Oneness of Truth

Kanye West For President (And High King…)!

Kanye Omari West Is One Who Is Great A Lot In All Music Done – We Are One To Him Being President Soon, See Below A Correspondence To Him Just Posted Up On This Date Of November 12th 2019… We Need Time To Work Well Where He Is In The Presidency Soon, Supported By All Of Us – We Are One.  Peace!

Kanye – We Are One To It That You Go To My Site, www.UpperCaseTruth.Com – And Go To The First Link On The Front Page To Badge Up Further And Write In To World Government For Support – In Your Kingship And Secret Presidency – We Need It To Heal Here A Lot And You Need To Be President Now, Impeach And Then You In, It’s Needed That You Write To World Government For The Plan To Form Itself Up In Your Channeling, You Are One To It Now A Lot And Always Will Be, Guided Beyond The Norms Of What’s Possible Usually – We Are One To It That You Get In Soon, Before 2020 – And Then It Will Heal That You Become King Of Canada – The Name Of This Northern Continent, And Then The South Continent Of Brazil Will Be Guided By Another Soon Too – We Are One, Peace – Also Your Music Shines A Lot And Will Be Posted On The Website Soon, Peace – We Are One, Peace