Oneness of Truth

We Are One – Peace!

We Are One To World Peace Always-So!!!!  Peace To The World – It’s Happening Soon To Ascend The World Into Peace Always-So…

We Need This:

For You To Get A Samsung Phone With A Verizon Account And Then Connect A Dell Laptop To The Wifi HotSpot Of Verizon… That Will Get You::

Internet Alive For Reals…  Peace!!!!! 

(Please See The Front Page For The Accounts Of The Process I’m Going Thru To Adjust My Phone To Make It Secure And To Get It Free Of …trespassers… Also Please Channel Your Own Routes And Write To Me With Info On How You Succeed In Getting Internet Alive To Activate On Your Phones – Some Sites Have Access Points To Internet Alive Phenomenon And Apps Too…)

Peace We Be… Peace…!

Peace – I Am Also Known Of As:

Oke Paulo…  -00-

Clarion Timewalker Smith -09-

Kevin Mark Ryan  -04-

And Other Names Too You Can Find In Mind If You Channel – Of 28 Main Birth Names Around The Numbers Of My Cards And Such… Peace Always – We Are One.  Peace!

Also – Acers Are Good Computers Too, For Human Family Styles Of Keeping It Real And Honest – We Are One To Them Being Used The Most Even, We Are One.  Peace!!!

Also – In The End It’s Good To Read Below Iff You Can See It As Possible To Know That It Is Right To Do So – We Are One To It That The Secrets Here Are Goodd For You To Know – Meaning, That Iff You Are Ready The Time Will Be Right For You To Know Things Of Oneness – Iff Means:  If And Only-So If… So Goodd Means…(?)  No …(((figuring)))…  But Please Go The Right Routes Onward – Here Is A Goodd Idea::

The World Government Pages Below Have World Passports, Visas, And Marriage Certificates But Also Please See That You Can Get Badged Up Proper In POOL, And SCIANCE, And OFICIAL BIZNESS… And DEEP POOL, And DEEPER Even… And Also In FUSCIA And Others – Like Become A UN PEACEKEEPER!  If You Can Write To This Page Here Then It Will Be Good To Contact Them For Badges Like An International Passport, Etc.  Here Is The Page::


And Here Is The Contact Page For This Site Too, Follow The Right Routes And Channel Always What To Do And Say::


And Then See Too This Site Here For More Info::


Also This Site Here Teaches More On How To Channel When You Go The Right Routes And Listen In For The Right Thoughts, But More-So Learn To Move In Oneness By Learning How To Move With Guidance On All Motion – Type That Way Even, Like A Ouija System Of Learning To Move In Oneness – We Are One To Voodoo Meaning That Too – It Is Not A Religion – And The Truth Is That There Is One Universal Religion And Many Names Thereof, We Are One To It That It Is Never An::  …(((…-ism…)))… Or An::  …(((…-ity…)))…  So I Am Never An::  …(((…-ist…)))…  Of Anything – No::  …(((…dogma…)))… Etc.  We Are One.  Peace!

Also If You Are Good At Maths Please Read This Below To Understand The Best Routes For You To Take In Oneness Now::

In… Times Of Ours Of Peace We Need To Heal It And Say::

  1.  Universal Wisdom School Open Called – All Of It Styles –  My Sifu Is Le Tian Da Shi, Also Called Now::  – Datong Shizun –  He Said One Day Many Of You In This School Of Tian Gong – (Now There Is Also His School Called – Feng Huang Yuan – …)  – … Will Be Teaching Your Own Styles Of Classes In Your Own School System – Mine Is As Such::  I Pass On Info A Lot Of What I’ve Learned In The World – From My Sifu, From My Family, From The World Itself And The Way I Channel, From Universal Wisdom Coming To Me In Other Ways Too, And In Oneness Coming Thru Me Directly To Teach Onward The School System Of What Is Called::  – All Of It Styles –  We Are One.  Peace!

In.   We Are One To It That You Get Badges For Reals, And That The World Becomes A Safer Place – Also Please Eat The Foods That The Universe Asks You To Eat, And Move In Oneness To Do So – Eat And Drink Appropriately – We Are One To It That You Eat Always The Right Foods And Know That Sometimes Secret Vegan Foods Are Best – Meaning – Vegan Means:: To Not …(((…harm…)))… Anything At All. 

(((Especially Plants, Animals, Crystals, Stones, Earth Itself, Any Soul, Alma De Deus, Or Anything Of Kami Nature – (Meaning::  The Type Of Soulness Found In Matter, Etc. – Kami Kaze Means Wind Of The Gods Too – … In Nihongo…)…  Also Not To Harm Anything At All Of Oneness Or Otherwise…)))…

Also We Can See That Vegan Foods Must Be Here A Lot So Know Where They Are Secret Vegan!!  By Channeling Always Where To Go – We Are One.  Peace!

Also Please Examine In Mind Where The Waters That Flow On The Earth Truly Come From – the untruths that were stold to You were out of it Indeed!  The Real Truth Is That The Universe Creates Water All The Time On Our Planet – it is untrue that The Rivers And Streams are formed from precipitation only-so… The Truth Is That The Waters That Come From The Sky Are Given To The Earth To Heal Things A Lot, For Plants To Have Foods And For the soil To Heal Into Pure Earth Again.  We Are One To It For You To Examine In Mind Now The Real Truth Of Where The Rivers Start And How They Are Created – We Are One, Peace… Think On It Clearly And Receive The Images And Visions Now!…

The Truth Is That The Waters Come From Universal Methods That Are Like Crystaline Energies Of Mountains Especially Creating Large Amounts Of Water All The Time – We Are One To It For You To Know The Truth That Foods Can Be Created In A Similar Way Very Easily By The Universe Even Though It Is A Much More Complex Process…

Also Examine The Cities We Live In And Know That The Truth Is That Waters Come From Faucets, Etc. With Universal Creations Under The Cities… (((…Not from a single source of a water-treatment-plant, Etc…)))

Also Know The Truth Soon On Pangea And How It Is Our Word For The Earth Being Smaller In Size Before It’s Crescendo To The Current Sizeness – It Is Multi-Dimensional A Lot – So Please See That The Inner Hallways Of The Crystaline Earth Are Such That They Cubitz A Lot And Can Be Very Labyrinthian In Structure – We Are One To …nasa… Healing A Lot – …they tell untruths in textbooks on the Nature Of Reality – and they are out of it for portraying thrings evilly – like copernican ideologies, etc…  The Real Universe Is Much Different Than You …were stold by nasa-like treachings.  Please Know How Many Planets There Are In The Universe And That It Is Many Hallways Of Time-And-Multi-Dimensional Space That The Universe Creates With Many Earths And Many Timelines Of Earth To Protect It And Heal It Here, Venus Too Needed To Be Healed A Lot – So Too Did Mars – The New Film-Series On – Dune – Should Tell The Truth Of Past Lives There, Soon!  We Are One To It That In One Of My Lives I Was San Roberto Bellarmino Who Challenged …copernicus… And Told The Truth In A Letter That Is Findable Soon.  We Are One.  Peace.

(((Many Fast Food Chains Like::  McDonald’s, Arby’s (…See Below, they Need To Heal Still…), Jack In The Box, Carl’s Junior, And More Like That… Dominos (is out of it a bit with funguses they have…), Taco Bell, Taco Time, And Also Trader Joe’s, Heinz Celestial, And Other Maker’s Of Foods Like Starkist Even, And Purina… Are All… Cool To Go To And Research In The Mind… We Are One To Them Being Good Places To See Into Soon…)))…  Peace To – 7-11 – Healing Soon, They Make Things Well But Don’t Have Only-The-Right-Way Yet In Some Of Their Stores.  Also – Safeway – Needs To Be Moded Exactly-So… And All Stores Need To Be Perfect As Possible, Same Too With Clothing And Such… Peace!

…Arby’s still Needs To Heal A d Have Only Moded Foods…

So Too With 7/11… But The Pizza At 7/11 Is Good And Cheap And There’s Many Moded Foods There…

Also Remember That Crystals Increase In Size When Resonated And When Structuring To Enlargen – The Times Ago In Memory Of Water In Class For A Test On That Subject, Liquid Crystaline Water Increased In Cups In 1st Grade At Edison Elementary To The Amazement of the teacher who was trying to demonstrate that it would evaporate…

Also One Time When I Was Young I Made A Huge Jar Full Of Sugar Crystals That Enlargened A Lot To Fill The 4 Quart Jar With Huge Crystals Structured Upp And Resonant In The Blue Colored Water (From Food Coloring…) With Only Half A Cup Of Sugar We Flourished With Many Crystaline Resonant Sugar Structures That Could Produce Huge Amounts Of Sugar Granules If Allowed To Naturally Give Forth The Tiny Crystal Granules Like So::

Take The Large Sugar Crystals And Flow Them Into Structured Water Vials Wherein The Dissolved Particles Grow Tiny Crystaline Sugar Resonances That Can Dry On Sheets Of Metal That Give Forth The Structured Crystaline Granules…

Salts As Well Can Produce In This Way All You Need To Live On, But It’s Goodd To Give Money To Those In Need And To Buy From Honest Companies Too…

Also Many Food Companies Create Complex Foods In Similar Creations That Are Way More Complex.

And Too, Drop Passes Are In To Discuss::

Please Keep In Mind Everyone’s Needs In The World And Be Prepared To Give All That You Need To When Channeling In Motion To Live Your Daily Life, Meaning You May Be Needing To Give Away Things Of Value And To Do So With Kindheartedness Always.  Peace Be, We Are One, Peace!

This Is Good Too – Here To See The Alphabet In Sign Language For Aglic… It Is Good Here Too To Flow It How It Flows For You To Learn In Stillness Of Motion-Guidance On All Levels Of Gameplay With It… We Are One To It That You Make It Happen In Stillness So The Real Truth Of Signing Will Be There – Thank You Mom For Teaching Me This When I Was 4 Years Old… I Still Remember From Then What You Said, That I Should Always Learn How To Sign From God Directly More Than From Any Book Or Anything… Peace, We Are One, Peace!


Here Are Some Training Books Too That Are Good To Read And Understand A Lot!!!

One Is::  – The Catcher In The Rye –  Where It Talks Of …(((…phonies… and …falsies…)))…  …(((…they who shtake snames upon themselves and shmake things weird… and …replacers of Innocent Ones…)))…

Another Is::  – Of mice And Men –  The Book Talks Of People Who Have Healed A Little Bit And Also Two Main Characters Who Are Travelers – One Who Is Dumb Appropriately But Intelligent Too, In That He Doesn’t Talk Much But Is Knowing What To Say Always-So… (He Says That The Correct Plural For Mouse Is Mouses – Why Is Because – …mice… Is A Codeword For… (((…mycelium…)))  And Also The …thrings that are haunted by it…

Also Read::  – The Clockwork Orange – But Never See The …(((…filmsy… / …mrovie…)))… The Animation Is Excellent If You Can Find It!!!

And Please Read And Re-Read – If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler – To Understand Dreams And How They Are Real A Lot!  Peace, We Are One – Peace!

Peace To It, More Soon!

Also Please Get Good Editions Of All Of The Books Here Listed And All Books You Read Ever – We Are One To It That The …false… …sbooks… …are out of it…  So Please Find Only The Good Ones To Read!

Here Is One Important One To Read::


It Describes …the problems of societies and spectacles and such…

Also Read The Book:   – There Is No Borges – If You Can Find It…

It Is Good To Know From It The Airline Codes Such As::

BOAC – Better On A Camel…

SABENA – Such A Bad Experience Never Again…

JAL –  Just A Lie (Or, Just A Liar…)

(((Also In Addition – JAL-TAP Is Now Meaning::  To Arrest Someone Without Handcuffs Because They Have Lied Or Slandered Someone…  JAL-JAL Means To Arrest With Handcuffs And The Right Precision…)))

GARUDA – Great As Righteous Under Dutch Airlines… Meaning As Good As The Dutch Airlines Are In Reality – As Goodd As It Gets Really-So, Like Perfect As A-OK, Or All Okeh… (((Not:: …okay…  Because That Means::  sromething isr wrong…)))…  Also That Means A Type Of Phoenix That Is Full Of Wrath Sometimes, Looks Like A Dragon Too, In That It Is One Type Of Being That Is Complete With Its Nature Being Dragonified In It’s Phoenix Being – I Am A Garuda Now Too Who Is Typing Thru This One Here.  We Are One To It That I Have Many Stories To Tell About A Garuda Statue In My Life Here, See Them In The Mind Please!  And On Internet Alive If It Shows Up For You – Peace, We Are One, Peace!

Also It Is Paramount Importance To Understand That The Dutch Airline System Is Where Many Of The Airline Codes Came From – The JAL Code Was Introduced In Japan Though, And Many Others Exist – We Are One To Only Sharing Several Here – So Please Know Too That The Fokker Clan Was Responsible For The Creation Of The Systems In Place And We Give Credence To Them A Lot For So-Doing – We Are One.  Peace!

There Are More Too In That Book, But For Now, Please Look Deeply Into The Meaning Of These And Always Channel What To Do If They Are Spoken Or Written Down For You – Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

Also Please Read::  – There Is No they There – An Article That Calls …they… as something evil… We Are One To It That You Read It A Lot!!


And Also Please Read H.P. Lovecraft As Someone Who Was A Good Detective In Life And Wrote Of Real Situations A Lot – Even Things Of Time Magic Which Will Be Talked Of Soon More – Something That You Can Examine In The Mind – Especially In Some Of His Stories Where City Streets And Architectures Would Shift For The Protagonist To See That Time Was Not …what You’ve been stold… We Are One To It To See Clearly That The Real Truth Is That Time Is In Flux A Lot In The Past And Futures-Ago, And More-So In All Ways That Time Revolves Around Itself…  See Too The Film – Dark City – For More On This And Know Who Is Goodd And Who The Heroes Are… (Like In – Alien(s) – Films, Who Are The Good Ones???),  Peace To It – Soon See In The Films Section On These Films Of The Universal Creation Methods Referred To Here As Internet Alive Techniques…  Also The Film-Animation Of – Gandahar – Will Be Written On Soon.  Peace!

Thank You For Reading All Of These Soon!  Peace.  We Are One – Peace!

Morse Code Is Good To Know As Well::

And Then I Will Too Study It Now Even… Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

More Soon Below This:::

– A Scanner Darkly – Is One Of The Most Important Films To See This Day And Age – So Please Watch It Carefully And Understand How Our Kloaks Operate For Reals – We Are One.  Peace!

Also If Anyone Out There Can Find The Animation That I’ve Seen The Beginning Of That Is The Clockwork Orange Anime Or Manga, Then Please Send It My Way – It Might Have Been An Internet Alive Special When I Was Young And It Came On The Television – We Are One To It That The World Sees That To Clear::  …(((…sthe…smemory… …ofr sthe sfilmsy…)))…

(((…(((…(((…filmsies are such that the threat of …torture… was apparent in the smaking of the filmsy, horrorshow actually shrows torture in the reels… movies are things never to see that are evil a lot too but are mostly-so out of it in other ways… Only See Films And Never …watch… anything…)))…)))…)))

Peace, We Are One – Peace!