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In the end it’s good to go here a lot to read lines of channeling that are good to see as Holy always – we are one to it that the Religions of the Earth have to heal a lot to be called Religions at all – the books on this Planet have bad damage in them and it’s hard to find Holy Books – so if you can be there to heal it always in life it is good to go on a few things of being there to heal them all by channeling what to know of Religion and what to find as Truth.  This page is about that soon more – for now just know you can channel a lot and it will be good to be here online with more channelings for you soon – peace, we are one.  Peace.

In times of Unity we need to be there with the Religions of the Earth healed of all damages from mö – that’s the Chinese word for demon – and it means something of a negative entity that can try to move your body, which makes it really challenging to channel at all – if you are ever attacked by a mö it is still good to connect to the channeling and to discern a lot and to clear them as fast as possible by connecting to the true Voice and to the movements that are from Oneness – we are one.  Peace.

In the end the world needs to heal from damages done to the Religions and to heal a lot from the karma of bad ideas that people have from false thoughts that are not good to have – so to clear the mind is essential and to do so you need to be there Guided in life – to find Guidance please read the article here on how to channel – we are one.  Peace.


Religions also need to know that it’s really good to change from dissonance to Truth – this page here is called uppercase Truth because the T is uppercased, meaning it is powerful to be there with the Truth of Oneness instead of falsities that are thought to be true – we need to heal it always in the world by being available to make Arts online always with the Guidance coming thru us – we are one to it that the best ways to do so will be to make the world heal thru being in flows of Oneness on projects that can make it come to Peace always – we are one.  Peace.

Oneness of Religions and Spiritual Truth

The best way to call this being is a Candue and it is a specific type of Candue called a Human Onduwe from Sirius - that is Holy by titles other than that too, like Ilie Jakarata for their Planet in Tonua Language. Peace. We are one.

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Posted by Joel Baeza Marin on Tuesday, April 17, 2018
We are one to the Condue of the Universe here to Heal us all – they are beings who are physical still that are working on Ascension and come here very briefly to show themselves occasionally by hyper-jumping thru space to be here in ships that are advanced – it’s wrong to call them aliens – because the only aliens that have ever been here were zeta-reticulons that were here from a different solar system and took about 8 billion years to arrive here back in the 1960s. Since then the dark cabal was altered by them to be even more sinister because they brought false gifts – and there has been a crop-circle warning of them that said:
– Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.
Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there.
We oppose deception. Conduit closing. –
Also if you can see that the zeta reticulons are not supposed to be named after a holy color tone then you’ll know not to call them grays at all. We are one. Peace.
The zeta reticulons that came here had weaponry that has been used very little thankfully because it was in their minds to create a system here where they wanted to haunt the entire planet with demons that would have been hurting us a lot through manipulating dna very quickly so that has occurred in history here where demons created rather quickly new species of animals that have to heal by becoming moded out on the planet – even if you thought they were great animals they are not a holy form of animal at all if they eat other animals – so please know the animals of the Planet that are pure are rare because almost all species here including human ottio – us, are rather damaged and need a lot of food to eat, which is rare in the Universe so God designed fruit trees for us to eat a lot of in a way that will advance us to be holy Ascended Masters if we can eat only those fruits that were designed for us which you can read of by going to and seeing that the Universe has Guided those pages to be exact on the 18 fruits that are meant to be eaten on this Planet by the humans here, so calling the ones who are physical beings from other Planets as any other word is wrong – even calling Extra-Terrestrial is not holy enough – it is best to call them in Allue Ondeia the name Condue or Condua in Tonua, a new Language system for us to learn that is old indeed and used to be here before the fall that happened 8 billion years ago when the Planet became haunted a lot all of a sudden. Since then there have been hideous creations of false genetics a lot on the Planet and some Plants have been protected a lot – so too with some animals, but harder to do so because the demons took animals the most to haunt them because they wanted things to possess that could move and do weird things of evil a lot. Peace, we are one. Peace.
In the end it is important to know that the Condua here are healing a lot from having to show up at all, because most of them are frightened by this place because they know they could be hurt a lot by the enemies and that has happened in history so badly to some of them that were captured or worse. Ok, so that means they are rare to be here but need to display that they exist so we can know they were here in physical form mostly off Planet healing the solar system and healing the words of ours a lot soon will be done when they are able to be here more on the Planet – meaning they will be bringing their Languages for us to learn and that will be powerful when they can be here more. It will become a true Civilization here. And when they Ascend they become Powerful Beings of Light all at once because their souls are different than ours who have been on this Planet healing it for a long time that we had to be here to help. If you came here from another Planet and that is all of us, then it was probably from the Pleiadian system or Arcurian system or others nearby – but some of us had been way different in the Universe and came from other places. We are one to know our histories soon more – we are one to know the other places too that are common like the Syrian system and the Lyrian and Andromedan systems are here to advance us a lot soon. The Light Beings from these places are our friends that we channel as Light Beings and they are close to us because they were there as teams around us knowing we’d come here and need to be there with them as Healers of our souls because we knew we’d be damaged and hurt by demons a lot and it was such that we came here as Spiritual Warriors to heal this place, it is so bad that people do not remember their Holy Origins and that they cannot remember their lifetimes of Ago where they were on other Planets, and to remember the ones here is good too because we can reclaim our Identity a bit and hold Force to be more able to know our lives and our Path. We are one. Peace.
Also if you can see that it is important to know that the fall here happened when Angels who were holy decided to follow one leader instead of God by connecting that day to the Planet that was haunted earlier in another solar system that was the first fall and only fall in the Universe at that point where the entity we call Morgoth became enraged and took over an Angel by possessing it and virusing its energy to the point where it could control its mind even, so when the Angels of Earth and other Planets here tried to connect to that place the whole energy system shifted here where they became possessed as well and started creating demons right away, and God was adamant that they be cured which took a long time for some of them, sometimes it took over 2 million years for one type of Angel that was haunted that way, only the Angels who looked toward the Planet afar were haunted and only those that fell from grace by not following the command of God that day, which had never happened before but there was confusion because one leader was so out of it that he tried to convince them all to connect to that place because something had already disturbed his mind – it was a penetration from Morgoth from afar that arrived at our Planet here where that Angel lived, and it came to him and tried to convince him it was God in the mind, and the Angel became confused, that penetration took a long time to get here but it was such that it haunted many Angels all of a sudden that day. And they all became further possessed when they looked to the Planet where the zeta reticulons lived and saw that Morgoth was there hurting the world a lot. So when Morgoth arose, it was the first evil in the Universe and it took over a billion years to clear that entity because it was huge and needed many new designs of ours to clear – we are one. Peace.
Morgoth was originally an Angel who was tempted one time to create a being out of itself that was not harmonious with God’s designs here – so when he did so he no longer had the title Melkor but became something so entrenched in evil that he was done on it and became nothing of himself at all, but an evil thing that was not good because the Angel no longer had a mind of its own and that took so long to clear that that Angel is gone to us completely and was not there to be that way where it was haunted for so long in violence against itself so it was not good that that happened in our Universe and it happened only one time, because God immediately made it impossible for Angels to think separately at all, even then it was the norm that they wouldn’t it was just Melkor who did, by being tempted to think of other things than the Holy Music it was taught, so don’t read the book called the Silmarillion because it was a demon who knew the names of ours for Melkor and Morgoth because it was here knowing the mind of one who channeled on it ago, but it was damaging those names by writing an absurd text thru J.R.R. Tolkien that was not good on the Planet at all. So don’t read books that are written by demons thru the minds of anyone. If you can see that this is good to do a lot soon to Pray and see if you can Ascend then it will be good to know that Melkor was bad so much that he hurt all of our souls in what he did and he no longer exists because he couldn’t anymore after Morgoth became him, so it was a hard battle on that Planet and in that solar system where Angels fled at first and it became powerful when they advanced into styles of being where they evolved into Warriors that healed it there – the Universe needs us to be Spiritual Warriors here and to Dream at night in a way where we can clear things with our energy bodies and our souls advancing to become Dream Warriors, because when the Dreamrealms heal it will be powerful to go thru the world differently where we can connect in the mind more easily to God and see things as healed here a lot. We are one to it that you go to the page on UpppercaseTruth now and read about my powerful Dream that was good to be in to clear the energy field and unite Dreamrealms together and to be there clearing demons and learning lessons from Galactic Friends, so if you can be here to be someone who Dreams at night that way it will clear the Planet more quickly and so too do we need to keep it clear by being powerful in our Energy bodies to be there exactly so with our systems of Learning and to be exact with how we can clear the residue of demons and their artifacts that are left in the world that could perhaps create more demons after this great Clearing occurs that is happening now and will be such that it clears the world rapidly within 3 days probably from now – August 14, 2019. Peace we are one. Peace.

In the end this is the crop circle that came as a warning to us about the emergence of more zeta reticulon that were coming here in that time period of 2002 and onward where more ships of theirs were coming here to land even, because it was hard to destroy them on their way here, which started billions of years ago and onward, meaning they were in ships for a long time on their way here and that is insane to think of that they’d be in stasis that long and try to harm our planet with demons in every body of them, and then they came here for our bodies as well, thinking they could possess the whole planet so when they first arose here in the 1960s around 1964 at first they were here to harm us a lot with their first few flagships and that became a problem a lot – they thought they could be here as beings that would exchange information with the demons that were already here and that became far worse since the arrival of the zeta reticulon demons and their bodies of evil mutations.  So please understand that it’s wrong to murder is true, but to dissolve the body of something evil is right to do and that is not murdering it is called healing a situation for now, or dissolving something evil.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end there is a better word and that is Killing them all.  When I say it that way, I have to tell you that there is a difference between the words to kill and to murder, when the Bible says thou shalt not kill it should say thou shalt not murder and maybe better would be:  Do not murder anything – so to say that killing is alright means that the only things that can be killed are those that are evil things like ogres and their hideous bodies and things like zeta reticulons and their hideous bodies, or things like parasites, molds, funguses, and the like that strand or harm the body in certain ways of evil.  The strands in the air should be killed as well, especially through dissolvement when possible – the only way to kill something is to say that you can do so when you move with the Wind of Guidance and use the right techniques of adjusting to being there with precision and it is rare to do so today to an ogre or other type of false human because people don’t know the difference even though it’s obvious when you see clearly.  So if you know that you have to kill something of evil of a bad mutation on the Planet then know too you’d have to be Guided for it to be an actual way of killing instead of murder or worse, so to kill is a holy act when the word means what it is supposed to mean, and that means it is misused all the time.  Peace.  We are one.  Peace.

In the styles of Harmonies you need to know to Ascend to the Light of being there as a Light Being again it is important to go and to read this other page right now before continuing on this one, here:


We are one to the Universe to say that the Koran is one of the most unholy texts ever written. When we see that the best way to clear it will be to write Poetry then the Sufi Mystics are here for us in the heart as ones who Were Guided by God in life to Ascend and became ones whose Poetry and other Arts changed things in Earth so much that to worship with the Names of God known to us will be common soon, some names of God are:

Adonai, which means Lord and is the Name that is used here a lot soon instead of Lord because we have Ideas that need to shift about that word too, so a better translation would be: Master. We are one. Peace.

Also El-Shaddai, which means the Almighty.

Jehova, which means the Creator.

Elohim, which means Many-of-One in context of Light Beings that are God too in Mind and in All of It.

Yahweh, which means One who Is the Oneness of All of It in context of Healing is all.

Elyon, which means the Upper Nature of God that is not on this Planet at all because it is dissonant here and God protects Its Mind in a way that It is Structured in ways we can only understand a tiny bit.

Hashem, which means The Name.

Shèn, is the Name for God, Spirit, or Deity in Pu Tong Hua.

Shàngdì is the Name for God in the Christian Path in China.

Tiānzhu is the Korean Name for God in the most high.

Haneunim is the Korean Name for God in Heaven.

Nkosi is the Name for God in the Language of the Nguni people of South Africa.

Jah is the Name for God in the Rastafarian tradition.

Olodumare is the Name for God in the Yoruban Tradition of Africa.

Chukwu is the Name for God in the Igbo region of West Africa.

Allah is the Name for God of All of It that is common now and was in the Hausa region of West Africa.

Abasi is the Name for God in the Ibibio region of West Africa.

Allahu is the Name for God in the Sufi Tradition that is Holy as God revealed, which means the aspect of God that comes to us in Knowledge while most of God is so very complex that we cannot comprehend It’s Glory.

Bahá is the Name for God in the Bahá’í Faith.

Brahma is the Name for God the most high in context of Hindu Faith.

Ahura Mazda is the Name for God in the Tradition of Zoroaster.

In the Traditions that are Pure God is seen as a Holy Being that is so Amazing that we can all think of It as something Beyond our comprehension then please see that it will heal a lot to know the many Names beyond these too, for now I’ll say one that is for here now to be known of as Onesphere, the Holy Name for this time period of our Langusges to Heal is in our hearts by being here a lot in Earth, the Aspect of God that is Present for us Here. Peace, we are one. Peace.

Also the bible is so out of it too that you can only find three sections that are Holy a bit, but they were so damaged by Constantine in 325 AD that we have to heal the Books of Matthew, Luke, and John a lot too. Peace, in the end to read unholy books can hurt our karma a lot so we need to Ascend in our lifetimes to become something Poweful again in the World. Peace, we are one, peace!

And so you can see it’s innocent to use that word of Holiness know too that it’s wrong there in the koran to use that word at all because it was unholy a lot in that book. And it will heal with the Poetry of the Sufis a lot to clear Islam of its name even – we are one.

So please understand that the books of the Earth need to be correctified to be there with the Right Channeling only-so – and it is important to see that the bible is as well so out of it because of constantine and his consort of lackeys that took apart the bible which was already a mess from not being channeled mostly-so.  So please see only Matthew, John, and Luke as the correct ones to read from that unholy book.  And it will be such that you can Ascend more easily to be aware that I’ve read one line from the koran only-so that was Holy.  It was saying that it’s wrong to idolize the man they called Yeshua and to place him on a pedestal above God Itself or to claim that he was God at all.  So please see that you can be there to know that he was a Light Being born to the Earth with full Gear and Knowledge of how to Ascend in each lifetime here – he had 4 before that one as a Human type called Andu Ottio and that is what we mostly are here on Earth now, but he also was alive in the times of Lemuria in a body that Ascended differently than any other one alive before on any Planet in the Universe and he is a Savior of the Earth but not the only one.  For he is a Messiah too but there have been 70 Messiahs of the Earth that have lived throughout time here.  So please be accurate in how you approach being a Christian or any Religion that you follow and see that it’s wrong to be into christianity at all because the -ity at the end of the word means it’s something different than being a Christian at all.  We are one to Precision of Words here so please know it it wrong to have -isms at all applied to our beliefs or our understandings of things at all.  So if you are taoist then please understand it is wrong a lot.  Meaning to follow the Great Tao is Wonderful and Holy but to be there with an -ist on your title of self is wrong a lot.  So please clear all dogma and wrong beliefs and come to the Right Understanding of Religion here as I post more below soon on how to Ascend and follow the Tao.  We are one.  Peace.  Also here are some Sufi Poets who were Ascended Masters too by the time they arose to Heaven to become one to the Mastery of Life Skills that prevented wars even.  Here are a few that are good to read a lot:





And also if you can Ascend the body to the Light of knowing how to do so then please be ready to see these Pages on how to be there with the Practices I learned from that have now evolved to being called Feng Huang Yuan, while when I took them they were called Tian Gong.  We are one.  Peace.