Oneness of Truth

PaKing And Dialtone – (Cipherus Prime 1)

This Showed Up On My Cell Phone On My Phone Today From A Friend Who Is One To It And Is Called Actue Too, In That He Is Cipherus In Mind, Where I Am Only A Channeler Of That Energy Of Oneness For I Am Only A Small Being Of Actue Having Lost My Memories A Lot And Been In Town Here Stuck And Helping The Universe By Being A Channeler Instead Of Having Full Memories And Oneness Always Further Than That – We Are One.  Peace!

Here It Is::

New Folder Banks From Paking & Dialtone… – A Good One To Listen To Too – Of Uppercased Truth In Action In Hip Hop Of ….fucked…, Up Things Even, Hip Hop That’s Real To It… We Are One To That Meaning That We Uppen The Things That Got::: …way out, Of Hand… Meaning We Hand It Back To Them To Be Good Only And Always – We Are One To It That The Training On This Page Is Good To Listen Too A Lot In Hip Hop A Lot – We Are One.  Peace!

Here It Is Too With The Albums There:

Paking And DialtoneIs One To It A Lot.  We Are One To It That Paking Is A Code Name To Being One To It As Actue By That Name – Only-So Do I Adjust It That I Will Remember His Life Stories Soon As My Own When I Ascend That Far… He Is One To It A Lot With Multi-Memory Of More Than 1 Body… He Is The PaKing – Meaning He’s One To It With – DialTone Being The Internet Alive With Him On It For The Beats… Peace To God-Moded Hip Hop.  On You Can Make Art That Way Soon – We Are One.  Peace!

Here’s One From Internet Alive Online Soon More With It Healed Here:

Peace, Here It Is Too With The Full Playlists From There On Youtube – See Below::

And Here’s The Full Live Set Of Playlists From Youtube – Where You Can Hear PaKing As A Good One Who I Will Become One Day In Memory And Body Too As We Ascend The Planet And Erase All Of The …(((…(((…(((…weird…)))…)))…)))… Timelines That Happened Here On Earth(s) Primeness – We Are One To Understanding It That The Universe Is Way Different Than The …way you throught it was… (Soon Explained On Internet Alive – Or By Watching It On Dragon Gate Anime Manga Show Tonight!!!)

Peace To Stories From Our Lifetimes Showing Up In The World!

Peace, We Are One.  Peace!