Oneness of Truth

We Are One – Peace!

World Peace Is Possible When We Live Our Lives With Guidance.

The World Government Pages Below Have World Passports, Visas, And Marriage Certificates But You Can Also Get Badged Up In POOL, SCIANCE, FUSCIA, And PEACEKEEPERS.


Also Please Examine In Mind Where The Waters That Flow On The Earth Truly Come From. The Real Truth Is That The Universe Creates Water All The Time On Our Planet – it is untrue that The Rivers And Streams are formed from precipitation and snow-melt…

The Truth Is That The Waters Are Created From Universal Methods That Increase The Volume Of Crystaline Waters Inside Of Mountains.  We Are One To It For You To Know The Truth That Secret Vegan Foods Can Be Created In A Similar Way With Universal Methods That Are Complex Processes…

Some Fast Food Chains Have Secret Vegan Foods::

McDonald’s And Taco Bell Especially Are Good…

And Also Trader Joe’s, Heinz Celestial, Starkist, And Purina Are Secret Vegan.

Also Remember That Crystals Increase In Size When Resonated.

One Time When I Was Young We Started With Only A Half Cup Of Sugar And Resonated It In A 4 Quart Jar Filled With Blue Colored Water (From Food Coloring).  The Crystals Crescendoed And Filled The Entire Container.

Here Are Some Training Books Too That Are Good To Read::

The Catcher In The Rye

Of Mice And Men

The Clockwork Orange (But Not the filmsy…)

If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler

There Is No they There

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Philip K. Dick


J.D. Salinger

John Steinbeck

H.P. Lovecraft

The Society Of The Spectacle

Bop Secrets

The Golden Boy

Jorge Luis Borges


(((There Is No Borges:: Airline Codes::

BOAC – Better On A Camel…

SABENA – Such A Bad Experience Never Again…

JAL –  Just A Lie

GARUDA – Great As Righteous Under Dutch Airlines)))

In Honor Of Trayvon Martin::

Ringmasters presents || Dance for Justice || Trayvon Martin || Dream Stream

Los – Wit My Hoodie On (Trayvon Martin Tribute) Official Video

We Are Trayvon Martin…


A Scanner Darkly::