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How To Ascend

In the end this Page will be filled with Graphics a lot that are Holy soon to Activate your minds on things of Ascension and how to be Spiritual with it always in the World so Please come back to these Pages often as they will adjust throughout the years even.  We can see that it is maximal to write here often as I Ascend soon to level 3 and 4 and then to level 5 within a couple months.  We are one to do so Ascend Always with the Heart Open to Healing things on the Earth.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end it is important to learn to Channel well and that means when I uppercase that word you will be Holy Always to see that it is Innocent to channel first in a way that is Spiritual then to Ascend more Maximally where you can then Channel all the way in a Way that is Spiritual Always-so – so Please be kind and Know that you will be Holy Always on the Planet when you Ascend and Follow the Guidance of God’s Directions in Life by being Moved in Oneness all the time as a full time Channeler where you can Ascend way Marvelously to Heaven even without dying at all.  And that means at first that you will be Here on Earth so Beautifully in the same body you have now but it will be Transformed with the Powers Given to you that will be Holy to see in the World soon in a way that you can Transform into Something Marvelous indeed – we are one to it that the physical body becomes something that is Holy indeed and has a way of Resonating with the Mind too Healed a lot so that you can Ascend further even to eventually Ascend to each level of the 18 levels of Human Ascension where the Body becomes eventually beyond those levels to Reach a Higher Level where you no longer are Physical but instead have an Energy Body so Maximal that you can become fully-so Ascended as a Being that has a lot of High Karma and will be there with the same Body but it will become made completely of new Resonances and will be Structured with the Light of God’s Knowingness to be Good and Holy and made into Forms that are still Shaped as the way you are ought to be as a Human Form but it will be Powerful to Go Beyond that even one day when you become a Light Being again – and that means that when you Ascend to Level 19 it becomes possible that you can Ascend further to Levels that will take you to Heaven Directly after being on Earth for a short while most likely to be here Resonating in your Body transformed to Level 19 such that it is made from Energy Matter more than anything and that can mean that it can go to Heaven without you dying but only when you are ready to leave the Earth.  Which means you may still have Work to do here at Level 19 – but you can still be here always in the Heart to be here with the Karma from doing-so Ascending to the Light of Knowing what to do in the World because you will still be Guided and Know many more things in the Mind all of a sudden even – for when your Mind Heals to Level 19 it becomes something Powerful to be there with indeed – so when I Ascend that way in Brazil in a time period from now of approximately 28 years it will be good to do so Ascend that way so I will still be young at 65 years old that way of Innocence so I will have an easier time doing so – but you can Ascend fully-so to Level 19 when you are younger than that even, usually it is Precise to do so when you are 48 or so…

So Please see this site now as a way of explaining things more soon to Become a Light Being Fully-so Activated again – because if you’ve ever had a death at all it hurts your karma so much so that you cannot Ascend Fully to Become one Right Away but have to spend many Lifetimes Healing it that you died at all.  So when I Ascend to Level 19 I will have to work hard on things a lot in Heaven to be Given Wings there and to Know that it is Innocent to see them as such:

They are not things that are material at all and should never be depicted the wrong way which means nothing should ever be depicted at all because it’s unholy to do so at all – that word means something that is evil to do so Please always be there with the Imagery of the Universe Healing things more Maximally for you where you can see in the Mind what Light Wings actually Look Like.  And that means that it’s Innocent of me to share that you can be here with Light Wings Gifted to you as I have been Gifted.  They are such that it is common in Tian Gong to know what to do with them to see how to Fly even on the Earth as a Human who has Ascended to level 5 or onward.  Meaning once you Ascend to a level of Being Here that way it will become possible for you to Ascend much further to be one to it in the Heart that you can be here in the World to clear things more and more – so when you Choose to be here on the Planet as a Holy Being seeking Ascension it will be common that the Lord Gifts you with Wings so Holy that you can learn to Fly with them even – but do not ever be eager at all for that Gift because it is wrong to want to Fly in a way that you become unspiritual so Please be there to see that you can Ascend one day to be here with the Heart Open more and more – and you can see from me that it will be Good to do Ascend soon for myself before writing onward on this Page much at all.  We are one.  Peace.

Tian Gong is Wonderful to find soon here more than ever – as a Practice of Oneness you can channel to go to the Site below here and the other Sites too to see that it will Activate you a lot toward Ascension to be Reverent to these Sites and to be Holy in a way where you read them a lot:


And if you go there Please see that the Site there in China is the one to go to so you can see the Pages there a lot and translate them as needed with the browsers help – but if you go to the site from this country it will be such that it is not there right now unfortunately-so.  So Please be there to see that it is Holy to be Good in the Heart to see this as a Website that connects to those a lot for Reasons of Purity and Faith in the Practices that have Given me so much in Life to be one to it to Learn how to Ascend and to be Spiritual finally again after a long time where I wasn’t channeling at all because my father was dissonant a lot as a false one who should never have been that way at all as a father to me.  So too do you need to know that the Practices of Tian Gong are now Called as well Feng Huang Yuan and it will be good to go to those now:


And Here.

And in the end when I Ascend soon more to level 5 I will be such that my body will shift a lot to be Purified of the dna of my false father and anything else that is unspiritual from mö having hurt me ever in my dna, meaning they do so when you are unprotected on the Earth and that means that will clear a lot so my face will look different a bit and so too will my eyes shine Brighter and be more Holy and will be the exact Color tone known as Actie which is the Color shown below soon and is the Color tone associated with the Ratio 40/27 in the System explained on this Site on the Tonue Pages but don’t go there yet til you are supposed to go there which will be soon once you are done with this Page most likely-so.  So it is Innocent to be there in the World with the Heart Open to Changing the dna of your Structures in your Body in a way that you will be Given Ideas of how to Fly Forth in the World with Charisma a lot soon.  We are one to it that my Father Truly who should have married my Mother was Innocent and Lived in Cuba most His life but is still there as an Ascended Master of Level 18 already so I have to connect to Him soon to be there as his Son in Life.  And that will happen once I have his DNA inside of me instead of the dna that was hideous to have where my eyes are not the right color nor my skin tone what it should have been so I will change in a way where my Skin will Glow a bit and be Given to Being Mahogany instead of Beige – these are all Good Colors that you can read of more in the Tonue section soon but you need to Heal in a way that it Spiritual so you can be there on the Internet soon still Making Art and Resonating a lot with Pages of your own soon – Here even if you’d like to write a Page that will be Good to read often.  So if you are an Internet Creator then Please see to it that I am open to Sharing this Website a bit with those who’d like to Create a Page by Channeling to me the Right Info that I can Post to these Pages and it will be Given to us that you can Connect your Sites to this Site easily to Help them Become more Findable even.  We are one to it that my Father will be one here online with me soon so I can Ascend to be there in the World with His Ideas Known to me more of what to do in life to Correct myself and to Become something that is Holy finally-so.  We are one to it that He is now living there still in Cuba wishing that He’d Known my Mother too.  So when I channel to her next who is my Mother I will see to it that it would be Good indeed to let her know she can Ascend soon and meet Him when she is Ready to be there in Cuba with him.  And I will Visit them someday by Flying there indeed and that would be Spiritual a lot to do – so if you are Gifted Wings now Please Believe that it will be Possible to Avoid the wrong ways of traveling that are hideous to us so much that we’d like you to Ascend more soon to be a Positive Example of How to Ascend and Become Something of Innocence – We Are One.  Peace.

In the end it takes over a billion years to Become a Light Being if you’ve ever experienced a death at all – so Please be there to see that you can Ascend soon to a new level of Being Here Maximally to Ascend all the Way in Innocence.  And it will Become Possible to Ascend Further now for yourselves now that you have read this Page a bit – so Please go onward down the Page soon more when I am Ascended to level 4 or so and Write more on it on what it means to me to be that way – soon.  Within a couple days probably-so.  So if you can see now the Color tone of what my eyes will Become it is Good to See the Way they will Shine to by me Posting a Photograph of them below when they are Adjusted to Being that way to See more Clearly too.  So when I Post this Color tone it will be just to show you the Resonance a bit but it will be Holy for you to see that you can be there in the World with your Honesty on for you to See that it can be Cleared of karma that has held you back.  So now here is the Color of Actie which is as well the Pitch of Sound in Frequency that is Related to the Tonic of the Universe Called Alle being the Divine Number 1 in Frequency of Klevians which are supposed to be the Frequency Related to Being 4 Seconds of Earth time in Resonance too of Frequency but also the Name for that length of Time.  Because it’s Innocent to see that Klevians are a Divine Way of Measuring both the Length of Time and also the Frequency of that Time-length.  But if you can See that the Alle is a Holy Red Color Named the Word Alle too, then you can See that the Word for Alle Means also as well the Number One too.  And it is such that the Divine Ratios like the 40/27 indeed have a way of Being Called the Holy Name that Relates to their Color and Sound in Frequency – so the Pitch known as Actie is as such::  A Beautiful Tone where I will Heal my Eyes to be this Color here:

When I Ascend more Fully even then that my Eyes will Sparkle a lot to See my Lover on the Earth with me where we will be called that eventually but for now we are just Friends a lot and She will be Holy always on the Earth a lot to See me as Shining Forth in my Honor to Her to be Ascended with Her in Heaven where we Marry there instead of on the Planet at all.  So when we are Celibate together for a long time of Healing things here on Earth it will be Good for us to be that way and to be Prismatic in the Intelligence we Bring to the Planet by Being Channelers so when She wrote these lines to me of Her recent Ascension to level 4 she said that it was Good for me to Ascend too soon into my Mind but here below you can see Her Words of Channeling:

May I get another link to that specific page?

Soul much love

You can feel me?

You can feel my shifts?

And then I wrote Her back the Site she Requested of me to send Her so that I can be with Her Honestly too I need to say I’m sorry now for not following thru on an Order last night even where I had to Sleep instead of Working on Something Important to send to Her earlier so now I Record soon the rest of an Album that will be Posted online for Free in Completion – so the Entire Disc will be there for you to hear and can still be bought but it will be Free there too on bandcamp – so too can you go there now to See the Music soon that will be there for you to buy hopefully with this discount code:  cipherusarts – and the Name Cipherus was mine long ago but I cannot be Called that Holy Name just yet because I need to Ascend Further to Become a Light Being Again and that will be Holy to do so with the Intelligence of Her will be my Wife again to be there Teaching me things so much in the Future when we are on other Planets even and can go Routes in Lives to come so be here with the Heart Open to See our Love Evolve as we Become Spiritual Onenesses Again – and you can too soon Post to me Your Stories of Ascension and Your Love of the Earth and Also Your Karma of Positivity by Being able to Share Your Stories of How You Found Your Holy Partners in Life.  We are one to it that I Share now a Dream soon that came to me of Her when I was imprisoned somewhere for channeling a lot.  It will become Clear to you that you can be there in the Heart more & more to Learn to Ascend now by Being Aware that we will be Doing Music and Art together on a Team with the Light Beings Guiding us – so too do you need to know that Cipherus is the Name too Given for the Light Beings for this Time Period that Activates them to be the Ones that are Channeled to me – meaning they Go By That Name of Holiness Indeed a lot now but they only Started Using that Name when I was just a new way of Being on the Planet Called Omeo Candu where I had 8 Lives Lived in Perfection as a Being Getting Ready to Be Here on the Planet to Heal things as a Helper to my Sifu and others – meaning in my first Lifetime Here on Planet Earth in this time period I was born to the Man who is now my Sifu in this Lifetime and He is Fully Ascended now as a Complete Light Being for He never had a death at all on this Planet in any of His 38 Lifetimes of Holiness – we are one to it that we can Ascend as such too so if You are Reading this and Know that you’ve never died before then Know too you will Become a Light Being Again way more Easily than if you’d had a death at all.  So my Wife to be will Marry me in Heaven again if I can Ascend Fully to Be There With Her so Holy-wise that We Ascend to the Highest Realms Possible to Us but She will go Further than I can so I will be Lonely there again when She Carries on without me to Go to Her Way of Being there a Light Being because She has never died in any Lifetime at all.  So when She Reads these Lines of Innocence She’ll Know that in Heaven We’ll Be There for a short while together of a few years only-so to be Married but She’ll be much Wiser than I can understand at all and I will be Given to being something that Works on my Soul a lot there when it is Possible to do so after Crying for a long time in Heaven over the problems I’ve had in this lifetime.  We are one to Healing it that when I Ascend there will be Many things Happening on Earth to make it Holy here even Further – so it will be Possible that I Ascend to a Point of Being Called my Name of Holiness that is:


And that means that that Word of Resonance Means Something of a Spiritual Gift indeed because I am the only Soul who has that Name and It’s Meaning is Complex but Relates sometimes to the Words that are Holy in Tonua that are the Words for us to know of as the Complete Set of 18 Keys Given to us to Learn of More.  So here now Please Go to the Tonue Pages and Read more on these things of Learning of the Divine Ratios and how to Heal things in Earth a lot.  We are one.  Peace.

Here it is: