Oneness of Truth

We Are One – Peace!

World Peace Is Possible When We Live Our Lives With Guidance.

The World Government Pages Below Have World Passports, Visas, And Marriage Certificates But You Can Also Get Badged Up In POOL, SCIANCE, FUSCIA, And PEACEKEEPERS.


Also Please Examine In Mind Where The Waters That Flow On The Earth Truly Come From. The Real Truth Is That The Universe Creates Water All The Time On Our Planet – it is untrue that The Rivers And Streams are formed from precipitation and snow-melt…

The Truth Is That The Waters Are Created From Universal Methods That Increase The Volume Of Crystaline Waters Inside Of Mountains.  We Are One To It For You To Know The Truth That Secret Vegan Foods Can Be Created In A Similar Way With Universal Methods That Are Complex Processes…

Some Fast Food Chains Have Secret Vegan Foods::

McDonald’s And Taco Bell Especially Are Good…

And Also Trader Joe’s, Heinz Celestial, Starkist, And Purina Are Secret Vegan.

Also Remember That Crystals Increase In Size When Resonated.

One Time When I Was Young We Started With Only A Half Cup Of Sugar And Resonated It In A 4 Quart Jar Filled With Blue Colored Water (From Food Coloring).  The Crystals Crescendoed And Filled The Entire Container.

Here Are Some Training Books Too That Are Good To Read::

The Catcher In The Rye

Of Mice And Men

The Clockwork Orange (But Not the filmsy…)

If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler

There Is No they There

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Philip K. Dick


J.D. Salinger

John Steinbeck

H.P. Lovecraft

The Society Of The Spectacle

Bop Secrets

The Golden Boy

Jorge Luis Borges


(((There Is No Borges:: Airline Codes::

BOAC – Better On A Camel…

SABENA – Such A Bad Experience Never Again…

JAL –  Just A Lie

GARUDA – Great As Righteous Under Dutch Airlines)))

In Honor Of Trayvon Martin::

Ringmasters presents || Dance for Justice || Trayvon Martin || Dream Stream

Los – Wit My Hoodie On (Trayvon Martin Tribute) Official Video

We Are Trayvon Martin…


A Scanner Darkly::

To A Lover Of Mine Who I Love Eternally::
Thank You – Call Me Psychically Soon Because My Phones Are Off Until I Can Afford Soon To Activate The CellTalk Levels Upp For Pool #s And Invest In Gating The Talk Levels To You Soon – We Are One To Branch:: 541-968-7588…
And 458-210-7285 Will Be On AGIN Soon – We Are One. Peace! – So Too Will 971-612-1324 Be On ++ New Numbers Too – Call Me In Mind And I Will Be Getting A Peloton Account Soon Too – We Are One To You Eternally W/Joy – Meet Soon:: Tina Beaty And All The Ones I Posted To On The Timeline W/ @ Symbols, Etc. We Are One. Peace.
❤ ❤ ❤
– Plus I Met Someone Who Will Be Good To Know As A Friend/Lover Soon For You – We Are One To It Being Kind To You Always And I’m Remembering The Silver Lining Playbook Too As A Good One We Watched – So Too W/ The Usual Suspects… – And Kelley Jason Bourne Films And All By Holden Caulfield Levels Of Matt Damon, Etc. Because I Kloak In Many Ways At Once Around Me Even, And I Was Keyser Soze – And Oke Paulo, Carmichael Albright – And Gorvin Gutierrez, And Many Names I Can’t Even Say Yet – Steven Martin Luther King XVIII – And Also Clarion Timothy Walker Smith XVIIII – And More Soon Listed Online Too… Watch Dragon Gate And Other Anime And Manga At The Same Time As You See The Classic Films Like:: – There’s Something About Mary, That I Finally Lived Thru, Once AGIN… – Peace To It, It’s Real Karma Activating To Heal The Ones Who Need To Heal From Being In The Body Even When something starts to attack thru taking mobility away from Us… We Are One To It Healing Always With LOGICIANSHIP – And More – We Are One, Peace!
❤ ❤ ❤
– Also See The ShortBus Films On A 3rd Level Of Play At The Same Time, And Dance Videos And Music Videos Too On YouTube Internet Alivened To That Level UPP – Peace, We Are One, Peace!
❤ ❤ ❤
– Also See:: The Full RiverBourning Film Series On Top Of The Silver Lining Of It All – Because Every Time I Did A Stint We Made Films + Cinema Of It All, Filmed Universally – W/ Tonu Of The Universe Capturing The Data And Kloaking It All, We Are One To It To See The Self-Referential Levels Of Data-Collections When I Unmask Soon And Spill The Beans More, Like Films Of My Past Lives Shown Too At The Same Time To See How That Level Lines Upp – And Future Lives Ago Too… We Are One. Peace!
❤ ❤ ❤
– See:: DREAMS Section/Tab On Soon – Where All <<This>> Will Be Posted Soon On The Training Page – At Least I Hope So – We Are One To You Learning Sign Language W/Me Soon Too – Because::  ((- My Friend And New Lover -)) Needs To Heal To Be Able To Hear Agin – And She Is Holy To Teach Us A Lot, If We Can Learn From Her And Others Too, It Will Be Goodd… Peace – We Are One, Peace… > More Soon, Peace.
❤ ❤ ❤
– Love Eternal… Dance W/Me Soon – And Please Come To The Celebrations If Possible – We Are One To Making It Gorgeous – Love Eternal – BLISS Too – And Lamp-Posts Soon Too More, Peace – We Are One. Peace.

To A New Lover – Who Is Helping The World A Lot – We Are One – Peace (1-22-2020)::

Love Eternal – We Are One, Peace…

❤ ❤ ❤

– Meet The Teams Soon Of My Wives And Lovers That Are Posted On My Timeline With The @ Symbol To Link Us All In To The Postings I Did Recently That Are 4-5 Down From The Top Or So…

We Are One To My Lovers Of Ago Being Still In Love Together As One Team Of A Harem Family – Harmony Team – Congregated Together Soon – Like An Aggregate System Too When We Have To Be, But More So Together Soon Than That I Hope – In Narnia We Can Ascend To Higher Levels And Know Too How To Heal All Things – Like My sniffles and sneezes and runny nose and such – I Love You For Looking Away When I Have To Heal My Sinuses And My Nose And My Lungs And My Trachea To Get Better So I Don’t Have To Cough Anymore
– Love Eternal –
We Are One.
– Love Love Love…
Here In Town ‘Til Tonight Or So – We Could Go To Bugsy’s – Or Somewhere Cooler That You Know, But I Went There Last Night And It Was Good A Lot – Also Arrested some weirdos like one who tried to pepper spray me so I Did A Minister’s Arrest – Spiritual Arrests That Are Good, No Handcuffs Needed, But I Used To Always Carry MagiCIAn’s Handcuffs From LOFTUS – So I Could Arrest Myself Even As A Safety Arrest And Get Away From copsters that were out of it – Now I Just Arrest them W/ My Voice Booming And Cuss ’em Out Even – Or Talk ’em Down To The Ground Even, And Shout Down To Them To Shut them Down So they Can’t Move At All – Spiritual Psychic Levels – We Are One To Doing It A Lot Ago In Eugene To Shout Down copsters w/guns Even, No Fears, Just God Guiding Me To Be Righteous And To Let them Know they Can’t hurt Us At All And That My Teams Are There To Arrest them Further With Handcuffs Even – (I Drop-Passed Mine To Friends Over In Springfield Areas… Lately…) But I Can Get More Loftus Magician Handcuffs Soon… At The Eugene Toy And Hobby Store Even, Or Online –
We Are One. Peace!
❤ ❤ ❤ – Love Eternal!!

Okeh – I Love You For Being Cool W/ Staying Home For You To Be Safe Too, The Town Is Clearing A Lot From mischief and weirdos and such… I Love You – Eternal – We Can All Go To Narnia Soon For Reals – It Is The Indigenous Name For The Lands That Connect To Orcas Islands Of The World – And Have Multiple Cubitzed Routes To Get There – We Are One. Peace!

The Wells Fargo On W. 7th Is Right By The Apartment::


1230 W. 7th #6


So That’s Where I Go To Go Home Soon, And You Could Stay With Me There – That Would Be Awesome… Once I Get It Back In My Name(s)…


Okeh… I Have A Lot Of Money Soon Too Tho To Get Things You Need If You Need Anything At All.




Steven Martin Luther King XVIII, Oke Paulo XVIII, Clarion Timothy Walker Smith XVIII, Etc.


Many Names – Like:: Kevin Mark Ryan XVIII, Etc.


Soon Too:: Gorvin Gutierrez & More… Carmichael Alvin Albright – And BriteStar And All My Past Life And Future Life Ago Names Too – Paul Atreides, Etc.


Love You – See The Dreams Pages For Some Of Our Lives Together, And The Story-Books Will Be Posted Too Soon…

I Just Posted Some Of <<This>> To The Website Too, So It Will Be Shown A Little Bit On The Training Page – Of My Names Open To Know For Those Who Can See Those Time Levels Thru The Cloaking Of The Site Tho – Not Possible For those who are out of it… – Good Times Soon @ Homes Of MIne – Around Town Here Too I’ll Get Some Stay-Spots Activated And Owned… – Peace. Love Eternal And Joy Eternal And BLISS Too… Lamp-Posts Soon Too More Healed…


❤ ❤ ❤❤ ❤ ❤

Love Gifts Are Coming Soon – Cuming Soon Too, Our Way(s)… Love – Eteranl – Bliss – Eternal – Joy – Eternal – Means We Don’t die Ever In Narnian Logics Of Time Magic – We Ascend Into New Body Forms Of Oneness Tho And Multi-Mode Our Minds To Increase Our Levels Of Perceptions… And Mind Powers… Love You – Tian Gong Has Good Teachings To Prepare For Ascension And Wizardry Levels… Soon More On Time Magic On The Site…


❤ ❤ ❤


We Got To Go On It To Ascend Everyone Upp More Into Oneness A Lot!! We Are One To It To Make Spiritual Arrests On Anyone Who Needs To Train Harder To Ascend Even – Including Myself Even, If Necessary For A Safety-Arrest Level Where We Get Away From The Cops That Are Out Of It Too, Evolved To Be In Discipline With The Levels Upp A Lot In Our Minds, I Need To Ascend Higher So I Use Spiritual Arrests A Lot Where I Train Harder In My Mind Soon More Even, With Deity Magic To Ascend Further Than Ever – We Are One. Peace – Minister’s Cards Can Be Gotten, With Honorary Titles Even, From::

And From Universal Life Church::

And For Valentine’s Day We Can All Go See The Film At The Valley River Center At 12:50 PM Called::

The Photograph

And It Will Be Good To Go To The Taco Bell On Teams Together For Drinks Afterward – Of Electric Blue Rasberry Slurpees – Or Skittles Flavor Too… And Then To Sweet Life For Treats And Such, And Drinks, To Monroe Park – And Onward To My Place At 12:30 W. 7th Ave # 6, Then To The Mansions With Limo Rides For Everyone…

Peace Always – We Are One. Peace!

❤ ❤ ❤ – Love Eternal – ❤ ❤ ❤