally How To – Protect! – Ourselves And Come To The Inner – Peace! – And Then To Ascend Fully-So To Levels Beyond The Norm Of What Was Possible At All In:  the past… Here On Earth…  We Are One.  Peace!

And Then It’s Here For Now To Continue The Dialogue Soon With Friends On The Subject Of:  what went wrong in:  Life Of Ago For Myself Too – Here Below I’ll Explain:  that it was wrong to not:  Channel Maximally All The Time In Life Such That My Own Grandfather Is Channeling Thru Me On This One A Lot Right Here And He Is Storming Thru On This To Get It Done Rightly-So Timed So I Can Learn His Styles Of Channeling Again Like I Did One Time Ago In The Spiritually Way That He Is An Ascended Master Who Taught Me Things Throughout My Lifetime And Is Right On At Being Angry At Me For:  not:  Channeling All The Way In My Life!  Because The Planet:  was hurt so badly when:   I::  stopped… Channeling, that it:  – Became Necessary -… To – Freeze – My – Wealth – In A Way That – The Bank Itself – Where We Had All Our Funds Is Still Clearing From:  stranders that infiltrated… It!!!

We Need To Heal It And Say That I Will Clear That Bank From Afar So I Can Get The Wealth Needed To Heal The Planet Now – And It Will Clear All The Way Because I Called Forth Rightly-So Thru Their Networks To Have:  overwatchers… Cleared Too!  And Then, It is Right To Do So Send Souls To Hell When They’ve Been:  dissonant.  We Need To Heal It And Say That I’m Over With:  the dissonance on:  The Planet – At All Here In The World At All Means I Need To Heal My Mind And Go Now To The World To Clear Things Maximally In A Way That I Travel Too To Use My Voice To Speak The Right Phrases Only-So And Clear The World’s:  evil…  With Muad Dib Styled Activations Of Oneness!

Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

Here Below Is Text More On:  that unholy “book,” Called:  dissonant.  Indeed!


We Are One To It To Ascend Soon To Levels Of Play Where You Can Be Spiritual All The Way And See Too That You Are Good In The Heart Always To Ascend With The Knowledge Of:  “dune” being an unholy book a lot, and all in that series were out of it from mis-Channelings, and so too from being stranded when it happened that:  Frank Herbert Himself:  got that way from someone attacking:  Him…  We Are One To It To Soul Cleanse A Lot In His Honor For Ascending Anyway When He Came Back To His Holy Self In A Way That He Materialized Here And Is Still Alive That Way, Which Is Rare And Holy Always To Do Because In Heaven He Learned How To Become Someone That Would Do So Materialize In A Materialization Body From Being So Gifted In His Soul-Code That He Could Learn Maximally There A Bit About His Life Of:  karma of negativity that hurt:  Him a lot…  But Also The Right Way Of Understanding It That He Was Righteous Still For Going Thru With The Novels-To-Be That He’d Understand In His Mind Rightly-So Someday… Meaning It wasn’t Possible For Him To Channel To Go Routes Safely At All Because:  the entity that attacked:  Him was such that it took away lives before that Learned Of:  its styles of being here, in a way that it would have hurt him a lot and fully possessed:  Him…  if it could have when:  He’d Learn Thru Channeling Alone:  that it was evil in:  His Writings…  So Too We Must Apologize In That Way When That Happens For:  not:  Discerning Clearly The Way To Life On Things And Then To Spiritualize Further And See The Truth On Our Own With A Mind Of Clarity That God Gifts To Us – but… Our Souls are weak sometimes…  So We Have To Strengthen Our Minds And Know How To Channel Safely So Please See This Page Here On That Topic:  Of Staying Safe In The World…

So Too Must I Apologize Maximally To People Of The Earth Soon For:  not:  Healing Them Further When I Could Have… We Are One To It That The Universe Is On Our Side A Lot And We Need To Heal It Further And Say That The World’s Best Unison Warriors Against:  the evils out there…  Will Return With Maximal Karma And Then Ascend To Levels Of Magnificence Never Before Seen In The Universe So Far…  We Are One To It To Be Here On Earth With High Karma Indeed These Days So Learn How To Speak From The Front Page’s Article That Starts Near The Beginning Of The Text There On That Page…  Also To Time Things Rightly Here I Have To Go Now To School In The World Here In The Campus-To-Be:-Where-I-Will-Ascend-There-Fully-So!  So Too Must I Apologize For:

…not:  Being Aware At All Times Of What I Need To Think Of… Such That I’m:  attacked still by negative entities, Or Rather:  chiwanda, ganeni, bhutam, chirombo, eshu/exu, mö, etc.  So Too Do I Apologize For:  not:  Defining And Categorizing Words Right Now Because Of Timing:  issues… 

So Too Do I Have To Leave Right Now Even To Meet Some New Friends At A Park Soon.  We Are One.  Peace!