Oneness of Truth



The Tonue System Of Learning Games Of Life Is Also Called The Great Glass Bead Game And Its Structures Are Evolving Here Now For Us To Learn To Ascend And To Teach Us Many Things Of Wisdom And To Learn Things Of Brilliance Of Oneness That Can Help The World Heal Always To Become Something Spiritual Again – In The Books By Herman Hesse Called::

– The Great Glass Bead Game –

…It Will Heal Soon That The Books By Him were sometimes misnamed and also published with innacuracies in the versions that are out of it if You See them even…  So Please Wait For The Right Editions In All Languages Because those versions were such that they hurt Time Itself With falsities that aren’t In The Real Books He Tried To Publish Later On… And Get Translated Too Perfectly – So Know That It’s Healing In All Time To Find Soon And Post Here The Great Glass Bead Game Books That Contain Wisdom On The Things Below::

In The End It Is Good To Know You Can Ascend Fully-So To The Light Of Knowing How To Play These Games By Being In Oneness A Lot And By Being Taught The Language System Of Tonua – The Language System For The Great Glass Bead Game Called Tonue.


The Games Of Life In Tonue Are Here Below:

There Are 10 Games Of Holiness That Are Called:

– Canue –

In The End It’s Good To Go On A Few Things Of Jazz Lessons Here – Where Jazz Is A Holy Word That Means Something In Tonua Even That Is Beyond The Scope Of A Single Genre Of Sounds Or Music Or Sound-Styles – It Is Something So Holy To Behold That It Is Something We Use To Refer To Tones Of Usage Of Goodness Where The Tones Are All Created In Oneness And The Music Is Such That It Is Good Always In The Heart – The Jazz Here Of Yester-Years Ago Was Good Jazz Of The Universe In The Same Systems Here Written Of Even Though We Play On Keyboards And Instruments That Are Made With Guided Tones To Fit To Twelve Notes… There Are Always More Notes Than That And It Is Common In Jazz For Us To Play The Hidden Notes.  There Are 18 Central Tonics In The Jazz System Of The Universe – In The End It’s Good To Know That The Universal System Also Has 72 Notes Per Octave In The Central Key Called: – Alle – …And If You Are In Other Tonics There Are Possible 49 Additional Notes Total…  The Holy Names Of The Color Tones That Are Also The Names Of The Notes Themselves And Of The Ratios Too Are Written On Below… 

It Is Also Good To Know A Few Things Of Jazz <<Here>> So You Know What To Do With Numbers That Are Ratios Of Mathematics That Represent Intervals Of Sound – And Also Color Tones – We Are One To It That The Best Way To Understand This Is To Go About With Oneness Guiding You Always In Movement To Sing And Know How To Create Harmonies Of Oneness. 

Peace, We Are One To This:

In The End It Takes Some Skills At Mathematics To Be Ready For The Great Glass Bead Game Levels Of Creation For Humans To Learn… First It Is Needed To Learn To Add And Subtract Ratios For Learning How To Create The Harmonies Of Tones In That The World Needs To Heal A Lot In A Way To Play Forth The Mathematics Of Sounds – We Mean That Music Is Such That The Ratios Of Intervals And Color Tones Are Precise Definitions Of Ours In Music.  To Combine Tones Together Means That The Ratios Play Forth In Harmonies And The Math Is Such That The Ratios Of Sounds And Color Tones Need To Be Added Together Exactly-So To Make The Precise Knowledge Of What Chord Tones Are Present – For Instance If You Add The Interval Of 5/4 Plus 3/2 – Those Intervals Are Precise Definitions Of Sounds And Color Tones From A Base Note… Such That If You Take A Tonic There Too Being The Number 1 For Now… Then Add A Note Of 5/4 To The Tonic And Then Add A Note 3/2 From The 5/4 You Need To Know How To Add 5/4 And 3/2…  Such That You Can Form The Equation::  (5 · 3)/(4 · 2)…  Equalling::  15/8 Which Is A Note Below That You Can Read Of –  In The End It’s Good To Wait In The Mind For The Visions Of The Numbers And Ratios To Be Guided Such That You Can See The Maths Develop. 

We Are One.  Peace.

In The End It Is Good To Go Here To Understand How To Add And Subtract Ratios Of Jazz Harmonies:


In The End It’s Good To Know That The Color Tones Of The Universe Line Up With The Music A Lot In Number Games Of Divine Ratios And Of The Tonic Itself Too:

1 = Alle – Is The Primary Tonic – In Tonua The Word For Tonic Is:  Indiowan.  Also The Word For Octave Is:  Bulite.  Each Octave Is Related To The Octaves Below It By Doublings In Frequency Such That The Klevians Or 4-Hertz Cycles Of Universal Tuning Systems Are Such That They Are Related To The Actual Number 1 And Its Doublings::  2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, And Onward… Those Frequencies In Hertz Therefore As Well Line Up As Related To Being The Tonic Called:  – Alle – And The Color Tone For Alle Is This One Here:


Soon I Will Write For You Below All 72 Ratios Of The Alle Tonic System And Also The 49 Notes That Are From The Other Keys…  Such That The Tonics Each Have Similar Notes To Alle And Also Have Additional Notes That Don’t Fit With The Central Tonic… Here Are The 18 Keys Of The Universe: Alle = 1, Ombio = 25/24, Angio = 16/15, Oncio = 9/8, Intio = 7/6, Allio = 6/5, Evio = 5/4, Tumbio = 4/3, Octio = 11/8, Tambio = 7/5, Andio = 35/24, Indio = 3/2, Sevio = 14/9, Bemio = 8/5, Tingio = 5/3, Tangio = 7/4, Vivio = 15/8, and Sangio = 35/18.

Peace, We Are One. Peace.

 The Note Called Ombio And Its Color Tone And Ratio:  25/24 Is A Holy Note That Is Needed More Of In Music Because It Is Between The Keys Of Keyboards And Is A Primary Tonic.  The Word For The Distance When Using This Ratio Is:  Ombio Sang.  Here Is The Color Tone For Ombio:

Angio Is A Note That Is Above The Primary Tonic Related To Doublings Of The Number 1 In Hertz Or In Klevians, By The Ratio 16/15 Such That It Is One Of The Main 12 Notes That Keyboards Use But The System Of Tuning To:  A = 440 Hertz Makes All Notes slightly off And It Is Important To Use Universal Tuning Systems When Channeling By Allowing Motion To Be Guided Always And To Use The Voice Of Holiness That Can Sing Thru Us All.

We Are One, Peace – Here’s The Color Tone For The Note And Ratio Called Angio:

Oncio Is The Note That Is Above The Primary Universal Tonic By The Interval Of A 9/8 Ratio And It Is The – Re – Of Tonal Mappings To Pitch Of The Solfeggio System Of Learning… The Color Tone For Oncio Is Here:

Intio Is The Name For The Note That Is Above The Tonic By The Interval Of A 7/6 Ratio And Is Needed To Be In Music More As A Pure Interval Of Holy Creations And Also Of Possibilities As The Intio Sang, Interval Used To Create Notes Away From Other Pitches.  The Color Tone For Intio Is Here Below:

Allio Is A Note That Is Needed To Be Tuned Exactly-So In Our Music Because It Is Such That The Keyboards We Use Need To Be Tuned By Moving In Oneness And Dialing Things In To Perfection.  We Are One To The System Soon Learned Of More In Oneness Of Mind Too Where The Color Tones And Sounds Will Be Shown In Vision And With Photons Even That Are Able To Be Played Forth In Reality… Such That Light Itself Can Be Created Around Us In Our Conuandu Systems Of Our Energy Bodies Or In Universal Creations Of Other Glass Bead Game Creations.  We Are One To The Note Allio Being A 6/5 Ratio Above The Primary Tonic Alle And The Color Tone Is Here:

Evio Is A Good Note To Know Of In Solfeggio As The – Mi – And Is A Holy Note Above The Primary Tonic Alle, In The End The System Of Tuning Perfection Of The Universal Creations Are Such That The World Needs To Be Exactly-So In Motion Of Oneness And Sung Thru For The Notes To Be Exact – This Tone Is Needed To Be Lower Than the current standard in false configurations of mistunings.  Here Is The Pure Color Tone For Evio:

Tumbio Is A Note That Is A 4/3 Ratio Above The Primary Tonic Alle And Is Good To Hear On Keyboards As In Tune When The Tonic Itself Is Retuned Because The System Used To Tune Keyboards Can Get Close To This Ratio… But In The End It Is Needed That We Sing And Play Instruments In Perfection So Please Tune All Keyboard Systems And Fretted Instruments Exactly-So With Motion Of Oneness And It Is Sometimes Necessary To Get The Exact Instruments You Will Need To Do The Universal Music – Many Instruments Including Saxophones Can Be Played With New Fingerings For You To Learn And If You’d Like More Info On This Please Contact Me On The Contact Page.  We Are One.  Peace.  Here Below Is The Color Tone For Tumbio:

Octio Is The Ratio Above The Primary Tonic Alle That Is Needed To Be In Music Much More:  11/8…  It Is Such That We Need To Hear It In Our Music More By Singing With Guidance And Being There To Heal It With All Motion Of Bows, Slides, Etc. Guided In Exactitude… We Are One, Peace!  Here Is The Color Tone For Octio:

Tambio Is A Note Above The Tonic That Is Exactly The Ratio 7/5 – Here Is The Color Tone For This Note:

Andio Is A Note That Is Healed A Lot More Soon On The Planet By Being More Possible On Fretted Instruments And Keyboard Designs Of The Future.  It Is Possible To Sing This Note In Oneness And It Will Heal A Lot In Our World To Create Music With This Note Guided For Us To Use As A Tonic Too:  35/24 Is The Ratio Above The Tonic Alle.  Here Is The Color Tone For Andio:

Indio Is The Ratio Above The Primary Tonic Alle That Is:  3/2…  Such That It Is In Tune A Lot On Keyboards If The Notes Of The System Are Retuned A Bit To Lower All Notes.  We Are One To The Notes Here Being Tuned Exactly-So So It Is Possible To Create What The Universe Intends To Compose Thru Us All.  Here Is The Color Tone For Indio:

Sevio Is The Ratio Above The Primary Tonic Alle That Is A 14/9 Interval.  It Is Needed To Be In Our Music More As One That Needs To Be Created Thru Channeling.  Here Is The Color Tone For Sevio:

Bemio Is An Exact Note Above The Tonic Alle Of An 8/5 Interval.  The Universal System Of Tunings Is Such That It Is Good To Use This Note With Precise Motion Guidance Always.  Here Is The Color Tone For Bemio:

Tingio Is A 5/3 Ratio Above The Primary Universal Tonic Alle And Is The Note Named – La – In Solfegio In The Key Of Alle.  Here Is The Color Tone Of Tingio:

Tangio Is The Ratio 7/4 Above The Note Alle And Is In Our System Of Music And Is Needed More In The World With Keyboard And Fretted Instruments Designed To Include This Note – We Are One To This Note Being Tuned Precisely With The Right Designs To Include It As A Tonic Too.  Here Is The Color Tone Of Tangio:

Vivio Is A 15/8 Ratio Above The Tonic Alle And Is The – Ti – Of Solfeggio Systems In That Key.  We Are One To It Being Tuned With Precision.  Here Is The Color Tone For Vivio:

Sangio Is The Note Above The Alle That Is The Ratio 35/18 – It Is Needed In The World More Because It Is A Universal Tonic And A Note Between – Ti – And – Do – That Is Needed On Keyboards And Fretted Instruments.  Here Is The Color Tone For Sangio:

Here Are Some Of The Binhex Codes For The Color Tones Of The 18 Tonics:

1. Alle – 1, DE1000 – Red Color Region.

2. Ombio – 25/24, EF3800 – Nemoenta Color Region.

3. Angio – 16/15, EF5800 – Elibrant Color Region.

4. Oncio – 9/8, FE8900 – Orange Color Region.

5. Intio – 7/6, F6C800 – Eniqua Color Region.

6. Allio – 6/5, FEF100 – Yellow Color Region.

7. Evio – 5/4, 71C900 – Lime Color Region.

8. Tumbio – 4/3, 00B474 – Green Color Region.

9. Octio – 11/8, 009872 – Turquoise Color Region.

10. Tambio – 7/5, 008292 – Teal Color Region.

11. Andio – 35/24, 0059A3 – Inigua Color Region.

12. Indio – 3/2, 5600F2 – Blue Color Region.

13. Sevio – 14/9, 280098 – Cobalt Color Region.

14. Bemio – 8/5, 8000D9 – Indigo Color Region.

15. Tingio – 5/3, 2900B9 – Purple Color Region.

16. Tangio – 7/4, 980098 – Violet Color Region.

17. Vivio – 15/8, 650037 – Sangria Color Region.

18. Sangio – 35/18, 890010 – Eideranta Color Region.

Alle = 1, DE1000

Ombio = 25/24, EF3800

Angio = 16/15, EF5800

Oncio = 9/8, FE8900

Intio = 7/6, F6C800

Allio = 6/5, FEF100

Evio = 5/4, 71C900

Tumbio = 4/3, 00B474

Octio = 11/8, 009872

Tambio 7/5, 008092

Andio = 35/24, 0059A3

Indio = 3/2, 5600F2

Sevio = 14/9, 280098

Bemio = 8/5, 8000D9

Tingio = 5/3, 8900B9

Tangio = 7/4, 980098

Vivio = 15/8, 780049

Sangio = 35/18, 890010

72 Pitches In The System Of Tonic – Alle – ::

Alle = 1
Elio = 81/80
Allie = 55/54
Olie = 33/32
Atie = 28/27
Ombio = 25/24
Alleo = 21/20
Angio = 16/15
Avie = 27/25
Ongio = 35/32
Ollio = 11/10
Ambio = 10/9
Etio = 28/25
Oncio = 9/8
Ovie = 55/48
Evie = 125/108
Intio = 7/6
Anctio = 75/64
Tantio = 189/160
Sumpio = 32/27
Allio = 6/5
Atio = 11/9
Avio = 315/256
Edio = 56/45
Evio = 5/4
Adio = 63/50
Adie = 81/64
Tetio = 32/25
Tandie = 35/27
Totio = 125/96
Itio = 21/16
Tatio = 33/25
Tumbio = 4/3
Aldio = 27/20
Octio = 11/8
Ontio = 25/18
Tambio = 7/5
Illio = 45/32
Andie = 36/25
Andio = 35/24
Ovio = 22/15
Antio = 189/128
Indio = 3/2
Actie = 40/27
Ovie = 55/36
Sevio = 14/9
Tondie = 25/16
Tildie = 63/40
Bemio = 8/5
Bamio = 81/50
Bomio = 44/27
Bangio = 105/64
Eldio = 33/20
Onctio = 44/25
Tingio = 5/3
Teldio = 42/25
Taldio = 27/16
Toldio = 55/32
Tildio = 125/72
Tangio = 7/4
Tengio = 16/9
Tildie = 9/5
Taldie = 11/6
Tengio = 50/27
Tanie = 28/15
Vivio = 15/8
Ovie = 189/100
Tendie = 48/25
Sangio = 35/18
Tangie = 125/64
Toldie = 88/45
Tongie = 63/32

49 Additional Notes::

Allioan = 875/864

Indiowe = 525/512

Tallie = 135/128

Alliowana = 1701/1600

Ambioan = 77/72

Allieava = 175/162

Otia = 625/576

Illiowan = 88/81

Endiowan = 448/405

Ambio = 567/512

Andiowana = 729/640

Indiowe = 448/375

Ambie = 77/64

Otio = 625/512

Andiosana = 100/81

Indiowan = 675/512

Alliano = 875/768

Alliea = 175/144

Angiowan = 512/405

Andiewan = 110/81

Allieo = 175/128

Alliosana = 1701/1280

Indiosana = 112/81

Embio = 567/400

Ambiana = 77/54

Andiowan = 729/512

Atianda = 625/432

Ilie = 375/256

Alliana = 875/576

Ambianawe = 77/50

Indiowan = 125/81

Andiowan = 128/81

Ambian = 77/48

Allieoa = 175/108

Otie = 625/384

Indiowana = 1701/1024

Allianawe = 875/512

Indiowan = 140/81

Elliowan = 704/405

Andie = 225/128

Andiowano = 729/400

Allieum = 175/96

Ambiowan = 77/40

Otiendo = 625/324

Alliosan = 405/256

Imbio = 567/320

Endiowe = 704/375

Andiosan = 160/81

Unfolding Now Is A System Of Nomenclature That Can Relate To How We Can Tune Ratios Precisely To Make Music Grow Into Wisdom School Styles Of Play – Here Is A New System For “Accidentals” Or Rather The Correct Incidentals::

1 = Alle = C
25/24 = Ombio = C#
16/15 = Angio = Db
9/8 = Oncio = D
7/6 = Intio = D#
6/5 = Allio = Eb
5/4 = Evio = E
32/25 = Tetio = E#
21/16 = Itio = Fb
4/3 = Tumbio = F
11/8 = Octio = F#
7/5 = Tambio = F^ Or Gv
35/24 = Andio = Gb
3/2 = Indio = G
14/9 = Sevio = G#
8/5 = Bemio = Ab
5/3 = Tingio = A
55/32 = Toldio = A#
7/4 = Tangio = Bb
15/8 = Vivio = B
48/25 = Tendie = B#
35/18 = Sangio = Cb

A New 22 Note System Including The 18 Tonics Listed Here Now With An Additional 4 Notes To Make It Even Placements Of 7 Letter Names::

A, B, C, D, E, F, G

With 7 # Notes And 7 b Notes That Are Not Incidentally Related As Equal To Each Other For This System – Plus An Additional Note To Make It 21 + 1 = 22 Notes = * = The Tritone Is Between F# And Gb As One That Is Related To Being In The Middle Of The Octave…

(Like A Pre Summer Solstice Note Is Above That As The 45/32, Named Illio…)

((And The Summer Solstice Is On The Day Related To The Note Just A Quiver Tone Below The 729/512 Ratio…))

And All Holidays Are Related To A Cycle Note System Where There Are 365 Notes That Will Be Named Soon –

…Because There Are 3 Modifier Systems Of::

126/125 Being The Starling Comma Tone Related To Color Tone Zotrigu…

The 99/100 Being The Ptolemisma And Is Related To The Color Tone Luyoyo…

And The 225/224 Septimal Kleisma Called Also The Marvel Comma Tone Related To The Color Tone Ruyoyo…

These Three Pitches Can Be Adjusted Onto Notes In Various Ways Of All 72 + 49 Additional Notes In All 18 Tonic Keys To Make::

(121 x 3) = 363 Notes…

Plus The Tonic 1 And 3/2 The Perfect Fifth Can Be Adjusted With The Note::

385/384, The Keenanisma, Related To The Color Tone::


(For Two Special Notes That Relate To 2 Special Holidays)::

A Post Winter Solstice Day, And 1 Hidden Holiday I Will Write About Later…
(Day 193…)

The 182nd Day Of The Solar Calendar Year Would Be The Summer Solstice… Related To A Note Just A Quiver Tone Below The Tone 729/512 As A Ratio Form For It, Or Just 729 Hertz For One Note Placement Of It In That Octave… Divide By 2 Or Multiply By 2 And You Get Other Octaves, Including 182.25 Hertz…

Thank You – Peace!

The 875/864 Keema Tone Related To The Color Tone Zotriyo Is Another Small Step Tone That Is Close To::

The 81/80 Syntonic Comma Divider Tone, The Dydimos, Related To The Color Tone Gu…

The 63/64 Is The Septimal / Archytas’ Comma, Leipziger Komma And Is Related To The Color Tone Ru…

The 5120 / 5103 Ratio Is Called The Hemifamity And Is Related To The Color Tone Saruyo…

And More Soon Of These Relations…

Thank You – Peace!

The Solfeggio Names Will Be Coming Forth Online Soon…

182nd Day Of The Solar Calendar Year Would Be The Summer Solstice… Related To The Tone 729/512 As A Ratio Form For It, Or Just 729 Hertz For One Note Placement Of It In That Octave…

Divide By 2 Or Multiply By 2 And You Get Other Octaves, Including 182.25 Hertz…

Here Are Some Color Names For Right Words To Say For Our Tones Of Skin: 

Albino, Alabaster, Beige, Tan, Amber, Umber, Mahagony, Ochre, Mahana, Maroon, Preto, And Ebony.


Now Here Are Color Names For Colors In The Iris Of Our Eyes:

Azure, Hazel, Celadon, Sambo, And Binendo.

And Our Pupils Are The Tine Called: 



Here Are The Color Tones For Hair:

 Nentiant, Grie, Hientia, Blonde, Brisque, Tunriala, Auburn, Redintia, Brunette, Brun, Aloma, Nehuant, Nightingale, And Nententa.


Also There Are Earth Color Tones That Are Good To Make Art With For Relating To Our Creation Of Bright And Dark Tones Of Earthen Things Of Nature And Renighted And Relighted Atmospheres…  Here Are The Earth Tones That Renighten And Relighten The Atmospheres In Art For Creation Of Earthen Hues… (Right Words):

  Sienna,  Pewter, Ineitola, Burgundy, Unembro, Russet, Ejito, Citron, Cyan, Carmine, Sinopia, Sepia, Nietola, And More Soon Listed Here…


Also For Tightening The Tines Of Timbre Of Color It Is Good To Create These Colors With Exact Precision By Being Guided In Motion – Always That Way Of Oneness In Life Is Right For Every Emendment To Heal Our Souls And To Heal All Life And To Heal The Planet – In Tian Gong This Is Called The Three Rescues And It Is Important To Be In The World With These 3 Rescues Known In Heart And Mind To Create The Right Time Creations Of Healing Thine Self Into Ascension To Heal The Earth And To Heal All Life. 


Here Are Some Of The Riengint Color Tones That Are Metallic In Tine:

Iron, Bronze, Gold, Copper, Silver, And Nickel. 


And Here Are Some Of The Gem Colors:

Onyx, Agate, Intoema, Malachite, Ruby, Elementia, Inentio, Inebie, Citrine, Topaz, Nehua, Jade, Nienta, Oniento, Opal, Elixian, Iniguala, Sapphire, Enderio, And Amethyst.


Also Here Are More Cool Colors That Are Good To Use In Art That Are For The Creation Of Hues That Relate To Sounds Too For All Of These Eminent Color Tones:

Tyrian, Kobi, Iniguata, Scarlet, Elegiant, Kobe, Ejitola, Crimson, Cordovan, Carnelian, Tehua, Jonquil, Mikado, Linden, Inelito, Lentigo, Zaffre, Gamboge, Cerulean, Tolado, Emerald, Tineto, Claret, Keppel, Eliguita, Kobicha, Tinetala, Mindaro, Regient, Viridian, Alazarine, Tibora, Vermilion, Ineitol, Kashmir, Queito, Tinedoli, Cerise, Golante, Fuschia, Regial, And Magenta…

…Are Some That The Universal Flow Of Cinematics Enighted Here On Earth With Films Of Glory –  On Our Creation Of Tones That Reflect Art That Is Cinematic In Quality Such That It Shows Scenes From Life It Is Essential To Make Things Brightlit Exactly-So And Into The Art Color Everything With Bright And Nighted Color Tones That Are Many More Than The Ones Listed On This Page <<Here>> On Rebound The Light We See Reflected From All Objects And Life Revolves In Perfect Creation Of Games Of Mathematics That We Learn In The Great Glass Bead Game As We See The Full Ideas In Mind Of Color And Listen In To The Sounds That Are There Too Created Within And Aloud Created…  The Creation Of Light That We See Too In Reality Helps Us To Be Healed As We Become Gifted With The Games Of Life Winded To The Earth.   


Here Again Are The Eighteen Core Regions Of Color In Anglic:

Red, Nemoenta, Elibrant, Orange, Eniqua, Yellow, Lime, Green, Turquoise, Teal, Inigua, Blue, Cobalt, Indigo, Purple, Violet, Sangria, And Eideranta.

Here Below Are Two Colors To Learn To See Clearly That Are The Alle, The Universal Tonic That Relates To Number 1 In Klevians And Also Its Octaves:  2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, And Onward.  The Second Color Is The Elio, The Ratio 81/80 Above The Alle.  The Sounds Of These Color Tones Reintone Together A Lot In Music That Tones Together The Nighted And Lighted Guide Tones Of Sounds.  The Elio Is An Important Tone Of Color And Sound And Is Also Here Shown To Become A Guide For You To See The Close Tones And Learn To Distinguish The Differences Between Sounds That Are Gifted To Be Close Together.  The Ringing Of These Sounds Together In One Chord Structure Is Good To Hear A Lot.  We Are One.  Peace.

Here Is The Alle:


Here Is The Elio:


Here Are Tones Of Color Tinted And Shaded Exactly-So…  It Is Shown Here That The Colors Can Be Exactly-So Painted To Shade And Tint The Nighted And Lighted Tones In Exact Relations.   

We Are One.  Peace.


Chromacolour Is A Great Company Online That Sells Good Acrylics And Pens And Animation Paper As Well…



In The End It Is Good To Create Within The Great Glass Bead Game Many Evolvements Of Oneness By Creating These Games Of Life Within Our Daily Enegistics Of Making Hither Unto Our Planet The Lifeforce Creations Of Games That Go Beyond The Times Of Ours To Be Magical Nurturing Nibinted Systems Of Flow That Create Oneness For Us In How We Evolve Ourselves And Create The Magic Of Life For Everyone So We Can Heal The Planet Into Ascension.  This System Of 10 Games In Context Of Flows Is Here Explained In This Section.


Here Too Are The Games Listed For You All To See The Order Of The Games Of Life From The Great Glass Bead Game System Of Tunue::

Boines Tilota –  Spiritual Games Of Oneness For Learning The Arts Of Oneness In Channeling And Awakening To Ascension.  The Arts Of Oneness Are Many So This Game System Involves Reading Good Texts Of Oneness And Learning From Films Too.

Oneia Bealeo – The System Of Games In Life That Involve Understanding Timing And Flow – Including Learning To Flow With Money To Create Biz In The World To Heal The Lands And All Life.  These Arts Are Essential For Creating The Flow To Study The Game Systems For Everyone To Learn The Great Glass Bead Games Of Tunue.

Andue Acto – Arts Of Paintings, Drawings, Inkings, Inner Mind Creations, And Also The Arts Of The World For Us To Learn.

Ondeu Magia – Music And Sounds Of Oneness Recorded A Lot For The Earth To Heal.

Octue Ileu – Dance Arts Of The World For Learning To Heal Things In Ciphers And Solo Or In Pairs Or In Crews To Be Guided To Flow With Oneness In Life Always.  We Are One To It Being Good To Learn How To Dance In Oneness For Making The World Heal.

Indei Logico – Mathematics And Sciance Of The World For Creating The Music And Arts And Understanding The Games Of Motion And Films Too.

Octue Andue – Diagrams For Learning The Connections And Arts Of Oneness Of The Films, Angles, Motion, Color, Light, Sound, Tone, Timbre, Pitch, And Harmony.  We Are One To Learning How To Understand The Tonal Systems Of All Of These Arts Of Oneness…  Peace.

Allue Condeu – Theater Of Oneness In Films And On Stages For Understanding The Universal Flows Of Arts Connected Into One System.  Many Arts From Around The World Are Included As Games Of This System.

Abazera Cuzwa – Film Arts And Connecting The Other Games Into Oneness.  These Arts Are Essential To Learn Of In How To Create Music Videos, Art Films, And Films That Are Made For Life To Heal Of Stories And Operatics Of The World.  We Are One.  Peace.

Ondue Calue – Games Of Understanding Ritual And Context Of Defense In The World To Heal The Lands And To Create Games Of Flow With Music And Combinations Of Other Arts Into Oneness Of Rodas Especially.

Boines Tilota Is The Game System The Helps Us Learn To Become Spiritual In Life By Studying Texts Of Oneness And Also Learning From The Ascended Masters And Teachers That Are Here One Earth To Help Us Heal Into Oneness And Create Games Of Life To Learn To Go The Routes We Need In Life.  To Be A Master Of This Game Means To Be Someone Who Can Evolve To Ascension And Evolve Always To Perfect The Games Of Life.

Oneia Bealeo Is A Game System Of Arts In Life For Creation Of Life Goals That Involves Also Creating The Context Of Freedoms In Life To Be Evolved To Flow With The Other Games On Every Possible Creation Of Timing.  The Games Of Life Are Such That We Need To Be Evolved In Mind Too To Create The Right Paths To Flow Within So This Game Involves The Learning Of Time Magic A Lot And Understanding Of How Time Creates New Life Realnesses Of Timlines And Timelands That Flow Together And Clasp At Bundle Points In Time-Space.  Space Is Hyper-Dimensional And Can Nightly And Daily At All Time-Points Become Bentined In Multiple Bintentios Of Multi-Space Dimension.  So The Nebular Clusters We See In Photographs Of The Universe Are Really Many Dimensional Becomings Of Oneness That Show Us The Paths That We Take In Space And Dimension Reality Of Oneness.  In Our Nightly And Daily Practices Of Magic On Earth We Need To Become Universalized In Our Creation Of Ideas To Make Our Lives Become Reintegrated Into Oneness Of Evolved Structures Of Timing And Help For The Others That Need Our Support.  This Game System Is Such That We Need To Heal The Flows Of Timing To Realize The Paths We Take In Oneness For Money To Flow As Well…  The System Involves Creation Of Biz To Help To Heal The World.

We Are One.  Peace.

Andue Acto Is The Game System Of Learning To Flow A Lot For Arts Of Color To Be Gifted Thru Us To The Healing Of The Earth.  It Is Usual For Us To Be In Mind With Many Arts Of Oneness So It Is Good To Be In Mind With The Creation Of Color And Sound And Energetics Of Oneness.  The Creation Of Arts For Drawings, Inked Pages Of Graphics, Gifts Of Paintings, And Also Gifts Of Nightly Dreams For Us To Learn More In The Mind Will Help Us All To Heal The World In Oneness For Us All To Ascend And For The Earth’s Ascension.

Ondeu Magia Is The System Of Games For Creating Arts Of Sounds And Music That Relates To Color Tones Too In The Inner And Outer Expressions Of The Light And Sound To Relay The Inner Rightly Done Expressions Of Arts To The Worlds – In The End The Music Must Be Tuned Always With Guidance On All Levels Of Expression To Be Just In The Correct Lightening And Nightening Of The Sounds And Color Tones.  The Music Is Needed To Be Done A Lot For The Earth To Heal.
The Tonal Games Of Ondeu Magia Relate To Colors In Systems That Bridge Together The Kabala Systems Of Learning With Timing Games That Relate To The I Ching.  The Sephira Of The Kabala Are Colored Exact Tones That Relate To Sets Of Sounds And To Tone Games Of Timbre.  The Sephira Are Arrangements Of Color And Holy Names Of Qualities On A Tree Of Life::
A 5-Layer Glass Chessboard – Called An Abelo/Abela/Abeli – Relates Time Structures Of 64 Divisions Of Measurations (Related To The 64 Hexagrams Of The I Ching) – Each Row Of 8 Squares Is An Eighth Of The Measure – Structures Of Sound Can Be Seen To Hover In Space At Exact Spacings Of Colored Light To Present Music In Rhythmic Games Of Precise Notations.  Divisions Of Time In Triplets And Other Structures Appear Between The Main Lines.  The 5 Layers Represent Octaves From The Bottom Layer Representing Alle At 16 Klevians Up To The Top Layer At 256 Klevians.  As Music Is Played We Can Develop The Ability To See Photons Of Color Appear On The Abeli Systems.
We Are One.  Peace.

Octue Ileu – Is The Game System Of Dance Arts For Creating Ciphers And Also For Dancing Solo Or In Pairs Or In Crews Rightly-So To Be Heroes Of The World.  The Expressions Of Oneness In Pairs And Crews And Solo Too Can Become Many Styles Of Dance From Around The World Like Jazz Dance And Rumba, Samba De Roda, Samba In General, And Many From Around The World:: 

Abayi From Azerbaijan, Acro Dance From Around The World, Adana From Macedonia, Adowa Of The Akan In Ghana And Around The World, Affranchi Of Haiti, Agbadza Of The Ewe In Ghana And Around The World, Agir Karadagi Of Azerbaijan, Alanta Dance Of Nigeria, Alcha Gulu Of Azerbaijan, Alkayida Of Ghana, Angama Of Japan And The Yaeyama Islands, Anzali Of Baku, ‘Aparima Of Tahitia And Islands Of The World, Arkan Of The Hutsul In Ukraine And Around The World, Asma Kasma Of Azerbaijan, Assiko From Cameroon, Asyik From Patani And Kelantan, Atilogwu From The Igbo Of Nigeria, Ay Bari Bakh Of Azerbaijan, Azonto Of Ghana, Baagh Naach Of Binka And Sonepur Of Subanapur District And Brahmapur And In Some Parts Of Ganjam District In Odisha, Bachata From The Dominican Republic And the World, Bachatango That Combines Bachata And Tango, Bagurumba Of The Bodo Tribe Of Assam And India, Baladi Of Egypt, Ballet Of The World, Barachum Of Korea, Baris Of Bali, Bélé From Martinique And St. Lucia And Dominica And Haiti And Grenada And Guadeloupe…


And Many More Soon Will Be Posted…

Indei Logico Is The Game System Of Timing And Toning And Understanding The Logics Of Mind For Mathematics And Sciance That Creates Tonings Of Color And Sound And Energy Renighted And Relighted To Us.  To Understand The Logics Involved Requires Tones To Be Learned Of In Our Minds And How To Correctly Go The Right Routes In Life To Create An Understanding Of Complex Calculuses That Relate To Us How To Think In Higher Math And Sciance.  In The End It Is Good To Be Healed In Mind To Be There With Gifts Of The Universe For Higher Learnings Of Ascension. 
Peace.  We Are One.  Peace.
Octue Andu Is The System Of Games Of Drawing Precise Diagrams To Explain The Arts And To Show The Relations Between Sound, Music, Color, Art, And Mathematics.  These Games Are Important For Creating Understanding Of The Total Inner And Outer Creation Of Games That Relate To Understanding Motion As Well.  The Art We Do Must Be Diagrammed A Lot Now For The Creation Of The Great Glass Bead Game System On Earth.
We Are One.  Peace.

Allue Condeu Is A Game Of Advanced Theater That Is Here On Earth In Many Forms Of Sub-Games Like:: 

Opera And Ballet Of Lands In The Novo Questial Mundo And All Around The World, Kabuki,  Noh, Butoh, Buyo, Bunraku Of Japan And Nihon, And Also Xiqu And Gējù From China, Cải Lương Of Vietnam, Bangsawan From Malay, Apala From Yoruba, Ashik From Arabian Lands, Azonto From Ghana, Baila From Sri Lanka Kariff, Baisha Shiyue Of China Ceremonies Of The Naxi, Gamelan Of Bali And Java And Other Lands, Samba Batucada Of Brazil, Benga Music Of Kenya And The Related Luo And Kikuyu, Bhajan Of India, Bhangra Of Punjabi, Boi From The Amazon, Bothy Ballad Singing Of Sclotland, Breton Music And Dance Of Britain, BrukDown Music And Dance Of Belize, Bullerengue Of Columbia, Bikutsi Music And Dance Of The Cameroon Beti, Bulerias Of Flamenco, Bunraku Music And Arts Of Enage Puppets From Japan And Nihon, Ca Din Tulnic Of Romania Played With Alphorns, Ca Trù Of Vietnam, Čalgija Of Macedonia, Calypso Music And Dance Arts Of Trinidad, Campursari Of Indonesia, Candombe Of The World, Cantiñas Of Flamenco Of Andalusia, Cantigas Of The World, Cape Breton Fiddling Arts Of Celtic Music And Dance, Carimbó Of Brazil, Cariso Of Trinidad, Carnatic Music And Dance Of India, Carols For Christmas Of The World, Cartageneras Of Flamenco Of The World, Carnavalito Of The World, Cavacha Of Africa In Kenya And Zaire And The World, Celempungan Of Sudan, Celtic Chant Of Britain And Ireland And The World, Cha Cha Cha Of Cuba, Chacarera Of Argentina, Chakacha Of The Swahili In Kenya And Tanzania And The World, Chalga Of Bulgaria, Chamamé Of Argentina And Brazil And Mesopotamia And The World, Chamarrita Of Uruguay And Argentina And The World, Chamber Music Of The World, Chamber Jazz Of The World, Champeta Of Africa And Columbia And The World, Changüí Of Cuba That Engraced The World With Montuno And Salsa, Chanson Of France And The World, Chanting Of The World, Charanga Of Cuba And The World, Charanga-Vallenata Of Cuba And The World, Charikawi Of The Garifuna Of Africa, Charleston Dance And Music, Chastushka Of Ukraine And Russia And The World, Chèo Of Vietnam, Chicano/a Rock Of The World, Chill Music Of The World, Chouval Bwa Of Martinican Tribes And The World, Chowtal Of India For The Phagwa And Holi Festivals, Choro Of Brazil And The World, Christmas Music Of The World, Christian Music And Dance Theater Of The World, Chylandyk Of Tuva And The World, Chula Of The World, Chumba Of The Garifuna Of Africa, Church Music Of The World, Chut-Kai-Pang Fusion Of Chutney And Calypso And Parang, Chutney Music And Dance That Fuses Calypso And Cadence Of India And The Caribbean, Chutney Soca That Fuses Chutney And Soca, Cifra Of Argentina And Uruguay And The World, Circus Music Of The World, Classic Blues Performance Of The World, Classical Music Of The World, Coladeira Of Cape Verde And The World, Combined Rhythm (Ritmo Kombina) Combination Of Zouk And Merengue And Soca Of The Antilles And The World, Comic Opera Of The World, Compas Of Haiti And The World, Concertos Of The World, Concertos Grosso Of The World, Conga Of Cuba And The World, Conjunto Music And Dance Of German And Mexican Creation, Conscious Hip Hop Of The World, ContraDanza Of Cuba And The World, Cool Jazz Dance And Music Of The World, Coptic Music Of The World, Corridos Of The World, Coupé-Décalé Combining Zouk And Zouglou Of Africa In France And The World, Creole Music Of The World, Csárdás Of Hungary And Slovakia And Slovenia And Burgenland And Croatia And Transylvania And Moravia And Bulgaria Among The Banat And Of The World, Cuarteto Originating From The City Of Cordoba In Argentina, Cueca Of Argentina And Bolivia And Chile And The World, Cumbia Of Africa And Columbia And The World, Cumbia Villera Of Argentina And The World, Currulao Of Columbia And Africa And The World, 

Hát ChầU Văn Of Vietnam And The World,    Waila Music Of The Tohono O’odham, 

And Many More Listed Soon…

Abazera Cuzwa System Of Learning Is The Artform Of Making Inter-Related Connections Between The Games Of The Great Glass Bead Game – To Make Art Of Oneness In Films Especially To Bridge Together Many Arts Of The Games Of Life Into Realization.  In The End The Films We Create Can Be Done With Universal Methods That Relate To Us The Right Tunings, Tempos, Film Angles, And Everything In Oneness By Filming With The Tonu Of The Universe That Records Everything In All Time And All Dimension Of Hyper-Space And In Dimension Of Vibrance. 

We Are One.  Peace.

Ondue Calue Is A System Of Games Involving Ritual Context Of Learning Defense Arts And Also The Inter-Dialogue Of Expressions For Games Of Life.  The Games Of Ondue Calue Are Such That The Rituals And Defense Arts Of The World Are Many – Here Are Some::
We Are One To Capoeira Being A Primary Game, And There Are Other Game Systems Of Ritual And Defense Like Kalarypayat Of India, Silambam Of India, Mukna Of India, Calinda Of Trinidad And Tobago, Tinku Of Bolivia, Hung Ga Of China, Wing Chun Of China, Wushu Of China, Pencak Silat Of Indonesia, Bakti Negara Of Bali, Inti Ombak Of Java, Perisai Diri Of Java, Kuntao Of Indonesia And Malaysia And The Philippines And Singapore, And Jeet Kune Do Created By Bruce Lee, Juego De Maní – (Bambosa) Of Cuba, Judo Of Japan, Sumo Of Japan, Tegumi Of Japan, Gwonbeop Of Korea, Ssireum Of Korea, Subak Of Korea, Taekkyeon Of Korea, Yusul Of Korea, Muay Lao Of Laos, Silat Melayu Of Malaysia, Lian Padukan Of Malaysia, Bökh Of Mongolia, Sikaran Of The Philippines, Angampora Of Sri Lanka, Cheena Di Of Sri Lanka, Silat Pattani Of Thailand, Muay Thai Of Thailand, Muay Boran Of Thailand, Sayokan Of Turkey, Võ Thuật Bình Định Of Vietnam, Ristynės Of Lithuania, Coreeda Of Australia, Tahtib Of Egypt, Surma Of Ethiopia, Nuba Of Sudan, Nguni Of South Africa, Istunka Of Somalia, Evala Of Togo, Engolo Of Angola, Huka-Huka Of The Xingu Of Brazil, Tai Chi Of China, Bokator Of Cambodia, And Many More Soon Listed From Around The World Of These Game Systems…
Azabamu Too Is One That Is From All Lands Of Time And Place And Is One Inside Of The Supreme Game Of Tonue For Healing The Lands… It Involves Many SubGames Of Learning That Involve Flight.
Azabamu Is A Game Of Flight From All Systems Of Ritual Defense Arts.  Many Mestres Of Capoeira And Other Defense Arts Of Ritual Would Learn To Ascend To Play This Game Of The Great Glass Bead Game System… Mestre Pastinha, Mestre Eligante, Mestre Patoan, Mestre Benedito, Mestre Indigo, Mestre Ielo, Mestre Iguana, Mestre Ilogo, Mestre Inolo, Mestre Axão Pe, And Mestre Bezouro Of Capoeira All Flew In Life A Lot.  Also The Saints Of Catholic Tradition Flew As Well::
St Joseph Of Cupertino, St Gerard Majella, St Paul Of The Cross, And St Gemma Galgani, Saint Francis Of Assisi, St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Pio Of Pietrelcina, St. Alphonsus Liguori, St. Marten Deporres, And St. John the Wonderworker.  Many Saints Around The World Could Fly And I Will Write More Of Those Ones Soon.  Also In India Master Milarepa Was A Tengi Hero Who Could Fly, His Biography Is Good To Read.  Yeshua Also Flew In Life And Walked On Water – He Was The Eligiant Hero Of That Time Period.
Here Is A Video Of A Monk Who Flies In Nepal:
More Videos Of Flight Below::

Here Are Some More Videos Of Magicians Who Fly For Reals And Guise As Quiet Ones For Magic To Be On Stage And In Life More… Timing In Life Is Good To Understand For Us To Heal Further So Please Read More Below About That Too.  Here Are Some Magicians Of The World::

David Copperfield.

Dynamo Impossible Magician.

David Blaine.

Criss Angel.

Here Too Soon Will Be More Videos Of Flying Masters Who Ascend To That Level.  Peace, We Are One.  Peace.

This Is A Good Painting Of The Universal Heart Of Oneness::

We Are One.  Peace!