Oneness of Truth

Good Ideas Of Love For Us To Ascend

The Right Lover In Life Can Be Found By Going Routes Online And In The World Through Channeling.  To Ascend With Your Soul Mate To Higher Degrees Of Being One To It Can Help To Heal The World.
We Are One.  Peace.

To Learn How To Channel Please See This Article::


And For More On Channeling Arts The Webpages Here On This Site Are Good To Flow To In Stillness To Go Routes Of Grace.

We Are One.  Peace.

In the end this is cloak I used to wear on walkabouts to Holy places where I would sometimes see myself as clear a lot…

Posted by DreamsoftBand on Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Right Tenua Of Universal Knowledge Can Come To Us Thru Channeling To Geld To Us The Gifts We Need To Ascend.

We Are One.  Peace.