Oneness of Truth

Janelle Monae

This Is In – We Are One To The Music Of – Janelle Monae – A Lot – She Is A Pioneer In The Music World And Helped The World As An Actress And Voice Artist And Also A Worldwide Pioneer In Many Arts – She Is Amazing And She Can Be Heard Below In The Following Music Videos – We Are One, Peace – Here Is A Correspondence To Her::
Thank You Janelle Monae For Being An Intrepid Artist And Making The World Sing Again In Oneness A Lot Thru Your Work In Songs – Put The Voodoo On It All, We Are One To Your Charisma As Something The World Is Inspired By A Lot!!! Thank You Eternally For Your Work In The World, We Are One. Peace!

(October 27th, 2019)

Awesome To See Finally – Dirty Computer – …erased Memories… Coming Back Now… …penny bun is evil, fungus they sell in grocery stores and put on pizzas – or worse, syringe into Our Bodies… I’m Remembering Now Being In Put In Bay, Ohio More, And Things Of Being In Eugene Too Where My Mom Was Here Smoking With Me – More Is In The Book::

– Conscripts Of Heaven –

…On The Website, Your Films Are Helpful A Lot – I’ll See What To Do Now With Timing – Peace Always – We Are One. Peace.