Oneness of Truth


This Section of the Site will be Filled with Languages to Learn soon more the languages of the Earth that are Healing now and will be called new Names for some of them too – but also on this Central Page of it will be the Language of the Tonue System of Learning things to Ascend to Become a Light Being again – Meaning the Language of – Tonua – is the Name of the Language.  And It Is Such That I Will Post Many Words In This Language Soon – Start Small Here And Expand In Your Channelings To Learn More Of This System Of Speech For Music And Songs Especially That Fit Into How We Play The Games Of Ours In Music And Such – We Are One To Tonue Systems Of The Great Glass Bead Game And Beyond… We Are One To It That You Learn Tonua A Lot!

Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

In Tonua The System Of Learning Is To Sing A Lot And Let The Translation/Traduza Come To You In Knowingness As You Go – If No Meaning To The Words/Variables Flows To You Then Please Be Patient And Know That It Might Be A Hidden Meaning For The Time… We Are One.  Peace!

Thank You =  – Indego Wan –

I’m Sorry = – Alleu Onei Bu –

Please Forgive Me = – Alleu Indigo Wan –

I Love You (Agape) = – Alleu Onio Wan –

Thank You For Reading This And Know Too That You Can Channel Now Many Words Of Tonua And Find Some Throughout The Site – So Too Will I Update This Section To Have More Words Soon… But Not Many, Because It’s Best If You Channel It Upp!!!  (Upp = Up And Only-So Upp!)

Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

In The End There Will Be SubSections Here Too That Will Have Universal Languages Of Ours That Are Common Languages Of The Earth That I Will Post On As I Learn Them – To See More, Write To Me The Languages You Are Learning And I Will Post Them Up For You Too, So We Can Learn Maximally On Teams Of Ours – The Internet Alive Edition Of This Site Will Arrange Things In Orders That Are Prevalent – And Unique Per Person/Human – Etc.  We Are One!   Peace!