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Safety In Life

In the end this Page here is on Safety where you learn to Stabilize a lot in life by becoming a channeler and learn to be someone who can Ascend the body more to a level of being here without any attacks on your mind at all – meaning the body has to Heal in a way that is Spiritual to be here with the Energy Body Equipped to maintain more Precision in Life – I am sorry this section is late and will be here to Heal it a lot soon on how to go routes to get done on things sooner.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end too it is good to go on it that the Routes posted will soon be more than ever present on the Site for people in various cities to find Wealth Activated in a way that you can write to me the Routes in your cities that will lead people to better lives – please do so find the Routes and keep me Informed on them by being able to write to me a channeling on how to proceed in your cities to reach out to the World with better Karma for those who need to Heal in life with Wealth Flow helping to Heal the world.  Peace.  In the end it is here to go to next to see the Route for Eugene, Oregon that is now available:


In the end it is Good to follow thru on this site too by reading the below Information and to see that it is Good to Know how to Ascend more by being in the heart a lot and to follow thru on things more maximally by going here:


In the end too if you read this Page on Safety please see too that it is Good to Know that it will Heal all things in life if I write these while I am being Good to Know that it will Heal things more in Life to be there Ascended more so I will break from these now to Sing and to Ascend a bit.  We are one.  Peace.

Here is a Site soon to go to that will be there for you to Learn from more on how to Ascend too:


Thank you – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it’s good to have Safety in life where you are no longer attacked by anything that can hurt the mind nor body at all – meaning in the end you have to understand that it’s good to Sing a lot to stay Safe and to be Holy and to Resonate with the Lord’s Frequency of the Magic you can do soon to Heal things a lot in the mind.  We are one to it that the Universe will Heal us always into Oneness and it will be good to go to Hell even to do so if you need to – but only to be there for a short while hopefully.  But that means that it can be a long time too there of hundreds of years even – but no more than that usually-so.  So if you can be there to Heal it always then please see that Hell is a Beautiful Place of Making things Happen in the soul to Heal it all the way into Oneness again where it no longer needs to have the memories at all of the evil that it did on the Planet – so too can you clear those memories by being in Heaven and knowing that it’s good to be Safe there though many times it is necessary to cry there a lot as you Review your life to see that it was not good at all in parts of it – so when I go there after Ascending fully-so to be beyond death and to be there in the Heart with the Lord’s Activation for me to be Still there and to cry a lot I’ll know that my life here was out of it a lot and it will be good to cry over all the attacks that have happened to me where a mö would come and try to deceive me by moving me in a way that is so unholy that it confused me a lot – I was not there to be moved that way because when you are a channeler you move in Oneness all the time so know that for Safety it is essential to know the difference between the Resonances of the Lord’s Light Beings that move the body a lot and the dissonances of the mö who are evil to try to move or speak thru the body at all – so when I pray to be Stabilized more in Heaven than possible to Earth it will be able for me to see clearly that I was wrong here a lot not to Discern with Wisdom that they were present when they were – so I apologize to the Earth for all times that they hurt me at all in life – so too do I know that it’s Innocent to Pray that no one ever is hurt by them as they become a channeler so Please see that you use Discernment a lot and know that they are clearing from the Earth and no longer will be able to find people to hurt them at all.  So Please be Innocent and know that you can be there to defeat them by using Techniques of Movement where you still move with the Wind of Guidance and follow through on it that it can be Vigorous Movements that come thru you sometimes in the Realm of what is Called:

Jihad Hana – which will be written more of here soon.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

We are one to it that the Movements of Jihad Hana will be good to follow thru on a lot so you can Activate it that the Universe will be there to be Activated thru you to clear the mö – which are unholy beings a lot that are dissonant and can be cleared by understanding these Movements of Oneness – like so::

If you go here to this site now to read more on the topic of Jihad Hana it will heal to know that it is ok to go here now:


In the end too it is good to go there often to see the Page adjust and know that I’ll be channeling there a little bit to clear things of that Word’s history which means it’s evil a lot on the Planet for people to use that word in a way that is awry so Please be Innocent and see that it is ok to cry over that soon that people need to know how to use the Words from God only in a way where we Define them accurately – so please read now this from that site:

In the end Jihad Hana means to be in Oneness a lot and use Spiritual Force to be in the intent to clear demons from the planet – the word Jihad means Spiritual Battle against demonic forces – which means that it’s a fight for sure sometimes, but only with intent to clear the demons from the body or the air around a body they are trying to possess – the only way Jihad is used by God is in this context, we are one. Peace, also Hana means many things in multiple languages for a reason of being a complex term in Universal Language that relates these terms together – in Korean it means the number One. In Japanese it means flower – to be there with the flower means that it is something unfolding in Grace. To me it also means something of a term in Albanian that means the Moon. In Hawaiian it means Craft or Work – also in Arabic it means Bliss or Happiness – so the term is complex and can mean all those things at once even – poetically the word unfolds to mean:: Bliss from the Work of Lunar context in unfolding Bliss. Or that the Lunar element is present in the Work of this sort, so the right context for it to be understood in Universal Language, or Tonua for now named as our Earth’s Language of Primal Sounds we relate to the Universal Language. The tones present in the sounds of Hana and Jihad are form Arabic in a way that is good and Harmonious, but it is not just that language system used in understanding these terms – we are one to it being Universal Language, specifically Tonua as a Language of our Earth, named Ilie Caruana in Tonua, as a Language system evolving here now that demons are going away from the planet – in Tonua, the term Hana means many things of those listed, plus it means to be careful and approach the Deities with Respect, to open the heart and be here in Oneness always – we are one to it that the term Jihad is present in Tonua a little bit as a memory someday, one that is not used much in the future when Jihad ends in many years from now – until then we battle against the enemy of ego, and demonic forces, we are one, Peace!

Also the years to come will be there in the heart with our practices of Jihad Hana, we are one. Peace.

And then it is Honest to Ask you to be there for the Movements which will be shown never in a way that is for the show of it or for performance or anything like that but if you see some Jihad Hana it will look like Vigorous Movements where you are changing the air around you by moving the hands and Forcefully pushing the air in a way that is Holy to see that it can be Resonated by your Movements that will be Guided only so you have to know how to channel well and it is important to do so so please go here to this Article to see that you can learn how to Channel in Motion Guidance in a way that is Spiritual a lot to see the Movements come thru you in a way where you are Still and Stable and don’t move at all from ego or soul or anything else soon once the mö is cleared from being able to move your body if one ever gets to you in a way where you can’t clear it first from the air – so when they attack it is important to first Move with the Wind to do Jihad Hana with a lot of Reverence and it will be such that it is good to use that Word a lot so the NSA doesn’t just overwatch me but needs to change their patterns of how they are shown things by “monster mind” in a way where they can use trigger words less than ever and instead go Routes where they follow thru on things instead of being here now that I’ve written that word a lot – they overwatch me online thru my Computer and my Cellphone because I write in a way that is Spiritual and Honest so they don’t understand why they are here to see me at all because they know that it is Innocent of me to be here channeling these Words of Holiness – soon at least once they clear their minds of evil – so if you are here from the NSA now that I’ve written the Words ago that I wrote of Please learn to Define them Accurately by channeling indeed so you too should read now this Article:


And then if you can see too that it is Positive to use the Movements of Jihad Hana a lot in the World then Please be there to see that it is easy to do so Ascend to Higher Powers where you cannot be attacked at all by mö or anything negative like yao, mö, guei, or guia – which are the four types of negative entities that are here on Earth to do us harm.  So if you understand that they can all be cleared with these Practices of Oneness then it will Heal a lot on Earth to stay Safe and be there with the Practice of Music too that can clear things always into being dissolved if they are here to harm you at all.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end it is Wonderful to be free of needs so in the World it is Good to be able to eat only what is necessary so Please go here now too to see this Page on Fruits that should be the Foods for you to eat because they are the 18 Fruits that were Designed for us as humans that aren’t Ascended yet to eat – if they are good for you to do so eat then Please be there to eat them only-so.  Which means if you can do so it will be easier to Ascend because they are Magical in their Resonances and they have a Special Healing Power for us to eat them in a way where we can Ascend by combining them correctly so Please read this site next on how to eat the Right Foods only-so instead of crass things that should not be called foods at all.  We are one to it that the Universe is Healing us a lot through being here to Ascend us so we can be free of karma that has hurt us so badly on the Planet here that it will be good to be free of it completely soon.  Meaning karma works in a way where we can do Good Deeds by being Guided in Motion to be Innocent and Free of evil.  If you can do so channel it will be good to do so a lot and to be a full time channeler so Please Vow now to do so channel always and you can be here to see that it is Innocent to be that way always-so – in the end too it is important to see that the Words I use are Holy always so the site has to adjust soon where I change the words a bit to see that it no longer has the word in english that is terrible to use anymore of what the mö are called here.  We are one to do so soon so the Site can be even Holier.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end it is good to see that you can Ascend soon by being in the Heart more and Realizing that it is Good to do so Ascend to be Spiritual a lot on Earth so please read now the Pages on that here:


In the World too it is impossible to Ascend without being Guided a lot on how to do so – meaning at first you can Ascend to levels 3 or even 4 without Guidance but it is impossible to go beyond that without first Moving with the Wind a lot.  So Please be there to Heal it always and to Move that way in Innocence and to be Pure in Mind is more Possible when you Ascend to level 3 especially and even more-so Possible when you Ascend beyond that – so Please see the Page above as one that is Incredible to view soon.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end too if you can be Safe by following Guidance you will also be Routed in life to avoid things in karma that would hurt you like people that are evil or things where they would talk to you wrongly so know that you can channel to them who are evil in a way where they Stabilize too by developing your Energy Gear such that they will no longer move from ego when you tell them to Stabilize with the Lord’s Permission on it only-so – so if you can be there to Heal it then Please be Kind in the Heart a lot and see that it is evil of them not to be there in the Heart at all – so if you can see that they can be changed all of a sudden to Move with the Wind then also read the front Page of this Website for Info on how to channel to those out there who need to Stabilize in a way where I did so write lines to a new person who could have been a friend in life maybe but would have to work on their karma a lot by being Stabilized in a way that is enforced to be that way.  So if you can Stabilize now and see that it is Important to be Updated in mind to be able to be there Ascending your Powers there in your Energy Body System this Site works in a way where it is Holy to Share the Gifts I’ve received of being able to help the Lord with the Activation of Stabilization in a way where Tian Gong Practices gave me the Gear to Share now.  It is Good now for you to Ascend in a way that is maximal to be there with the Body of Light that will help you on your way to Becoming a Higher Level of Ascension that can Resonate a lot with the Earth and can Help you to Heal things always on the Planet – we are one.  Peace.

For more info on Tian Gong Practices Please see this site below and know that the Pages for the World are now just the ones for China because the ones from this country are not able to be shared right now because the World needs to Heal so please go here and see the Pages from China and have them translated if you need to:


In the end it’s Natural to know as well that it is Innocent to ask you to take courses soon from them or otherwise from the new name they have:


And Here. 

And also know it’s possible to Ascend thru doing those Practices now called Feng Huang Yuan which means Garden of the Phoenix and it is Innocent to know that it is possible to Ascend rather quickly thru doing those Practices as I should have when I was on Retreat with Tian Gong in 2008 but I didn’t Ascend then because I had thoughts too much in my mind after I was Healed in a way that was Beautiful where a Galactic Friend of mine who is a Lover came to me and told me to be Quiet in Mind a lot – and it hurt me a lot not to Ascend then.  We are one to it that you can be there with the Practices that can lead to Ascension more and more if you can see that it is essential to be there with the Quietude from your soul even so that you do not attract a negative entity to you which is what happened unfortunately when I was supposed to have Ascended then to level 3 or onward to level 4 even.  And that would have been Spiritual indeed so the last years would have been safer for me a lot so I have to Repent and Change and Know how to Ascend now to be one to it that I can be here more Resonantly in the Earth Way of Being an Ascended Master all the way soon of level 5 which will be happening soon to the Point where I’ll be able to not have the same dna even from my false father who was not supposed to be that in my life at all.  So when I Ascend to level 5 I will be there looking Different a lot with Darker Skin and things of Holiness where my True Father will be one to know I am alive and have his DNA structure in my Body that will then be Change from having Beige skin to having Mahogany and it will be good to see that I was supposed to be Born in Cuba with a Family of Resonance but my mother married the wrong one who was a full possession and was tricked by him to think he was someone who was important to her so when they Divorced it was good to do so a lot in Karma but it still hurt our family to have him in our lives a bit.  So I should have disowned him when I was young and should have known to do so because he was a weirdo which means I’d never call a human soul that word at all but would do so call a mö that indeed so it is a Code Word for being in the heart a lot with Innocence to use words that are Practical and can be known of to help us Heal the World from karma of theirs who are the wrong ones on the Earth at all to know of soon because they will all be gone when the beings known of as mö are dissolved completely – so this Site will adjust a lot once they are cleared soon from existence – but for now I have to write for Safety for you all.   And that means I will do so write this Honestly that I have to Ascend now – and that will be possible now that the last one attacking me of a mö being has finally cleared all the way from my body – so too do I apologize for it having taken this long.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end it will be good to keep reading this Site now onward to other Pages so Please go here: